The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 4

The Five

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2012 on The CW

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  • The Five things I liked the most about this episode.

    PS.: Read other reviews and, umm, the Originals always needed daylight rings, didn't they? On episode 8 from season 3, Rebekah clearly states that the witch solved the problem by giving them a daylight rings. SHE EVEN WALKS STARING AT THE RING, FOR LIKE 10 WHOLE SECONDS, YOU GUYS. I think you are confusing some stuff here, NO, the sun can't kill originals, but they would still burn and stuff... But the rings, yeah, they always needed them.

    So, I'm going to review this episode a little bit differently. In order to joke about tonight's episode title, I'm going to list the five things I liked the most in this episode, and the facts connected to these happenings. Okay, here we go:

    5. Elena and Damon go on a frat party to kill people.

    So, Bonnie was attending this Occult Studies class at a local college? Is this for real? Mystic Falls has a college? Anyway, did you guys remember her grandma used to teach these classes? Yeah, aww, me neither, so, forgetting this part, let's talk about what truly matters: Damon and Elena decided to go with her, so Damon could teach Elena how to eat and not to kill. The girl's first attempt failed big time, she approached her victim, and she even compelled her not to scream and stuff, but all it took was a fast glimpse at a picture at the victim's cellphone to left our favorite new Vampire feeling guilty. But hey, it wasn't over yet, because they also found out about "Murder House", yeah, a custom party filled with douche frat guys. And, of course, they've attended. Damon went as Jack the Ripper and Elena and Bonnie were his victims, so funny. Elena saw a frat guy spiking a girl's drink and decided she would go for him. And she did. She nailed it! Compelled him, bit his neck and sucked his blood real hard! And guess what, she knew when and how to stop it. She told him to go, forget everything, and there it was. And then... she went crazy. She and Damon went off the wagon, enjoying their vampire life. And then, covered up in blood (which didn't actually matter, since they were at... hmm... a Murder House party?), they started dancing all sexy together... Yeah, and Bonnie appear to bring Elena down to earth. The girl confessed she wanted Stefan to be there with her, not to experience those things with Damon. He overheard, and of course, got upset. Poor Damon. But that's ok, Delena is a work in progress. And since I don't really bother with this whole "Who's Elena's Love?" thing, I'm glad the show gets to explore all sides of this story. Also, Delena sex didn't happen, which was great, since it would make no sense at all if it did.

    4. Bonnie founds a love interest that is interesting.

    So, her grandma died, someone had to take over Occult Studies classes since that class is like, best class ever! And then we met professor Shane. Can I say I really like that guy? He knew Sheila, and he knew about her as well, since he's a truly believer (condition number 1 in order to became that class teacher) His scenes with Bonnie had that touch... I don't know. It felt nice seeing them together, and I really hope that they get to know each other on future episodes. He looks like he could help her with her magic, and Bonnie needs someone to rely on. Really, writers, keep this guy on, I REALLY LIKED HIM.

    3. Connor rips out an earring with his teeth and reveals us something nasty!

    You know what, in order for this to make sense, I have to recap a few stuff. Remember Klaus said he was one of the five after saving him from the explosion at the hospital? So, after saving him, Klaus binded him to what it looked like a torture table. During the episode, we got to know a little bit more about his true story. Yes, the five! He didn't cooperate in saying anything, because of course he didn't, and, at a very moment, when Klaus leaves him under protection of one of his Hybrids, he provokes him until the hybrid gets closer, and then: HE BITES THE GUYS EAR! Yeah, after the hybrid stormed out of the room to wash the blood, Connor showed he fished for a little earring, and with it, he was able to set himself free of the handcuffs. So, now free, he ran to Mystic Falls college, because this place is just a hit, and who did he meet? Professor Shane. Looks like Professor Shane was the one sending him to Mystic Falls in the first place. I TOLD YOU THIS GUY IS AWESOME.

    2. Rebekah dated one of the five.

    So, back in the 12th century, these vampire hunters, binded by a witch, knew the spot where a weapon was hidden. Not any weapon, but a really powerful one. Alexander, one of the five, seduced and promised Rebekah something... unusual, let's say. So, Rebekah fell in love with him. But Alexander betrayed her, and dagger-ed her the first chance he got! But he didn't know he had to keep the dagger in there, so, hey, Rebekah didn't die for real... Later, when she woke up, Klaus had killed him, and he asked Rebekah what did he promised her. Oh, you know... The Weapon.

    1. THE WEAPON. (Or should I say, the most brilliant thing TVD has ever came up with after the Sun and the Moon/Klaus' curse?)

    So, the five's weapon was hidden. The map that led to the weapon was actually the ghost tattoo no one but Jeremy could see. So, Jeremy draw Connor's tattoo, but it was incomplete. Alexander told Rebekah, back in the 12th century, that the tattoo grew after the hunter kills a hybrid, which is proven true, because after escaping, Connor killed Klaus' hybrid (in a really bad ass scene) and his tattoo grew. Oh, okay, so, The Weapon (I feel the need to uppercase it), is actually a cure. Exactly. A cure to vampirism. That's why Klaus wanted to save Elena! God, doesn't it all make sense? Isn't this show fantastic? Well, Rebekah was the one holding another big information: they also needed Alexander's sword to complete the map, and they didn't know where it was, but Rebekah did. During the episode, Klaus and Stefan teamed up to get Rebekah cooperating. So, Stefan played with her feelings after Klaus humiliated her. Vulnerable, she said she wouldn't help, since she didn't want Elena to go back to being human and Klaus getting his wish granted. But she let it slide, and ended up spilling that Alexander's sword was buried with him. So, Klaus dagger-ed her, and it was a very painful scene, that almost made me cry. So there you have it: vampires can go back to being human. This show never fails to amaze me.

    OKAY, SO, BEST EPISODE IN THE SEASON SO FAR. Praising: Professor Shane, is he evil? I don't care, I just really liked him, he needs to end up with Bonnie. Rebekah died, but I hope she returns to life, and... Flashbacks! This show knows how to handle 'em. Really satisfied after that hour. Really satisfied.
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