The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 20

The Originals

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2013 on The CW

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  • Another doppelganger?

    Another doppelganger? Not really, but after watching this episode you would think someone had kidnapped Klaus and replaced him with an entirely different character to the Klaus we know from The Vampire Diaries. The old klaus would have dealt with Marcel in an instant, swiftly followed by the witches and then he would have ran New Orleans again with a reign of fear - it's what Klaus loves, it's what Klaus has always done! This new style Klaus seems more weak, sensitive and brooding, I'm just waiting for him to rip off his mask and reveal Stefan. I love the show, and I'm looking forward to the Originals spin off, but I just can help but feel disappointed that we're not seeing the old Klaus.
  • Sucks writers are sucks like hell !

    sucks I loved Joseph's performance very much
  • A new original

    First impressions, love it, gonna watch the new show no matter what. Klaus as emotionally unstable as ever, Elijah on the moral high road and Rebekah in doubt already. Gonna be a great show. I mean its odd that Haley has a baby and reminds me a little too much of twilight for my liking, but I love that it takes the whole motivation for Elena's blood out of the picture as the demon spawn will probably be hybrid as well. And if it's not, I'd love to see the emotional ramifications. Also I do love a good cameo between spin off shows a la Buffy/Angel.
  • The Originals

    The Originals was an awesome beginning to a new story focusing on The Originals from The Vampire Diaries. I liked the story which had a great mix of drama, intrigue and suspense. It was interesting to meet a former protege of Klaus. I liked the magic, vampiric posturing and Elijah's voice of reason. There were a few surprises and plenty of action. I look forward to the next episode of both series!!!!!!!!!

  • The Originals

    WATCH THIS EPISODE NOW-- short. ie/25rszz (<<== Just remove the space between short and ie )


    WATCH THIS EPISODE NOW-- short. ie/25rszz

    i love this epi. especially rebekah. i think shes nice.. just a little bit spoiled.. but funny! i klaus and caroline they look soo cute together i love everything on this epi.. except elena! i'm starting to hate her! and i don't likek stelena scene! lol! team delena here
  • The Originals

    I guess we were warned. The title tells us it's all about the originals, but still, I was disappointed that their was only a couple minutes with the real vampire diaries cast. I miss the days in which the vampire diaries had a balance of good and evil. I don't mind the darkness of it, the show has always been this way. However, all the charactes are bad now, and really, it's not nearly as much fun. Hopefully, Elena gets her humanity back, and this show can return to it's former glory.
  • Kinda Disappointing

    All in all I found the originals pilot to be very disappointing. There were very intriguing ideas and concepts but the execution didn't total work. The dialogue and exposition was downright absurd. I am willing to forgive it, as it is a pilot episode. The Hybrid baby idea is so bizarre but Julie Plec has managed to balance crazier plot devices before, so I will have faith in her.

    Marcel is interesting but he didn't really act like a 100 year old vampire, he lacked any kind of wisdom for somebody who runs a vampire empire. The witches were kinda boring. C'mon TVD its New Orleans, spice up the characters' personalities a little.

    The biggest hook in the show is supposed to be Klaus as the main character, to which, his performance was commendable. its just they are gonna have to work really hard to make this MONSTER, more relatable. And by that I don't mean more ridiculus exposition dialogue about how Klaus feels from Katherine, Elijah, Rebekah and Camille.

    It all comes down to Subtlety. Let us see Klaus's complexities through his behaviors', not exposition. Trust the audience to pick up on the subtle moments in their performances. Give Characters like Marcel a bit more depth, and also bring a little bit of fun and cohesiveness to the witchcraft. Please establish the rules of this world and adhere to them consistently.

  • klaus de king love it

    OH man klaus is really a king, haily having a baby its good twist ellijah with niklaus its superbbbbb

  • Didn't love it

    Have to say i really didn't enjoy this episode of the Vampire Diaries. I do understand that the network is setting up the spin off but using Klaus's need for power in New Orleans just didn't appeal to me. I don't find Klaus that interesting. What i would lie is more Klaroline action but that is all.

    I do get that Klaus has kind of run out of things to do on TVD. Most of the time he is out offering empty threats or flirting with Caroline. However i felt the baby storyline with Hayley was very contrived and also more than a little convenient. It has a ring of Angel to it but at least in that show it served a greater purpose and had a massive back story with Angel and Darla.

    I also don't really like Hayley as a character. The only one of the Originals I root for is Elijah. Daniel Gillies plays the stoic, kind vampire in a really likeable way. I think his presence in The Originals will be the only way that show could prosper.

    And what is with the Damon-Stefan torture fest with Elena? Even if it does work and she eventually turns back on her feelings, is she really going to thank them for abusing her so horribly? Odds are she will just say screw you guys, i can't forgive you for what you did.

    I really hate humanity-less Elena as well. It was a good idea for character development but enough is enough now. It seems to be a common supernatural show trope nowadays - Angel went bad twice, Owen has gone bad on Nikita and in Supernatural Sam went dark side for 12 episodes but i never enjoy these segways. Bring back the humanity already - even if it means neither Damon nor Stefan get a look in.

    Hopefully next week will be better.
  • A Heir To A King!

    Whoa! I was completely blown away by this 'backdoor' pilot!

    This truly felt like a radically different show and I desperately hope that The CW green lights a series!

    Okay Klaus is officially my favorite character on TV right now, watching him being so vulnerable especially with Elijah was really awesome and I am super stoked to see more!

    Seeing how New Orleans is run by Klaus' protege Marcel was really intriguing and entertaining I liked his character instantly and I can't wait to see more of him!

    The revelation with Hayley left me totally thunderstruck I so didn't see it coming, and I am crazy excited to see how it all plays out!

    Watching Klaus finally see that he doesn't want to be alone was a true highlight for me in this episode.

    I liked how we saw Rebekah and Katherine and the Salvatore boys sprinkled throughout as well.

    I am super excited to see how Stefan and Damon 'fix' Elena it doesn't seem like it's going to be easy.

    All in all I was utterly blown away by this episode it's gotta be one of my favorites of this Season so far and I cannot wait 4 next week to see what happens next!