The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 12

The Descent

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2011 on The CW

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  • It won't work

    There is no play button so I don't know how it works?????????
  • it disappointed me.

    we sat and watch every single characters torchering.
    Stephen drinking vervain, Elina stuck in the room all day long and at the end of day she was thrown out by denynig Damon, Damon was suffering seeing Rose being like that, Rose was in pain and lost control, Caroline left the love of her life in tears,and ... .
    I mean the whole series was full of drama but this one make me realy uncomfortable to watch.
    and after watching all of these we saw Damon getting back to what he was at the begining of the very first episode of season 1 !!! it means Rose and Jules ruined everything. it was sad to see Damon and what happend to him and what happening to him but I loved that Damon who cared about the town where he was born, his love Elina, his brother Stephen, his friend sherif ,and... and I don't get it: when he decided to kill somebody why didn't he go to get Jules? why an innocent girl? the one who should be punished was Jules and besides it was obviouse she will make trouble for all of them, and he just let her go!
    I love this series but I didn't like this episode at all!
    after six weeks waiting for this episode it realy made me disappointed.
  • After Rose is bitten by the Lycanthrope Jules, her condition begins to deteriorate, Damon asks Elena to watch over her while he goes to confront Jules about getting a cure for Rose...

    First off I have to say it, I hate the "Jules" character (I was so hoping that either by the end of this episode or the next that Damon would tear her apart, but I suppose her losing all her friends is in and of itself poetic justice.) Anyways, I know this episode aired over a month ago, but I have watched it about 3 times, and it still gets me. The acting is superb as always, I beleive the entire cast deserves recogntiion for it too, The Writers, The Director, and especially the Individual who does the Music in this episode deserves it as well. The music in the dream scene where Damon gives rose peace by taking her back home, while also ending her suffering deserves an award of some kind, it was just amazing. That scene alone MAKES this episode for me, it was very emotional and powerful. Anyways I gave this episode 10 stars because while I hated how Rose died, I thought her death was done exquisitely, again Ian Somerhalder shows us how good an actor he is. Lauren Cohen did so aswell, again I hate how her character dies as I love Lauren I think she is such a wonderful actress and I will miss her character in the show, I sound like a broken record but, This episode is one of the most powerful and emotional of the series so far, IMO.
    I highly recommend that for those who haven't seen it, to check it out, it's worth it. :)
  • Disappointing episode.

    What a disappointing episode. The whole episode seemed to be some kind of glue between what has been and what's still to come. A real story is lacking, in my opinion.

    The entire episode just dragged on and on.

    The mood switch from Damon, I just didn't feel it. The transition from badguy, to caring for someone like Rose, to the rejection of Elena. And finally leading to Damon turning into the badguy once again , and with the amount of self-pity that was involved. It just did not make sense to me.

    It made me think that the writers probably understand that the yearning of the ladies who watch the series for the badguy that Damon is supposed to be, is very important for the popularity of the series. And probably rightfully so. Just the way it came about strikes me as pretty weak.

    The whole thing/fight/struggle/whatever between Rose and Elena, I found quite boring and it just took way too long. The same applies to the triangular relationship between Caroline, Matt and Tyler. It is quite clear now, that this part of the story now should lead to a romance between a vampire and a werewolf. I just wished that the writers had only written a better story to accomplish such a romance.
  • Goodbye Rose... *sob*

    Well, with Rose gone there is absolutely no one that can keep Damon in the wagon of killing people. Stefan's not fit for the job coz he's the one who made Damon what he is (Vampire). Elena's too human and too annoying and Katerine is in a Tomb and if she wasn't, she'd probably be all psycho anyways and forget all about Damon. It's a good episode of Vampire Diaries, I just feel like that they're yo-yoing Damon, good or bad, good or bad. I feel like that they don't know what to do with one of our favorite vampires. Could there be a hidden meaning to it all? Where Damon snaps out of it and saves the day? oh wait! they already did that one. So what's up Damon? who are you gonna be? I'll miss Rose, from her accent to her fighting spirit, i bid thee farewell.
  • The Descent

    The Descent was actually some what of a disappointment after waiting all this time for a new episode. I did however enjoy watching as events unfolded. It was interesting to see Elena care for Rose after her injury and all the trouble that came along with the task. Jules is an interesting character who had some interesting scenes and makes herself known to Tyler Lockwood. I also enjoyed seeing Caroline and Tyler scenes and how they interacted with each other. Matt is clueless as to the truth and provides for a sense of normality for some of the characters. I definitely look forward to watching the next episode of Vampire Diaries!!!!!
  • Colour me impressed...

    ...Who would've thought Somerhalder had it in him? In what's perhaps the most impressive performance since Boone died on Lost, Damon takes it after Tyler and carry on the emotional tone of this episode with amazing results turning, what I was sure was going to be yet another "for Elena" plot, into a most touching swan song for Rose, a tertiary character who missed being a human more than anything.

    Rose's agony it's only compared to Jules's once she figures out her latest stunt costs the lives of several bystandards, no matter how vicious the beast within her may be it's almost reassuring to know there's still humanity within her too. As Jules begins the ungrateful task to cover up her crimes, Caroline's crimes begin to unravel, first to Matt and then to Tyler who, overwhelmed with the power of sheer emotion, dives into the most passionate kiss I've seen between enemy species, a kiss Carolie can't help but to reciprocate which scares her more than the truth scares Tyler.

    And yet, as big as the revelation of "the vampire issue" may be for him, the most devastating revelation comes from Damon himself, as he confesses to a random stranger he just attacked ...that he also misses being a human more than anything.
  • More of Damon... Less of Stephen.. Lots of WOLFFF.... Grrr..! And no Witches!!!

    The episode was yet another true Vampire Diaries one. It was all about Tyler accepting his new life and Jules... a really mysterious character who's role hasn't been established yet seems to prick in the minds of us viewers. She looks like the creepy and annoying character who has to die sooner or later. Lot of hanging questions like What happened to Isobel? Why did John come back? What did Stephen find out? Is Elena going to start fitting back and get out of her pact with Elijah. Stephen plays the dumb guy who's role hasn't been emphasized at all. On the contrary, Damon's nature has been accentuated. His true human nature of love, guilt takes over him. Rose goes through a lot of pain and Damon blames himself for all the pain. He eventually let's her attain complete rest but I kind like this side of Damon too!
    Saltzman seems to have taken sides with the vampires and he is too afraid to accept that. And Caroline... hmmm.. why would someone help their ancestral enemy? But the new found bound good change a part of the myth attached to Vampires and Werewolves. What with the people trying to break the Sun and Moon curse and this.. just maybe, these are the thoughts of the writers.

    Anyways... since there are so many unanswered questions, I eagerly wait for the next episode!
  • ''Death happens. We come. We go'' - Damon

    And so it's goodbye to Rose; hardly unexpected, but nevertheless, a character that will be missed. In what has to be a powerhouse performance from Lauren Cohan, Rose suffers tremendously and gradually withers away, but not before catching one last massacre for nostalgia's sake (or it could have been more likely due to her dementia, a nasty side-affect when a vamp is used as a werewolf's chew toy). I thought for a spell that perhaps she was transforming into a werewolf/vampire hybrid, as her pain and torment resembled closely to what Tyler went through during his transition in the last episode. But Damon didn't let it get that far, instead he offered Rose a last chance at true bliss, and compelled her back to the good 'ol days of yesteryear, what a sweetie.

    Unfortunately, this episode as a whole – Lauren's performance withstanding – didn't quite work for me. This season has been scurrying along without any signs of letting up, but this episode and the last have been somewhat disappointing, both in terms of pace and character development. Caroline (the show's new-found gem) and Tyler (once a hunk of wood, now a somewhat sympathetic character) were easily the best thing about the last episode before the hiatus, but their tremulous relationship has started to become a little syrupy, at least for now. There are still interesting elements at play, especially when you take into account how many secrets Caroline is withholding from him, but this whole triangle with Matt/Caroline/Tyler needs to be nipped in the bud, as there'only one three-way I'm interested in: the one involving two vamps and a doppelganger (I smell a sit-com!).

    As for the were-b*tch that killed our precious Rose, I have no doubt she'll die a horrible, horrible death. I hate it when characters that only pop up in one episode kill off a significant and, more importantly, likeable character, AND, probably the most important side-note of all, A HOT CHARACTER. That's why I'm not exactly thrilled to see Uncle Daddy John back. (Did anyone notice that Elena called him Uncle John? Didn't she already play the father card with him? Hm.) He killed off my precious Pearl, and to add salt to those wounds, he offed Anna too! Monster! Sure...they were vampires who probably killed hundreds of people in their time, but they were likeable and very hot, damn it! Regardless of petty grudges, it's always good to see David Anders on my screen! Ah, Sark, always the lovable prick!

    Elena still has a death wish, which is fine, I think it actually rounds out the character considerably. I'm glad that she's not listening to anyone. I'd hate it if she just remained the damsel in distress, and I think she may have a plan or two up her sleeve anyways. But Rose's words clearly got to Elena towards the end of the episode, and I have a strong feeling she's about to break her deal with Elijah. Big mistake.

    As for the Salvatore brothers, Stefan is hardly in this episode, as he's trying to track down Isobel, which means all he has to do is sit at the table in the Grill and wait for a text message. Problem solved. Nice detective work, broah! Of course, badass vamps never get their hands dirty, so Isobel sends John in her place. Meanwhile, Damon is off throwing the biggest pity party ever and ends up killing some poor lass. I have a problem with this storyline, as Damon's to-ing and fro-ing, from killer to kitten, is not so much a cliff-hanger, as it is a cheap change of gears. He'll be back pining for Elena and chatting with Jeremy before you can spit! If they want us to take his emotional outbursts seriously, they need to dedicate a handful of episodes to his vampire-gone-wild antics. He snapped Jeremy's neck in the premiere this season, but everything was dandy by episode two. Killing some randomer doesn't exactly leave me quaking.

    Overall, a decent episode. But that's not saying a lot considering the many fantastic episodes this season has offered up already. Oh, and I someone compelling Caroline? Does Katherine have the ability to compel other vampires, just like Elijah? I ask because at the beginning of this episode we're told that Stefan has no idea how any vampire can do this, and when Tyler starts begging for an explanation as to why Caroline's helping him, she gives off the same kind of dazed, unsure, have to think for a moment as to what I'm compelled to say, kind of answer. It also makes perfect sense: vampire, who is needed during the sacrifice, babysits and looks after the wolf that's also needed for the sacrifice. Two birds...and all that.
  • ahhh, really?

    Come on, they killed off Rose.. ah, really?

    Ok, the episode was good enough. Lots of stuff happening all over the place but why allow Rose to die? She was a great character, gave some depth to the show..

    Damon went to the see the lady werewolf and her answer to his question about a cure was good enough for him. He was so quick to run outside the restaurant to kill Lexi but never thought about doing the same with the stranger who could have been "persuaded" into pointing him into the right direction.
    Noticed a little lack of interest from everybody on this one. Stefan was away, Alaric barely appeared, Caroline was in her love triangle, Bonnie was AWOL and Damon was doing nothing really to help Rose..

    I don't know.. there was no development here besides the lady werewolf officially presenting herself to Tyler and Adam Monroe.. err, I mean, uncle John coming back home.. and that's it..

    Hope next one gives us much more..