The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 18

The Last Dance

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2011 on The CW
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The high school gets ready for a 1960s-themed dance and begins receiving alarming messages from Klaus via an unusual source. Bonnie tries to convince Jeremy that she has enough strength to help Elena, but Jeremy, concerned, goes to Stefan for advice. Caroline convinces talks Matt to take her to the dance. Damon and Alaric attend the dance as chaperons, expecting Klaus to show up, but Klaus is playing a complicated game that keeps them guessing. Eventually, Damon comes up with a new plan that surprises and upsets everyone.moreless

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  • Great episode. Spoilers included.

    Was it just me or was last Thursday 'til tonight the longest wait EVER? Spoilers flooded the internet from magazines such as Entertainment Weekley, who had already seen the ep. They said things like, "You better get your tissues ready because someone dies" and "epic cliffhanger." And both ended up being true.

    What I Liked:

    1. Aklaric - a.k.a. Klaus in Alaric's meat suit, as they would say on Supernatural. I love Alaric, but wow, he plays bad so good! I mean well. Let's be grammatically correct here. Anyway... Klaus was HILARIOUS, and Matt Davis sure showed off that he's an epic actor. The opening sequence was especially hilarious... or unsettling, seeing as Aklaric compelled Katherine to repeatedly stab herself in the leg. Needless to say, she's in for some serious punishment.

    2. The Bonnie death fakeout. Was her "death" scene not the most devastating thing ever? I couldn't even say anything during the commercial break, but kept thinking about the conversation she had had with Damon beforehand, in which she said she was willing to do anything. That made me suspect one of two things. One! That Damon gave her blood and she would become a witchpire (which would have been soooooo very stupid). Or TWO! She would fake her death to trick Klaus. Which is what happened. I don't know... something about it... it didn't seem big enough to send off as huge a character as Bonnie. And I'm glad that she's still kicking, because that means that she's not likely to die in the season finale, seeing as she's already "died" this season.

    3. The emotional Delena scene at the end of the show. WOW! I'm Team Stelena, but that was some powerful stuff. It was heart-wrenching. You could literally sense the sexual tension and I kind of thought that Elena was going to kiss him but then I realized that that would just totally be out of character for her. I think that might have been the beginning of mutual Delena feelings, however. I realize that Delena will happen in some way or another in the series, because... duh... and I'm totally fine with that as long as it's done in a good, solid way that doesn't totally screw over Stefan.

    4. Elijah's back! I'm totally clueless about why Elena would do that, but I'm VERY curious to find out. I loved that scene in the preview where he goes, "I believe the term you're looking for is OMG." That made me laugh.

    Things I Didn't Like:

    1. Even though it was a great episode, something just seemed to be missing during the beginning of the dance scene. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the beginning of the dance just kind of lacked an "umph." Fortunately, that didn't last long and the dance soon turned into another Mystical Falls "event from hell."

    2. The lack of Maroline scenes. I wish that that story would have been pushed forward a little bit more than it was. Hopefully it will be in the episodes to come. I'm very curious about what becomes of that. Somehow, I think that both Sheriff Forbes and Matt will join the Scooby gang or something... I don't think either of them would do something to totally wreck Caroline's life. At least, I hope not.

    3. The "plug" toward the end for that AT&T device. First it was all the different cell phones, then the Ford cars and their capabilities, and now this. I understand why they do it, but it just sort of takes away from the show. Oh, well. It was an epic installment and I can't wait for "Klaus!"moreless
  • Ehh, a decent episode. Spoilers included

    While watching, I was definitely entertained but also troubled by this episode. Katherine

    1)She is still alive(thankfully, she is my fave) however Klaus has compelled her into hurting herself....However, I do not think she was really being compelled. I remember episodes back that she had built up an immunity to Vervain as she had been drinking it quite awhile so perhaps she has still been drinking it and that she is buying sometime before she can escape...For such a bad a** character, I don't see them killing her off so soon(She has only been here one season) and if they do, I see her at least getting a better send off.


    1)Surprisingly was absent this episode but I think Alaric's body is still in Klaus body so that means that maybe next episode she will be in it. This could have DEFINITELY been a good plot and I hope they do something with the Alaric/Klaus and Jenna situaiton.

    Bonnie(and Jeremy)

    Bonnie is obviously worried you can see but you also see that she is willing to do whatever it takes for Elena, even if it means killing herself. Jeremy is obviously worried and rightfully so and I do like the fact that Jeremy echoed our thoughts...He has had such a terrible luck at girlfriend's(Vicki and Anna) and in a way, I kind of want bonnie to die because Jeremy has potential grow in such a dark way and then i don't because, Emo Jeremy got annoying in Season 1. Bonnie's "death" annoyed me though. Because I was so caught up in emotion and then five minutes later it is revealed she is still alive...I would've hoped that it least could have carried over till next episode.

    Caroline and Matt

    Not much happening here...Honestly, Matt has had more of a purpose and storyline than Caroline has had in this episode and the last. I think Matt will fall back in love with Caroline and potentially die trying to save her.

    Damon(and Stefan)

    Honestly the plan was not that bad that he came up with...Seeing how Bonnie was okay with it HOWEVER I loved the fact he told her he would ALWAYS choose her and you can definitely see that even though he had Rose and Andie(Whatever happened to her, i forget), he would always love Elena and it sets thing in place for next weeks episode. Stefan was Stefan. Nothing surprising...nothing interesting. He annoys me but he is cute so i deal with it.


    As usual, she is kind of there....But i do like the ending with her and Elijah.

    All in all a decent episode, I was just annoyed by the lack of Matt & Caroline, Bonnie's fake out, Katherine being trapped, lack of Jenna(Surprise Surprise) and I miss Tyler. Ever since his storylines, he has transformed once and I definitely miss him now.

    By the way, next week episodes....Klaus is a hottie ;)moreless
  • Bonnie and Alaric dance with danger.

    For an episode that was mostly a rehash of last season's "Unpleasantville" - only Caroline actually gets for Matt to take her to the dance and Damon finally gets to dance with Bonnie and Elena - it was the two characters who didn't dance together who raised the stakes to turn this into a fairly solid episode.

    Considering how Elena-driven both Salvatore are, I was sure Bonnie was as good as dead, much like I was sure the former slave owners would give Elena the plantation/boarding house and stuck the ...errr, "witch" in a basement. This was a tale of two cowards that even after 150 years would still use a teenage girl to fight for them(Bonnie) if that wins them a lover (Elena).

    So it was Alaric's struggle with himself and, particularly, Bonnie's struggle with killing him what's so engaging about this episode: the tale of this teenage girl attending the last dance of her life, enjoying the last moments with the friends she would die to protect and fighting, what she believed, was the last enemy she would ever fight. The rouse didn't take the impact out of it for Bonnie was the big damn hero the Salvatores are not.moreless
  • that was smart!

    wow! that was quite shocking! I realy thought she's dead. for few minutes I realy hate Damon, but at the end he was the smart one.

    at the other hand I thought Klaus should be so smart with a master plan makes everyone completely confused, but he isn't. he is doing what ever his witch tells him to do. sending messages like those and thinking I'm so twisted is realy high school teenager move not avery smart move of what ever years old vampire. I mean Damon is smarter, so is Elijah or Katherin. not a suprise he was looking for them over 400 years!!

    Stephen is being less and less in the show. I'm with Damon in what he said to his brother. Stephen lets his emotions over come his mind in life or death situation. and I believe at the end Damon willbe the one who saves Elina.

    I thought matt is gonna be more in the show if he find out about the vampires, but he is not. I don't like Matt and sheriff know the truth but not all of it, not trusting anybody and freaked out about their frieds.

    Elena went to Elijah for finding new way, but he would have done that before if there was any other way at all! but I hope she can convince him stick to the old goal he had, and in that case they can use the dagger to kil Klaus. it wont be permanent but it's better than nothing. beside having another wise vampire on their side can be usefull.

    this episode suprise me alot. I liked that. It was good.moreless
  • The Last Dance

    The Last Dance was a great episode of The Vampire Diaries and it was interesting to see Klaus play his game of intrigue as he waited and watched everyone. Elena and Bonnie endure some emotional moments and Damon's secret plan payed off. Matt must deal with Caroline as if nothing has happened and it was fun to watch this. There was character and plot development as well as action and suspense. There were some good lines and humor in the episode. I thought the end of this episode was a bit shocking and I look forward to watching the next episode of The Vampire Diaries!!!!moreless
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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Damon: So you'd lay it all out on the line for Elena, no matter what?
      Bonnie: No matter what.
      Damon: Good.
      Bonnie: You can't tell her.
      Damon: Your secret's safe with me, but, I mean, with all that power, is there no way to increase your odds?
      Bonnie: Careful, Damon. I might start to think you actually care.
      Damon: We wouldn't want that.

    • Damon: (to Elena) Let me be clear about something. If it comes down to you and the witch again, I will gladly let Bonnie die. I will always choose you.

    • Elena: Bonnie, you're not dying to save my life.
      Bonnie: I have the power to save you! If I don't use it and something happens, that would kill me more.
      Elena: I can't let you.
      Bonnie: Just answer one question... if the situation was reversed, would you do it for me? (Elena pauses) So you know why I have to.

    • Klaus: (to Katherine) I've searched for you for over five hundred years. Your death is going to last at least half that long.

    • Damon: (to Stefan) I don't mind being the bad guy. I'll make all the life and death decisions, while you're busy worrying about collateral damage. And I'll even let her hate me for it. But at the end of the day, I'll be the one to keep her alive.

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    • Featured Music:
      "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)" by Patrick Stump
      "Hush" by Kula Shaker
      "Dedicated To The One I Love" by The Mommas And The Papas
      "Last Kiss" by Trent Dabbs
      "I Think We're Alone Now" by The Birthday Massacre
      "I Wanna Be (Your Everything)" by The Manhattans
      "Dream Lover" by The Dollyrots

    • Although credited, Michael Trevino (Tyler) and Sara Canning (Jenna) do not appear in this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: Thursday, April 14, 2011 on A
      United Kingdom: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 on ITV2/ITV2 HD
      Philippines: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 on ETC
      Australia: Thursday, April 28, 2011 on GO!
      Norway: Thursday, May 12, 2011 on FEM
      Sweden: Friday, May 20, 2011 on TV6
      Slovakia: Sunday, April 1, 2012 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: Friday, July 27, 2012 on TV Nova
      Turkey: Sunday, July 29, 2012 on CNBC-e