The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 16

The House Guest

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2011 on The CW

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  • The House Guest

    The House Guest was a perfect episode of The Vampire Diaries. I enjoyed watching this episode because it was exciting, action packed, and full of character and plot development. Jonas and Luca try to restore Elijah with dire consequences causing Jonah to go off on a rampage which was intense. Caroline sang a song for Matt and she has quite the exceptional voice. It was interesting what happens with them in this episode. Katherine helps Damon, Stephan and Elena which was cool. Bonnie has found a lot to be happy about in this episode which was nice. I enjoy all the sub plots intertwining creating a complex story. The end of this episode was a little shocking. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • fantastic!

    it wasn't the best but defenatly the good one.
    at the begining to the end, I liked it!
    I thought it's gonna be realy suck Katherin being free, but I was wrong. it made the show better.
    I still don't believe her but she can be handy.
    and it was good to see Damon let her down! I enjoyed it.
    Martins, they didn't deserve tobe dead, but after what they did, now they do. Damon's move was smart, setting fire around the dagger. Luka's death wasn't Damons fault! they were trying to keep themselves alive, and burning the grill with those innocent people in it, was so wrong. he saw his son dies in front of his eyes, I get it but he didn't have any right to do such those things!
    Matt is getting back to the show. caroline shouldn't told him like that, it was shocking. but I think hes gonna be ok. good to have him in the game! as much as that move was wrong, singing for Matt was so romantic! I liked that part.
    I don't like Isoble in the town! whats that she wants?! what is she up to? more trouble for her doughter? showing up at the door with that sad face, I don't know maybe being her in the town is as good as being Katherin out of the tomb!
    we'll see!
    It was a good episode. no it was fantastic. it was 10!
  • ''I always get what I want.'' -- Katherine.

    Things are starting to get really complicated. And not the twist-y, edge of your seat kind of complications that made the first half of this season must-watch TV. Drama, romance, vengeance and alliances have been forced onto us during this second half of the season, and now that we finally have an episode focusing on all of these character threads, I'm starting to miss the werewolf arc. I was left with a lot of whys and huhs and kept forgetting who it was that I was meant to be rooting for...

    Matt and Caroline: Look, Matt doesn't deserve a girl like Caroline. His pouty, quivering lips and furrowed brow were on overdrive this week – a bottle to the neck would have been a nice way to bid adieu to such a useless character. And, hey, it would also make for an interesting arc for Caroline: the guy that she loves (ick) dies, forcing her to turn off her emotions, leading to a string of deaths in Matt's name. Matt has to get gone, but he's not my main gripe this week, oh no...

    Bonnie and Jeremy: How much did I hate Jeremy here? Our survey says: A LOT. Are the writers purposely trying to sabotage his character? Did they actually have him say he didn't care about the death of Luka? Instead, he's all in a gafuffle over Bonnie losing her powers?! Uh...what? But it's OK, Jeremy, because Jonas gave Bonnie her powers back...and THEN they killed him. Again. All better. Bonnie and Jeremy together...romantically...lip-locking...make it stop!!

    Alaric and Jenna: LOL. I don't care. I just can't wait to read what Price Peterson comes up with this week.

    Jonas and Luka: These guys were far from good. Sure they saved Stefan and Damon's life, were only helping Elijah to save a family member, but they TOOK Bonnie's powers, damn it. They were eveel!! As I've said before, if we were watching The Martins and not The Vampire Diaries, I'm sure I'd give more of a rats ass, but they're guest-stars on a show notorious for killing off guest-stars in gruesome ways. They should have seen it coming.

    Did Stefan kill a human before now out of flashback mode? My memory is a little foggy on that. Do the rules not apply since Jonas is a man-witch? Are we all for killing humans now? Hmm.

    The episode just didn't feel right. For starters, Elena's first words are ''we're going to be late for school'' – bahaha! School. That place they never go to. See? That was an in-joke. Teehee. And then there's all of that five more minutes ickyness. I enjoyed Katherine's...sitting around the house? I guess she really does want to help kill Klaus. I just wish she had more to do a few books.

    Nothing felt justified. Jonas had to turn into a badass mo-fo to justify his death. But he was only retaliating against the horrific murder of his son. Damon literally killed him with fire. WITH FIRE! This seemed like such an elaborate plot-device in order for Bonnie to regain her powers and figure out where the burial site is (cos ya know that's what Jonas showed her). And no one really cared that two human beings were slaughtered this evening...not when Caroline has Matt drama (what's new? Dump his ass already!) and Bonnie has her powers back.

    So, yeah, it's complicated...when our main characters don't give a frak about murdering two ''good guys'' it's hard to give a frak about them. Is this bad writing or are we in shade of gray territory? I just don't know anymore...

    I do know one thing, though: We can add singing to Caroline's endless list of awesomeness.

    And Isobel is baack! YAY!
  • A for effort, D for everything else.

    What IS WRONG with this show?!

    Buffy 101: the cause must be RIGHTEOUS. Otherwise the leads are no better than the villains they fight against. It's bad enough that The Vampire Diaries, apparentely, expects its audience to cheer because the Martins got killed, brutally killed, in the name of Elena: am I supposed to forget Elijah used them to rescue Stefan from the tomb, to spare Caroline from the werewolves, in short to keep Elena "happy"? Am I supposed to forget Jonas's daughter was kidnapped too? All because Elena is "happy" again?

    I'm almost rooting for Katherine to win, at least the only ones she's trying to get killed in the process are Damon and Elijah, not exactly the most righteous characters in this whole story. The "shocking twist" was that Isobel is back in town, something that no one with half a brain would've guessed since John asked for his ring back. Now the ball is back on Elena's court, as always.
  • Catherine and the Salvatores continue reading through the Journals, the witches try to locate Elijah, Bonnie regains her powers.

    Some great parts but some very boring unnecessary parts.(Spoilers)

    As the brothers continue reading through the Journals with Katherine the witches attempt to locate Elijah but by the end of the show both end up dead(which isnt a bad thing.)

    Caroline trys to get back Matt by singing at the Mystic Grill(my guess she is trying to start a singing career my bet is she should stick to acting) ends up with Matt Briefly before he realises Caroline is a Vampire and the romance goes right out the door literally.

    Bonnie and Jeremy get together(who cares).

    Damons best moment is at the end when Katherine is trying come onto him but his rejection is amusing - gotta admit Katherine looked hot in her bra).

    The brothers especially Damon was at his best, Katherine the sexy manipulator was too, I really wish Jeremy would get killed off I mean they killed off Anna and I thought she had plenty of promise.
  • Um... wow!

    I'm going to say it... This was THE BEST episode of the series. Not one of the best. The best. Even though it seemed like the commercial breaks were each an hour long, every single second of the show was absolutely incredible.

    What I Liked:
    1. Kat is back... I love that she is now a party of the Scooby gang. When she was in the tomb, a certain unpredictability of the show disappeared but now that she's back, so is the unpredictability of what she's going to do. I love seeing this good (well, ish) side of Katherine. She's such a great character and I'm glad that they're treating her like one.
    2. R.I.P. Martin family. They will not be missed. Although both of them (well, mostly Dr. Martin) made for interesting television moments (most of which were in this episode), I'm fine with both of them kicking the bucket. It's for the best. But what will become of Greta Martin? Hmm... ponder, ponder...
    3. Matt's in the know! FINALLY! Although it didn't go as well as I had hoped, it was dramatic and extremely entertaining. I was terrified that Caroline was going to somehow kill him during that fight in the end and he would transform into a vampire... which, let's face it, just might happen in the next episode since the scene was prematurely cut off. Something tells me things aren't going to end well for Matt (seeiing as nothing ever does).
    4. Isobel's back! FINALLY! Love her. Love her. Love her. One episode did not do her justice. Can't wait to see the relationship between her and Katherine. Also, this will definitely lead to Jenna being clued in to the supernatural occurrences in Mystic Falls, so I'm VERY excited for that.
    5. Bonnie has her powers back. Yay! And she has Elena's permission to date Jeremy. Phew!
    6. Luka's death scene. Was that not the sweetest thing ever? Him "ghost lurking" around the Salvatore house, stabbing Katherine, and getting torched? Wow! Most exciting thing ever.
    7. Mystic Grill is set on fire... That was intense. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Especially when Dr. Martin stabbed Matt in the neck with the broken glass. 8. Elijah didn't come back. Although I think he'll be brought back sooner or later, I'm glad it wasn't the episode after he died. Twice.

    Umm... Am I forgetting anything? Nope, I don't think so. Killer episode (literally. Ha! Punny..)..
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