The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 3

The End of the Affair

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Elena wakes up in bed with Damon. They decide they're going to Chicago over the weekend to find Stefan. Elena looks through Stefan's diary to find out more about his past. Damon brings Elena to Stefan's old apartment where she sees the walls covered in names of his past victims.

Meanwhile, Stefan goes to a bar with Klaus in search of a witch named Gloria to find out why he can no longer create hybrids. She says that she needs contact with a witch named Rebecca, who Klaus needs to bring to her. We then see Stefan looking at a photograph of himself and Klaus from the '20s.

Stefan looks for answers. It turns out that Klaus hated Stefan because Stefan was involved with Rebecca, Klaus' little sister. They go to where all of Klaus' dead relatives are and Klaus brings Rebecca back to life. Klaus brings Stefan to his old apartment where Elena was. She hides just before they see her.

Stefan and Klaus return to Gloria's bar and wait for Rebecca. We flash back to when Stefan and Rebecca were hanging out in this bar, deeply in love. Then wooden bullets come flying through the window and Klaus grabs Rebecca to go. Before he leaves, he compels Stefan to forget everything that's happened.

Stefan leaves the bar and runs into Damon and Elena. Elena just wants him to come home. When they hug, Elena tries to sedate him with vervain, but Stefan is quicker than her and escapes. He tells Elena that it's over and that he never wants to see her again.

Caroline's father is trying to "fix" her of her vampire tendencies, so he won't have to kill her. Her mom comes with Tyler in tow to save Caroline. They bring her back home and Caroline and Tyler have a moment together.

Klaus goes back into the warehouse to get Rebecca. She comes out of nowhere and stabs him with a knife, payback for when he killed her. Klaus brings Stefan in as a peace offering and compels Stefan to remember everything. It turns out that they were a really close bunch. They find out that Rebecca is not one of the original vampires Gloria needs and it is a necklace that Gloria gave her, which coincidentally is the necklace Elena has on.