The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 2

The Night of the Comet

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on The CW

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  • Damon gets to meet elena for the first time. and we also get to see Damon's first sex scene of the season.

    I loved this episode i though that it was really hot because Stefan gets to know more of elena and seems to enjoy watching across the class room. Damon seems to still act up to his old vampire tricks in trying to eat viki and also tries to force damon to drink blood but still refuses. I thought that it was really cute that elena wanted to tell more of the truth on why she does not trust her self and so does Stefan. And seeing their first kiss of the season i thought that was really hot to see.
  • Damon finally meets the infamous Elena, which turn into a tense confrontation between Damon and Stefan the rest of the episode.

    I liked this episode, I thought the revelation of the vampire's special powers was an important part of the show that was revealed. I thought the aunt becoming overwhelmed wasn't very well written though, and I think the aspect of the show is probably gonna end up just sliding. I am super excited to see exactly was Stefan and Damon did in their hayday! I mean, the way they're talking it must have been fireworks and chaos.. I'm hoping for some flashbacks in some future episodes!
    Oh, and is Damon really going to kill every human he sees? Especially the best friend? We might run out of characters soon...
  • Elena and Stefan both seem to be happy. Elena meets Damon and he continues to make trouble for Stefan telling her about Katherine. Vicki is eventually released from the hospital and she becomes a pawn between Damon and Stefan. Damon continues killing.

    Not quite as good as the first episode. For the most part not a whole lot happens. Damon threatens Stefan and tries to manipulate his brother into acting like a vampire.

    We see a couple get munch at the beginning of the episode. This time they were camping instead of driving. Damon seems to basically just go around killing anyone who happens to be off by themselves. It's like he is culling the herd. Other than this he threatens to reveal Stefan using Vicki. For some reason he decides not too in the end. He does seem to be enjoying Caroline at the end of the episode.

    Aunt Jenna is having problems with Elena's brother Gilbert. She is trying to be a responsible adult in their relationship but he pretty much ignores her. Gilbert is enamored with Vicki but she is really still very stupid going back to her old boyfriend who really doesn't seem to care about her.

    Really this episode was even more about some of those things I worried about in the first episode. Teen angst and soap opera plots. We'll see how things go this next week.

    A step down from the Pilot episode and not a step in the right direction for this show. This show has the possibility to be great. Thanks for reading...
  • Vamp bro vs. vamp bro...with a Vicki in the middle

    It's not often, whenever a new show airs, that the episode following its pilot is better than. This is not one of the exceptions. This newest "entry" in 'The Vampire Diaries' gives us loads of insight into these characters while propelling the season's stories up notches. But the pacing was very slow and certain parts seemed out of place at times. Still, it wasn't a bad episode.

    I'd like to begin by commenting on the horror aspects of the show, i.e. the special effects and such. It's still very subtle stuff, much like last week, with the vamp bros' face changes and all, but there was way more added. For one, we got quite a bit more into how the vampire lore will be treated on this show, such as Stefan's ability to super speed and his super hearing ability. True, these abilities were hinted at last week, but they were displayed more clearly here. Add to that, according to dialogue, these said abilities will not work properly unless a vamp feeds on actual human blood, something Stefan hasn't done for a long time now. However, thus far, he hasn't shown any signs of weakness in using them. Still, other factors abounded that yielded some horror-induced reactions. For instance, Damon's stalking of Caroline and Vicki's hallucinations - and the very end of the ep - all made for some really shudder-worthy moments. But along with the horror, we of course get to the real meat of the story: the drama. And there's a lot going on. This is the ep in which Elena and Damon first meet, a very anticipated moment, no doubt. There was some great intensity throughout, especially once Stefan showed up. While Elena plainly has a thing for Stefan, it's clear that whatever game Damon's trying to play Elena will inevitably fall for him in time. It was suspiciously made clear when he dropped hints of Katherine in front of Elena, sorta like he was starting to plant the seeds of proverbial doubt in her mind toward Stefan. This is THE triangle, after all, so it will be thrilling to watch how this unfolds. Also, I'm still very interested in finding out these two brothers' history.

    The others' stories aren't far behind. Matt is now very suspicious of what is going on with his sister, Vicki. By the episode's end, he seems to have developed a sense of curiosity about Stefan, especially after seeing him at the hospital and his infatuation with Elena. After all, he confessed to Elena that Vicki uttered the word 'vampire', something Stefan was unnerved about after overhearing this. Vicki herself is already starting to hit rock bottom. She's attacked by a vampire, and was played with by both vamp brothers regarding the "mind control" power they exhibit, allowing them to alter her thoughts and memories. On top of that, she's doing drugs anyway, courtesy of Jeremy, while obviously denying a sexual relationship with him in order to maintain her image so she can be with her real interest, Tyler.

    If Vicki were smart, she'd dump Tyler and stay with Jeremy, although the drug problem would be...well, a problem. Their little tryst was almost made public this week, and if she's not careful, her foils could be her own undoing. Personally, I think once her attack is realized to the truth of what happened, her drug problem will be the blame, further complicating things for her. Which will actually make it easier for Jeremy to step in for her. He's obviously not about to let her go that easily, hence his animosity toward Tyler. But at least Jeremy's intentions with her are true and pure, whereas Tyler's just being an ass. But Jeremy has to overcome his own drug addiction as well, which will complicate any kind of relationship he has with any girl. He's already starting to isolate himself from his family, Elena and Jenna, with his behavior, which is unfortunate due to his sister's involvement with vampires (a fact none of the humans on this show even know yet), a fact that will play importantly in the future because it will affect everyone involved.
    Bonnie and Caroline had no real bearing on the events this week other than to provide some emo support for Elena and give us hints of what's in store for them on down the road. Bonnie and her psychic thing is already killing me! I wanna know what she's seeing! Grrrr!!! Oh well. That just makes the wait more exciting. As for Caroline...well, what can I say except for what is going to happen to her now since she was attacked by Damon in the last shot of the ep? It's making me wonder if she and Vicki are merely pawns in Damon's game to get to Stefan, using Elena's friends as a way to that means. Or perhaps his intentions are far more sinister with Caroline. Time will only tell, I guess. Still, it'll be exciting to see what happens.

    Odds and Ends:
    - I was glad to see Jenna get more screen time. It gave us more insight into her character and how she will be involved in these kids' lives.
    - Even though he's still a minor at this point, I am dying to find out what Zach's part is in all this vamp fam drama.
    - Still kudos for the soundtrack. I liked it better last week, but it was still very good this week.

    I'm giving this ep an 8.5. It was slower than the pilot last week, in my opinion. But it wasn't necessarily worse. Just....slower paced. And I hope it continues to grow and gain a very popular fan base and boost in ratings to keep it going. As I said last week, it shows considerable promise. And after this week, I stand corrected. Next week's previews look as if Stefan joins the football team. This will be a hoot. Can't wait to see.....
  • The Night of the Comet

    I thought the second episode of the season started to open a little more. I like how things seem to be a little tense with Elena and Stefan. He is brother is such the trouble maker. I also like how Elena's brother is persistently trying to get the girl and it seems to work for him until she gets glamored one to many times. Damon tries to come off like he really doesn't care for Stefan, but in the end you can tell he must have a soft spot for him somewhere because he helps him out. Great season 2 episode.
  • I really liked this episode, and think the stories are progressing really well.

    The scenes when Stefan, Damon and Vicki are all on the roof top was exciting to watch. I was a little sad when Vicki didn't remember Jeremy helping her and went back to Tyler. Elena and Stefan become closer and share their first kiss in this episode, which was sweet and touching. The only part of the episode which I thought was awkward was when Mr. Tanner badgers Jenna on being a bad parental figure. It seemed more like an awkward chemistry between them both, rather than a threat. I was also a little disappointed with the comet storyline in general because I expected the comet to be a big part of Stefan's life or reveal something about his past the last time it happened, but it didn't. Of course, the ending was a big cliffhanger which just makes you want to tune in to the next episode. I wonder how the relationship between Damon and Caroline is going to turn out.
  • Vampires.

    Mystic Falls begins the preparations to celebrate the passing of a comet. While Vicki recuperates in the hospital from her injuries caused by a vampire, Stefan uses his abilities to erase Vicki's attacker from her memory, but is interrupted by Matt. Mr. Tanner warns Jenna about Jeremy and tells her that she is doing a bad job of taking care of teenagers. Elena and Damon meet for the first time at the Salvatore house and his revelation about Stefan's past brings Elena closer to the truth. Elena and Stefan kiss. Damon finds his next victim in Caroline. I really, really, really enjoy the pilot of this show, hopefully the season has the same quality all the way through it. The start is actually quite scary. I love the start where both Stefan and Elena feel better. I love Jeremy's storyline, he is hot too. I love the way Stefan is listening into Elena and Matt, I like Matt and his storyline. I love the scene with the three girls talking about Elena and Stefan. I love the scene with Jeremy and Vicki. I love the scene where Elena is in Stefan's house, and Damon is talking to Elena, he is awesome. I love the way Elena and her friend are talking about Damon. I love the scene with the whole comet, I love the way Stefan comes to talk to Elena about not being himself, and the whole talk after it. I love the scene where they are all looking for Vicki. I love the scene on the rooftop with Stefan, Damon and Vicki - awesome. I love the scene with Stefan and Elena at the end, glad they kissed. Damon has got his next victom, I actualyl realy like this show, looking forard to the next episode now!
  • Season 1, Episode 2

    A great follow-up episode to an exceptional pilot for a vampire show that proves it is not even close to Twilight! it's lightyears better!

    As Mystic Falls prepares for the passing of a comet, Vicki is in the hospital recovering from her recent attack and she tells Jeremy that it was a vampire who attacked her. Stefan hearing this tries to erase Vicki's memory to make her believe it was an animal who did that to her and goes in the hospital to erase her memory. Vicki also then forgets that it was Jeremy who helped her and goes back to Tyler. Good Episode 8.5/10
  • Poor Vicki...

    Is Vicki going to be the first casualty? I have no idea, but poor girl. At least, she was left alone and fortunately Damon made her forget the whole thing. And only because Stefan didn't care about being exposed.

    I understand Elena's fears. Having gone through so much in so little time has left her vulnerable and I suppose what she wants is someone she can lean on that is outside all those bad moments she has lived. She needs a fresh start. And Stefan can give her that.

    It was slow but we were able to get to know a little bit more about the characters. Elena's aunt has a big responsibility and who knows if Jeremy will cooperate to make the whole ordeal easier.
  • Little slower than pilot

    When comparing this with the pilot, it felt little empty or.. I do not know. Not so much story development but someway this was expected. I liked some story developments. I mean, everything with that woman who rises those two teenagers. Her fears and that conversation she had with their teacher... It was something totally new, what was not in the pilot and really made opened up and explained little more the situation Elena and her brother is in.

    Also the vampire brother's together.. and Elena there in the middle. It was probably scene many expected to see sooner or later and it had that kind of really intense energy.

    I think this episode was little bit darker.. Little bit slower and in some point got into topics we will be seeing much and much, I am afraid (ala Elena and Stefan on and off). But I still think that show caught me and for sure, i will be tuning in for next episode.
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