The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 18

The Murder of One

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2012 on The CW

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  • Those Originals Just Keep On Giving

    Klaus reunited the 'lost lovers' in Sage and Finn, not for sentimental reasons but to get Finn on side and Klaus didn't bemoan the loss of his sibling since Finn wanted to make the ultimate sacrifice anyway. He was a weak member of the Mikaelson family; now he's gone and that reunion was a little short lived. Of course the originals (some of them) wouldn't be killed off that much we know). It's just an excuse to keep Klaus around for longer. But it also means the Salvatore blood line will also end if anything happens to the remaining originals namely Klaus. That's convenient. Yet Rose died so why didn't Katherine, Damon and Stefan and their line end in the same way Sage and others died when Finn expired. Does this mean there were vampires dying the world over and desiccating?

    Rebekah taking on torturing Damon for revenge as it suits her and another excuse for her to rip Damon's shirt open as we savoured the moment. Then she shows him what he'd like to be doing with Elena as she gets inside his head. Reality bites, Elena wouldn't have gotten into the mansion alone to rescue him. But agh, shame on Damon for being knocked out by a chick vamp Barbie.

    Stefan finally realizing revenge is wasteful and he only ended up hurting himself and those around him, seems that came a little late and Elena not being able to decide if she has feelings for Damon. Oh come on for someone who was so sure she wanted Stefan throughout early season 3 and would have done anything to get back the old Stefan and now she can't decide if she still wants him...

    Interesting scene when the Salvatore's were 'teaching' the others how to make their moves on the originals. Also how the potion isn't working on Alaric's alter ego which escapes to hide the stake which can kill the Salvatore's. Good to see Caroline realize she's got a lot in common with Alaric and how she killed for the first time when she was a vampire too.

    Bonnie being threatened once again to help Klaus for family, or rather she just wanted to be out of there, reminded me of the early episode from season 3, when she was meant to die to eliminate Klaus. When Bonnie rang them about Damon, didn't seem like Elena or Stefan wanted to do anything and were slow to react. Why not call Stefan? As for those stakes, carrying them all around like that was dangerous and why take all of them and tell how many there were. Since Klaus was going to use compulsion on Damon, that was obvious and Stefan should have realized he wouldn't have vervane in his body now, since Rebekah drained him.

    Fun part: Alaric reminding Damon on hiding the moonstone in a soapdish, I always used to mention that too (in fact Damon was the dish!) Well, Alaric hid his on the bookshelf...always a teacher. How wooden was that.

    As for the house being in Elena's name, so how did Sage come in last week and now and Rebekah too for that matter and also when she and Damon went at it, surely Damon couldn't have invited them in. Just some niggling points to end on.