The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 5

The Killer

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2012 on The CW
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    The Vampire Diaries "The Killer" Review: Death Becomes Him (PHOTO RECAP)

    Here is a safe place to begin discussing this week's episode of everybody's favorite narrative neck-snapper!Despite some soap opera-style contrivances, "The Killer" was a dizzyingly tense good time.

  • Episode Summary

    Stefan and Klaus join forces in a tense alliance to limit the danger that Connor has brought to Mystic Falls. Elena finds herself once again trapped between Stefan and Damon as they argue about how to rescue Jeremy, Matt, and April from Connor, who has taken them hostage at the Mystic Grill. The violence escalates when Klaus sends in one of his hybrids, Dean, to face Connor. Caroline is surprised when she sees Hayley at the Lockwood's house, and Professor Shane helps Bonnie move past her fear and guilt.


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    • What an episode...

      This episode was more exciting then last one..... in that season the story line seems so well. n mystery !!
    • The Filler

      This episode was not great. More like filler.

      I don't understand why shows have this kind of episode. One episode that stops short the plot moving forward. An episode that involves some sort of hostage situation where TYPICAL hostage-situation scenarios play out.

      In TVD, it's this episode. In Castle it was that episode where Castle was stuck in a bank with others while being held hostage by bank robbers or whatever. In Hell on Wheels it was that episode on the train where the Indians boarded the train and held everyone inside it hostage.moreless
    • The Killer

      The Killer was a superb and very entertaining episode of The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of significant character development and plot progression. It was intriguing to see how every thing that is happening is connected. It was great to see Jeremy face his own dilemma and for Elaina to face her own darker side. I liked how every thing played out and I look forward to seeing how some aspects are explored in more depth. I can't wait to watch what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
    • The Reckoning, Part II?

      What's the best episode TVD has aired so far?? Ok, It was Founder's Day. The second best, huh? Yeah, I know, it was The Sun Also Rises. BUT THE THIRD ONE WAS DEFINITELY: THE KILLER! I wasn't able to handle myself during the whole hour. Is this show getting back to what it was on Season 2? All the awesomeness? Not to say that Season 3 wasn't good, far from it... BUT STILL. I have no words to describe The Killer, since it's my favorite episode since The Sun Also Rises, back when Klaus killed Jenna and stuff.

      Now, have you guys noticed how this shows always make fantastic fifth episodes? Look at Season 1, Episode 5: "You're Undead To Me", I mean, in that episode, the show began to get good! Season 2's fifth episode: "Kill Or Be Killed" was a thrilling ride when Liz finds out (for the first time) the Salvatore brothers are vampires. I don't need to speak about "The Reckoning", which was the best episode past season. The Killer continued the cicle. Amazing episode. MY GOD, I CAN'T SPEAK ABOUT IT LOL.moreless
    • Congrats to Elena, you're finally one of THEM!!

      Not a bad episode overall, though there were some problems i found with it. Why did no1 question Bonnie's absence and WTF Stefan?

      I thought with this new series we'd see a new side to Elena what with her being a vampire and all, but no, we still get a whiney, pathetically human doppelganger instead. This episode finally saw her embrace her vampiricism for a whole minute before the tears came on again. I really don't get why half the town can die for her and and call it fair, especially when the people who died are soo much more interesting (you b***ds, bring Alaric back!!). As for Bonnie, she is actually due for some bad decision-making, lets team up with season villain time because even though she is a powerful witch she is underused in a show where she could kick some major a**.

      Oh yeah, and where is Jeremy's resurrection ring for when he stood on a homemade landmine? the writers can forget that and concentrate on another brotherly confrontation with damon and stefan at the end of which Elena killed our fav. five hunter. HOORAH!! but wait, she then went back to the worst vampire of all time, all teary-eyed, hallucinating and what not.

      Lets bring Rebekkah back from her staking and coffin, bring her, Klaus and Damon into a Team Good/Evil (when we feel like it) group and go from there. (Writers thought; Elena's so frustrating to watch, maybe now she's a vampire we can have Katerina come back and take Elena's place indefinitely) Just food for thought.xmoreless
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    Blake Hood


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    Todd Williams

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    • QUOTES (7)

      • Matt: Uh, hey, April. We don't open til eleven.
        April: Uh, sorry. I wasn't, like, trying to scare you or stalk you or whatever. I, I came to ask if you've seen Rebekah.
        Matt: Why would I have seen Rebekah?
        April: Oh, I just assumed. I mean, aren't...aren't you guys kind of like a thing?
        Matt: (laughs) Rebekah and I are not a thing.
        April: Well, I, I, I mean I'm worried about her. She said she'd help me find stuff out about the fire that killed my dad and then she just disappeared.
        (Connor walks out holding a knife on Jeremy)
        Connor: Trust me. That's the least of your problems.

      • Stefan: Thanks for not saying anything to Elena.
        Damon: About what? The cure we don't have, can't find, and probably doesn't exist? You're welcome.

      • Caroline: Uh, who are you?
        Hayley: Who the hell are you?
        Caroline: I'm Caroline.
        Hayley: Oh! You're Tyler's girl. Told me about you. I'm Hayley.
        Caroline: Well, Hayley, that's pretty crazy, 'cause I haven't heard a thing about you.
        Hayley: I've been staying here a few days.
        Caroline: Excuse me?
        Hayley: I needed a place to crash, Ty's a buddy, he was kind enough to offer.
        Caroline: I know all of Ty's buddies and I haven't heard about you, so how about we cut the crap?
        Hayley: Yeah, I don't do teen drama, take it up with Ty.

      • Professor Shane: Right now just relax, drink your tea. I got this in Australia when I was backpacking with these Aborigine spirit guides. Trust me, it's better when you smoke it, but I'm trying to be a role model. (Bonnie laughs) Bonnie, listen the thing is, what I have in mind might come off as a little unorthodox.
        Bonnie: Now I'm officially curious.

      • Stefan: (while they're discussing the best way to confront Connor) All right, hold on. You're not all going.
        Tyler: He shot me, like, nine times. If we're killing him, I want in.
        Elena: He's got Jeremy, I'm going.
        Stefan: Listen, nobody is going anywhere until I figure out what we're walking into.
        Damon: Until you figure it out? Is that where you've been all morning, out buying bossy pants?

      • Damon: We have a plan. The plan is, I'm gonna rip Connor's heart out and I'm gonna feed it to him.
        Stefan: That's not a plan.

      • Elena: (voiceover, writing in her diary) Dear Diary, I know it's been a while. A long while. I haven't needed...I haven't wanted to write this stuff down. But I don't wanna say it out loud either. The thing is, I'm a vampire. And I hate it.
        Stefan: (voiceover, writing about Elena in his journal) She's been spiraling since her transition. There are times I barely recognize her. But now, for the first time in a while, there's hope.
        Elena: I feel hopeless. Depressed, angry, but most of all, I'm scared.
        Stefan: Somewhere in the world there's a cure for vampires. If I can get it, Elena can be human again. I can give her back her life.
        Elena: A part of me just wants to end it. But then I think of Jeremy. I'm all that he has left. So I need to find a way through this. No matter what it takes.
        Stefan: So that's what I need to do. No matter what Klaus asks, no matter what lies I have to tell or secrets I have to keep, I'll do it. No matter what it takes.

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      • Featured Music:
        "Smother" by Daughter
        "Tick" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
        "Keep On Runnin' "by Cat Power
        "The Light" by The Album Leaf

      • Original International Air Dates:
        Canada: Thursday, November 8, 2012 on CTV 2
        United Kingdom: Monday, November 12, 2012 on ITV2/ITV2 HD
        Norway: Thursday, November 29, 2012 on FEM
        Sweden: Saturday, February 23, 2013 on TV6

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