The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 22

The Departed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 10, 2012 on The CW

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  • Muy buena

    Muy buena
  • vampire diaries

    i think the vampire diaries are to much like the movie twilight that's why i don't like watching it so i never really watch..
  • Undecided

    Part of me absolutely loved this finale. While another part of me was insanely bothered by a few things. So....Klaus is dead? But wait, only his body? Honestly, if they keep him alive but only in Tyler then I will be very upset! I mean, it wasn't just his "persona" that made him so great, it was HIM! I guess I'm hoping they'll get his body back. But if they don't then to me it's the same thing as him being dead and that just doesn't jive with me!

    The very last scene was a huge shocker though! Wow.. So there's THAT. Hmm. So Elena will be a vampire. Umm, even though the SHOCK aspect of this twist was cool, the novelty will wear off quickly and I'm afraid it will have a negative outcome on the show's overall premise. Maybe? I don't know. But I'm kinda disappointed overall. I mean, entertainment-wise they pulled out a solid 10, as always! That is, after all, what TVD does best. But I think they may have made some grave mistakes here.
  • ahhhhhhh i forgot i need to warcb it

    Never watched that I missed it. The show is perfect at least
  • did you read the books?

    zebrastar: by the way, in the books.... Elena was turned! so if the serie is a bit based on the books, so it's the normal course of things that the main character get turned!
  • Wow This Finale Was a MAJOR GAME CHANGER!!

    Wow this was a amazing finale!

    The twists and turns in this final episode really kept me on the edge of my seat!

    It was really cool seeing Elena's pre-vampire life she was truly just like most girls her age.

    Plus seeing her parents actually alive for the first time was great too.

    The small flashbacks about her normal life was so incredible.

    Bonnie's involvement with most of the twists in this episode truly caught me off guard, it was so well executed, but I still don't understand her reasoning behind it.

    I don't know what's going to go down with Klaus but I am super excited for next fall to find out.

    The same goes for Elena that was a ballsy choice the creators made, and I think it will truly pay off in the long run.

    Elena's scene towards the end with Damon really threw me through a major loop, I really liked it, it made me love Damon even more!

    All in all this was a really fantastic finale and I am so excited for next fall to see how our residents of Mystic Falls deals with the aftermath!
  • I have many questions after this fianle, but one weighs in above the rest:

    Now that Elena has been turned, will she remember that Damon compelled her when he first met her? I vaguely remember something about that in an episode, that once someone is turned they could recall the act of being compelled. I hope so...
  • WRONG!

    You can't turn the main character! That's like watching Supernatural and Sam and Dean become angels or watching the Wolfman movie and half way through he's turned back into a human. There's no point in watching from that point on. Where's the struggle? Where's the conflict? The show is going to be so boring now that Elena is a vampire. Bonnie will just make her a daytime ring and she'll do whatever she wants and complain about how terrible it is being a vampire. No one wants to see that! There's no suspense because she's immortal. And it doesn't matter if she picks Damon or Stefan because she's stuck with both of them forever now. This has ruined the show for me.
  • Can't wait for next season!

    The last 20/30 minutes of this episode was absolutely perfect. I was completely floored by the Klaus/Tyler twist, I mean, who saw that coming? Can't say I'm not happy that Klaus is still around. Bonnie, what in the world? Poor Caroline. I'm glad Stefan saved Matt. The little goodbye that Ric gave Jeremy was heartbreaking. Can't wait to see Elena next season.

    And Elena, you did meet Damon first. ;)
  • The Departed

    The Departed was a superb episode of The Vampire Diaries and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, the acting supreme and the ending was a series classic. The flash backs blended with current times was fun to watch and I liked getting more context from the past which had some interesting secrets revealed. Elena was forced to make a decision but she sort of wiggled out of being too direct either way. I loved the drama and suspense and how Elena wanted to save Matt and he wanted to save her. It was great to see the originals again and I liked how Bonnie helped Tyler and her friends who were supposedly sired through Klaus's bloodline. Tyler and Caroline were great together. Alaric was scary and in the end it was touching to see him appear to Jeremy. I definitely look forward to more of this amazing series!!!!!!!!!
  • Damon or Stefan?

    I remember when Caroline changed in to a vampire she remembered everything that Damon had compelled her to do that he made her forget about it... Elena picked Stefan and said 'maybe if I would have met you first' but she actually met Damon but he compelled her to forget... maybe that might change her mind...

    Also in the book (although different to the series) when Elena does become a vampire she sides over to Damon. They may keep that sort of storyline...
  • The ups and downs

    I thought this was a great episode. There were definitely things that I didn't expect that happened. I'm not sure about how I feel about Klaus in Tyler's body, I like Tyler and I like him and Caroline together and I want them to ave some happiness together.

    So Elena is turned. Interesting.. She'll be pissed since she never wanted to be a vampire (she explained this in season 2). Did Stefan know? Is that why he didn't rescue her from the river first and let her die. How did he know?

    I'm upset that Alaric is officially dead and that there is no way to rescue him. A part of me was hoping that his evil side would leave (probably with magic) and he would stay behind. His death was really unnecessary because he only got to be evil Alaric for a couple of episodes.

    I'd like to say that I am happy that Elena chose Stefan. Don't get me wrong I love Damen and Ian to pieces (my favorite characters on the show) but I just don't think that him and Elena are good for each other. He needs someone fiery just like him (someone like Katherine). As loving and caring as he can be, Damen has a dark side (he can kill people and not turn into a guilt ridden wreck like Stefan), something that Elena will never love about him. Stefan on the other hand is the calming and caring person that Elena needs.

    When Elena said that "maybe if she met him first" to Damen and then we saw that little clip about her meeting Damen first. I don't think I like where this is going. We know now that Elena will wake up (a a vampire) and will remember that she did in fact meet Damen first. But so what? That doesn't change the fact that STEFAN was the one that was there for her when she needed someone (isn't that why she fell for him instantly as per her words). Damen was still obsessing about finding Katherine so I hope that Elena doesn't use that as an excuse to choose Damen. She finally made up her mind!

    Does it matter whose blood is it that was used on Elena? This isn't True Blood where there is an incredible bond between the maker and their "child". After all, I didn't see Abby trying to jump Damen's bones after he turned her.
  • wow wow wow wow wow

    wow absolutly perfect

    can not believe they turned elena not sure how that ones gonna play out now

    so glad she will remember that she met damon first as i always thought she should choose him anyway

    now that elena is a vampire though klaus has no use for her and such a shame on getting rid of klaus body joseph morgan is an amazing actor he makes u feel everything hope they can some how get his body back

  • Season Finale

    loved that it showed that she met damon first, now its almost as if I want her to be with him!!! A lot was going on in the finale, leaves a lot of room for so many directions of the story line, so I am not sure what to expect next season.
  • Doubts

    I really liked the finale but have to mayor doubts, the first one will elena will remeber that she met damon first ( she told him "only i had met you first) second, whose blood was given to elena so she would turn into a vampire, the doctor collection (damon blod included) or stefan will her feelings become stronger for her maker?
  • Loved it

    I absolutely loved the finale. Great and it really makes me look forward to the next season. Who would have thought... This will change everything!

    Only why did Stefan safe only Matt and why didn't Elena get out of the car herself? She only had to undo her safetybelt.
  • Price's Recap

    Loved the episode and I really loved the emphasis of some of the most important TVD themes: family and free will. And I'm so excited for Price's recaps...cause honestly, they're the best. :D
  • wow this finale was crazy

    wow i never expected that damon met elena first. I think this was the best episode out of the series it was really good and suprising
  • The Departed

    The one thing that doesn't work for me is why couldn't Stephan pull both of them out of the car at the same time?
  • Just great

    Oh my god, this was incredible! Can't wait till autumn!
  • Wow. Just Wow.

    Perfection. Enough said.
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