The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 16

The House Guest

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2011 on The CW

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  • ''I always get what I want.'' -- Katherine.

    Things are starting to get really complicated. And not the twist-y, edge of your seat kind of complications that made the first half of this season must-watch TV. Drama, romance, vengeance and alliances have been forced onto us during this second half of the season, and now that we finally have an episode focusing on all of these character threads, I'm starting to miss the werewolf arc. I was left with a lot of whys and huhs and kept forgetting who it was that I was meant to be rooting for...

    Matt and Caroline: Look, Matt doesn't deserve a girl like Caroline. His pouty, quivering lips and furrowed brow were on overdrive this week – a bottle to the neck would have been a nice way to bid adieu to such a useless character. And, hey, it would also make for an interesting arc for Caroline: the guy that she loves (ick) dies, forcing her to turn off her emotions, leading to a string of deaths in Matt's name. Matt has to get gone, but he's not my main gripe this week, oh no...

    Bonnie and Jeremy: How much did I hate Jeremy here? Our survey says: A LOT. Are the writers purposely trying to sabotage his character? Did they actually have him say he didn't care about the death of Luka? Instead, he's all in a gafuffle over Bonnie losing her powers?! Uh...what? But it's OK, Jeremy, because Jonas gave Bonnie her powers back...and THEN they killed him. Again. All better. Bonnie and Jeremy together...romantically...lip-locking...make it stop!!

    Alaric and Jenna: LOL. I don't care. I just can't wait to read what Price Peterson comes up with this week.

    Jonas and Luka: These guys were far from good. Sure they saved Stefan and Damon's life, were only helping Elijah to save a family member, but they TOOK Bonnie's powers, damn it. They were eveel!! As I've said before, if we were watching The Martins and not The Vampire Diaries, I'm sure I'd give more of a rats ass, but they're guest-stars on a show notorious for killing off guest-stars in gruesome ways. They should have seen it coming.

    Did Stefan kill a human before now out of flashback mode? My memory is a little foggy on that. Do the rules not apply since Jonas is a man-witch? Are we all for killing humans now? Hmm.

    The episode just didn't feel right. For starters, Elena's first words are ''we're going to be late for school'' – bahaha! School. That place they never go to. See? That was an in-joke. Teehee. And then there's all of that five more minutes ickyness. I enjoyed Katherine's...sitting around the house? I guess she really does want to help kill Klaus. I just wish she had more to do a few books.

    Nothing felt justified. Jonas had to turn into a badass mo-fo to justify his death. But he was only retaliating against the horrific murder of his son. Damon literally killed him with fire. WITH FIRE! This seemed like such an elaborate plot-device in order for Bonnie to regain her powers and figure out where the burial site is (cos ya know that's what Jonas showed her). And no one really cared that two human beings were slaughtered this evening...not when Caroline has Matt drama (what's new? Dump his ass already!) and Bonnie has her powers back.

    So, yeah, it's complicated...when our main characters don't give a frak about murdering two ''good guys'' it's hard to give a frak about them. Is this bad writing or are we in shade of gray territory? I just don't know anymore...

    I do know one thing, though: We can add singing to Caroline's endless list of awesomeness.

    And Isobel is baack! YAY!