The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 20

The Last Day

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2011 on The CW

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  • How could anybody not love this? Dude. Seriously.

    Wow! Amazing episode. Emotional in the beginning, white-knuckle excitement mixed with thrills and unbelievable twists and turns at the end. This was absolutely amazing... which makes me wonder how the next two can top it. Of course, they will... but still... Wow...


    What I Loved:
    1. Damon giving Elena his blood. Although he was a total jerk for doing this and it was a terrible, awful, very bad move... this was a great twist to start off the episode. I wonder how she'll be able to forgive him for it, if she does.
    2. Tyler's return. I missed Tyler! Mostly the "Taroline" scenes. They have such good chemistry. I love Matt and all, but I don't know. There's something about Tyler and Caroline together that's more exciting in my opinion.
    3. Klaus. He's so evil! It's incredible. Ha. I wasn't disappointed at all by him. He's more than I could have ever dreamed of... and Joseph Morgan plays him beautifully. He was, hands down, the perfect choice.
    4. Damon got bitten by Tyler. I had a feeling that either Stefan or Damon would get bitten by a werewolf. Now I'm just curious how they're going to find a cure, if there is one. Could it be that the only way to cure a wolf bite is to kill the wolf that bit you? It would make sense, but just conjecture.
    5. Matt and Caroline are trapped in the tomb with a wolfed out Tyler. This is exciting. I wonder what's going to become of this. This episode sort of made me begin to forgive Matt for being such a major douche and betraying Caroline. Liz... I haven't decided yet. It strikes me as strange that she was much more understanding the last time she found out. But, of course, she started out very similar to how she is now.
    6. Oh... yeah... Jenna's going to be a vampire. I mean, wow! I did not see that coming at all. I legit thought she was dead for a minute. But then, no. No, no. She's going to be a vampire. I was just totally blown away. It's like Caroline all over again. Can't wait to see what becomes of this! Will she choose to turn? We've never seen anyone NOT choose to turn, which kind of makes me think that she might not. Which would be just devastating. I love Jenna... and Sara Canning is a wonderful actress.
    **I wonder how Rick will react to this... after Isobel and all.**
    7. The Stefan and Elena spending the day together scenes. How emotional was it when Elena told him that doesn't want to be a vampire? Wow. Nina Dobrev is such a wonderful actress. It totally sucked me in. The same goes for the scene in the Salvatore driveway when she was saying her good-bye to Stefan before leaving with Klaus.
    8. Katherine. Need I say more?
    9. Maddox is dead. He was just a troublesome pain. Ha. Witches never last long on this show, besides Bonnie, of course.

    Well, I think that's it... Yep. I think so. Nothing I didn't like, so I'ma go now.

  • I believe the word I am looking for is O.M.G Spoilers included

    I believe the word I'm looking for is OMG. I nearly suffocated holding my breath during this episode. Spoilers!

    To date this is the best episode yet of TVD. I was so caught up in all the events of this episode. There was action but it was actually Elena who made this episode enjoyable for me. normally, i find her annoying and boring but in all honesty her emotional plight of what Damon did to her made this episode and you got a little more plot and character development from her.

    I'm kind of confused about Katherine. Why is she still there if she is using Vervain? I'm not understanding the point of the Vervain that Damon gave her to escape.

    Matt is starting to realize what he is doing is wrong and realizes that his Caroline is still under the Vampire and he actually comes to rescue her. How did he know she was in the tomb, i have no clue. I guess he followed Damon but still

    Tyler's absence has been missed and his return brings back a much needed element...The Salvatore brothers are the lead guys however, both Tyler, Matt and Jeremy bring in something that the two leads don't. Without Elena, Stefan literally has no Plot development and Damon does...He has grown quite a bit over the season. Stefan has been the same Stefan for the entire series...which is boring.

    Finally...Jenna...A Vampire? My gosh. This is definitely an interesting turn of events for the series and it finally gives her character something to do. It took them 40, 41 episodes but she finally serves a purpose. LOVE IT!

    Such a great episode and I can't wait for next week
  • Best episode of the season. screw everything else and focus on Damon's appearances, especially the twist at the end.

    this was a great episode for once and to explain why I list these reasons;

    1)Jenna has finally found out, wayyyy! though not as freaked out as she probably should have been it was still nice to see her in the loop and the surprise at the end of the episode was worth all the time she didn't have a clue.

    2)Stefan and Elena hung out.BORING!! Elena is the only one who gets to sacrifice herself for her friends and family, hell no. Stefan plays the same old sappy boyfriend all over again which bores the hell out of anyone not a fan of twilight.

    3)The curse. it was nice to see some of Tyler and Caroline though i think the limited time they had together was enough to satisfy everyone.

    4)Klaus. typical badass and expertly played. I'm liking the back-up plan which of course every1 should have seen coming a mile away. Killing Damon at the end was straightforward and clinical which i liked, though he could not have foresaw the werewolf bite on Damon's arm.

    5)Damon - WTF / OMG!!! Him biting Elena was surprising but definitely his style. his brother has the love/hate relationship down and he is willing to extend that to Elena for an eternity, if it saves her life.
    I did love that twist at the end when Damon was somehow brought back from death because of tylers werewolf bite as well.

    In next weeks episode I would like to see;

    - How damon survived. Has he taken on some hybrid abilities himself to match Klaus due to him taking both a fatal werewolf and vampire bite.

    - How Jenna copes in transition.

    - something with Katherine. I like her a hell of a lot more than i do Elena though both played by Nina Dobrev.

    - the ritual being screwed up in some way. I mean hell, i also like Jules as well.

    So alot of goods things to say about this episode, hopefully next weeks will measure up.
  • The Last Day

    The Last Day was a really awesome and superb episode of The Vampire Diaries. I enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action, drama, intrigue, character and plot development as well as humor and surprise. Klaus appears in his true body and collects the rest of his necessary ingredients for the spell to break his curse. Damon launches a rescue mission only to learn that he himself may soon be dust. It was cool to see Tyler back in town and neat when he changed into a werewolf and was chasing Matt and Caroline. I wonder what may have happened to Jenna. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • QUOTE: Stephen: Breakfast of Champions Damon: When I'm surrounded by idiots anything is better

    This episode was better than some of the previous episodes in Season 2 I still couldnt rate it more then a seven.

    Damon was the action man - the wit, the man with a backbone, attempting to put a plan in action and the whisky.
    Stephen - nothing to report except he gets stabbed in the stomach by Damon.
    Elena - talk about a princess and a burden it must be her good looks that keep the brothers interested
    Caroline - when are they going to kill her off I cannot see the point in keeping her character she's a pain.
    Tyler - Hes Back and howling
    Matt - He actually does something in this episode instead of moping around the bar.
    Klaus - he is finally in his real body, his focused, a hardass and bad.
  • what the hell was that?!

    realy? they don't wanna make season 3?!
    what was that? they going to kill everyone?
    jennah?!! Damon?!! Elina?!! and Stephen's just standing and watching? I hate this episode, that was terrible.
    I was suprised by lots of episodes before and I liked that, but this one, not acceptable.
    Jennah has no way to come back. Damon has no way to come back, so does Elina.
    where the hell was Elijah? where was Bonnie? John or Jeremy?
    now we should expect a miracle happens and save them all! I loved the vampire diaries ,now I don't,not any more.
    what I expect is a very bad ending for season final.
  • "She'll never forgive you. And 'never' for a vampire? It's a very long time." -- Elijah (to Damon)

    After last week's retconning business, which completely nullified any potential re-watches of this season given that the majority of it is meaningless, The Vampire Diaries returns to form (for the most part), though not without its huhs and hows thrown into the mix. There are a few decent shockers here (typical Vampire Diaries fare) and I certainly didn't see the ending coming. Did anyone? It really felt left-field and desperate.

    But I certainly approve of the decision to turn Jenna. A character without any true motivations, without any true sense of worth, other than a relative of the main character and bumping uglies with Ric, an overhaul is exactly what the doctor ordered. I mean look at how well this particular storyline worked in Caroline's favour? Once such a grating character, Caroline transformed into the show's tragic hero (although they really have dialled down her awesomeness as of late); the same could very well happen for Jenna, however I'd much prefer them to take her down the darker side of becoming a vampire.

    Stefan says he struggles with maintaining a balance everyday, whereas Caroline is pretty much the poster child for how frickin' awesome it is to be a vamp. Let's showcase how much of a suck-fest (pun, totally intended) it is to fight the craving. (A plot that has been done to death, sure, but what else can they do? What else is there to explore with Jenna?)

    As much as I enjoyed this episode, one thing that really (and I mean REALLY bugged me) was the completely random, extremely laughable happenstance that Matt, ya know, just strolling through the woods looking for Caroline, found himself exactly where Damon needed him most. Looking for Caroline. In a huge forest. (Cos where else would she be? Duh.) At the secret tomb location. Where he shot at some random person – a human being – to save a VAMPIRE, the thing he hates most. The thing that killed his sister. It's possibly the laziest piece of writing I've seen from the show and that is saying a lot!

    I also didn't really enjoy Stefan's efforts at coaxing Elena to admit that she didn't want to be a vampire. It was a little too saccharine for this viewer, playing out exactly how you'd expect, never quite reaching the emotional heights I'm sure the writers were striving for. Also, I got a huge whiff of Buffy when Elena told Stefan to close his eyes. I was expecting her to gut him with sword any second. I also had to laugh at Stefan sobbing to Damon about Klaus taking Elena. Where was this guy? He let her go without so much as lifting a finger to stop him.

    Most of the goods derived from Damon this week. Cliff-notes version: I'm not a big fan of Damon, but at least he was doing something. Of course he just ended up making things worse, and so we're left with quite a few cliff-hangers, I'm sure will be Deus Ex Machina'd by the finale.

    Will Damon survive his wolf bite? Will Jenna survive her transition? Will Elena survive at all? I have a feeling the answer is yes to all of these questions. But then again, this show isn't known for pulling punches, so we could end up with a massacre. Or, more realistically, Jenna 2.0.
  • The non-shipper review.

    Tyler's return is tainted by love triangle drama; Damon, of course, gets bitten by werewolf, which would've been powerful for an audience who didn't already know that no harm would come to the Salvatore - hence the reason why him feeding his blood to Elena or her "heartfelt" farewell to Stefan ring hollow or worse - ironically, it's the lack of words between Caroline & Tyler what's truly moving about the episode, being separated for the last 5 episodes the vampire & werewolf reunion seems more dangerous for them because, at least we know that Caroline and Matt could die, same goes to Tyler.

    A reunion of another kind begins with Jenna's turning, her role in the now changed Gilbert family marked by the very tradition John must pass on to Jeremy for Jenna is the only vampire neither Gilbert man could kill, which does present some intriguing possibilities, if only because of John's previous sexual relationship with Jenna and the fact he still owes Jeremy because of Anna so, even without Elena, protecting Jenna might be the one task uncle and nephew could bond over.

    The bad guys are rising, one witch at the time, ironically the Bennett witch is nowhere to be found.
  • Wow!! Where are J and B?

    Wow!! I loved this episode! My only disappointment was that Jenna wasn't more freaked out by the Salvator brothers. I know she knows they're good guys, I guess, but I was looking forward to seeing her be freaked out and have a much harder time dealing with it. She seems to know an awful lot without being told...

    Plus, what in the world have Jeremy and Bonnie been up to for the last couple episodes? I think the scene above the waterfall was the most emotional of the whole series for me. What's the deal with Katherine pretending to still be under Klaus's compulsion? There's no point in pretending to be under it until he's dead, because she wouldn't be under it anymore once he's dead anyway, right?
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