The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 3

The End of the Affair

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2011 on The CW

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  • Awesome

    "Put These in the yes pile"
  • The best episode of the series. Hands down.


    I know I say this every week, but I just can't help it! This show is so good... Like, it's kind of impossibly crazy how wickedly addictive The Vampire Diaries is. From the getgo, I knew I was going to love "The End of the Affair." Why? Because, one, I love The Vampire Diaries and have since the pilot. Two, because Chicago is my favorite place in the world. And, three, because the 1920s = my favorite era. Therefore, I knew that this episode couldn't possibly go wrong in my book. But, WOW. I never could have imagined how much 3x03 would blow my mind. The writers threw at us some of the biggest surprises of the series, and I loved each one of them.

    So, let's dive in, shall we?

    ***Spoiler-Heavy From This Point Forward***

    What I Loved

    1. Rebekah! Now, I'll admit that when I first heard a overview of Rebekah's character a few months ago, I thought: Wow. Great. That sounds like a rip-off of Katherine... a vampire ex of Stefan's still not over him. Ugh. HOWEVER, I soon ate my words, because Rebekah was totally awesome! Now, I'll admit, a major part of her awesomeness has to do with the fact that she's an Original (I did NOT see that coming). I am so feeling this storyline. I love the chemistry that she has with Stefan in a romantic way and the chemistry she has with Klaus (or "Nick") in a brother-sister kind of way. Now, even though I've been Team Stelena up until this point, I feel myself throwing aside that title and becoming Team Rebefan. Another thing I loved about Rebekah is that, by meeting her, we learned so many secrets about Stefan and Klaus... They knew each other! Stefan was Klaus's inspiration! They were BFFLs! Didn't see any of that coming.

    2. Gloria. I'm liking her character so far... especially that she can put Klaus in his place. I loved what she said when she broke up the fight between Klaus and Damon.

    3. All of the 20s scenes. BEAUTIFULLY filmed. Just really spectacular work. The crew deserves some serious high-fives for this episode.

    4. That Caroline lived. Now, the Caroline scenes were very difficult for me to watch. That doesn't mean I don't think that they were brilliant. They definitely were. But, wow... They were tough. What I'm really loving about this story is that it's basically a big analogy for gay teenagers and how society tends to look at them. But, the one thing I don't really get is that, seeing as Bill Forbes is gay (as was established in, I believe, 1x04, wouldn't that maybe make him a little more understanding of his daughter's situation? The situation she has no say in? I would think so, but whatever. Speaking of Caroline, I am loving her and Tyler together. Sorry, Matt. You have no chance in getting between them. They are perfect. Can't wait to see their relationship grow and the "Romeo & Juliet" (like Julie Plec said) drama that comes because of it... although, hopefully, it won't go totally R&J, leaving both Caroline and Tyler dead. That'd be gravely unfortunate.

    5. Katherine! I was hoping she would come back for this ep and, even though she was only in, like, 3 scenes, all 3 of them were totally awesome. Katherine just brings fun with her whenever she comes on The Vampire Diaries, and I'm glad that she's going to be in the next episode, too. Hopefully many, many more. Long live Katherine Pierce.

    6. Stefan and Elena broke-up. Now, as I said earlier, I was (until this episode) hardcore Team Stelena. But, idk you guys... I'm really like Stefan being away as a Ripper and the potential he has with Rebekah. Elena, on the other hand, needs to move on and realize that the man she's in love with is a crazy serial killer who is off the rails. I've always defended Elena. I've never thought that she was stupid, like so many people think she is, but damn. Elena, I realize you're in some serious denial (which makes total sense), but you need to realize that what Stefan's doing is bad. Really bad. Do I want them to get together later? Yes (though, hopefully, not this season). For the rest of this season, I want Elena to come into her own, have a life without Stefan, and become stronger. Still love her, though.

    7. The necklace storyline. I love it when writers make an object more important than we think it is a couple seasons after it's introduced (i.e. the Samulet in Supernatural). But, the only thing is... In "Rose," Elijah ripped the necklace off Elena's neck. Wouldn't he have recognized it as Rebekah's? Oh, well... Details. lol


    1. When it ended. :P

    Can't wait for next week! TTYL.

  • The End of the Affair


    The End of the Affair was a perfect and vividly entertaining episode of the Vampire Diaries and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development especially for Stefan who is confronted by his past in a few very shocking and surprising ways! This episode had awesome flash backs that answer a few questions but open up a whole lot of new ones. I love the depth that situations are getting into and the complexity of the story telling. I look forward to watching this season unfold and seeing what happens in the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • The Vampire Diaries just keeps improving by the episode.


    In my opinion this episode didn't even have one boring scene it was flawless. Loved every part with Caroline and from now i really hate her father hedoesn'tdeserve to be the father of this amazing daughter, the up side she knew that her mother andTylerwill always be there for her. Stefan was way more interesting in this episode and we finally found out why Klaus wanted Stefan to be with him on his journey instead of Damon. Elena was Elena nothing changed about her since season 1. Another upside Kathrine was back and hotter than ever i think she is tracking Stefan because she really does love him and she wasn't lieing during season 2 when she said she loved him and wanted him back. One of the cliffhangers for me was the vampire hunter that is after Claus he must have something because the same character is still around and young and that is not normal for a human. I did like the new love interest for Stefan i think they will be perfect for each other and i wanna see what will happen between the new vampire which is also an original and Kathrine and will all 3 girls will be fighting against each other for Stefan or will Elena finally be with Damon. So many questions so little time cant wait for the next episode if they continue on this pace TVD will be my favorite show of all time because it never gets worse it only gets better and better and the ideas are fresh and new. Keep up the good work TVD cast and crew.

  • I really loved this episode... we got to see a part of Stefan's past when he was a heartless ripper


    I really loved this episode... one of the best episodes of the series.

    Well we got to see a part of Stefan's past when he was a heartless ripper; making a list of all his victims... so psychotic.

    I really want to see the outcome of this.... Stefan having to leave Elena, he now reunites with Rebecca, Katherine just around corner looking out for him and now he's going to have to find a way to lead Klaus away from Elena and the necklace.

  • The only dull bits are with Caroline in the jail


    The best episode this season todate Klaus and Stefan head to Chicago and Stefans old hunting in the 1920's its here Stefan learns that he and Klaus have met before.

    Damon and Elena follow him there in a failed attempt to bring him back to Mystic Falls.

    We learn that Klaus had a sister that has been kept in a "vampire stake slumber" who Stefan had a fling with all those years ago. Katherine makes her appearance in the 1920's but she keeps herself well hidden.

  • This show just keeps getting better and better - spoilers ahead


    Klaus is evil, but it is starting to look like, even though he denies it, that he is still human on some level, he wants friends and family, people to care about and who care about him. Stefan is like his twisted attempt at having a brother again, you know after he killed all of his....

    We also learn why he is so obsessed with stefan being his comrade as he puts it, they have met before!!! and klaus compelled him to forget.

    But without doubt the most shocking revelation in this episode is that Klaus has been running from someone for at least 90 years, in flashbacks it reveals klaus leaving chicago after some guy shows up and this is when he compels stefan to forget in order to cover his tracks, so this guy is someone that even klaus is afraid of.

    I have a theory, Elijah said, in season 2, that the originals were once human and that their origins as vampires was a long story. Let's take an intuitive leap and say that like all vampires they were created by someone, who is that someone? and given that he/she would be older than the originals then it stands to reason that they would also be stronger. It also explains why klaus is obsessed with creating an army, because he is hoping that with an army of hybrids he can defeat the person he is running from.

    Lastly, in this episode klaus says to damon, when i am finished with him (stefan) he won't want to come back, well the feeding him blood etc hasn't made stefan unsaveable, so what else does klaus have planned, i doubt he intends to kill stefan because I think on some level he cares for him so I think he has something planned. Personally I think klaus is so deluded that he genuinely believes that stefan will stay with him as defacto brothers and that they will rule klaus' new empire together, he definately thinks of stefan more as a friend than a subordinate.