The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 3

The Rager

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2012 on The CW

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  • The Mystery behind The Hunter Deepens!

    Wow Vampire Diaries is really firing on all cylinders this Season!

    Just three episodes into the 4th Season and I am as hooked as I was when I first saw the Pilot!

    I am loving the Vampire Elena storyline, Nina Dobrev is truly bringing her A game in order to portray her character's feelings and emotions as a newborn vamp.

    She is like a live wire, sad one minute, crazy with rage the next, over whelmed by blood lust and passion in the next second! It truly is amazing to watch!

    Her 'Mean Girl' showdowns with Rebekah were one of the highlights of the episode for me!

    Seeing Damon 'investigate' Connor the hunter was really cool! I am liking his burgeoning relationship with Meredith Fell and I hope it continues.

    Connor the Hunter is still a complete enigma to me, how is it he knows about the 'True Hunter' tattoo , and yet know nothing else about his past?

    I love that Klaus is back in town and is gonna be sticking around for a while, his tag team with Damon was super entertaining to watch! I wonder what Klaus needs Elena for, I mean now that she's no longer a Doppelganger?

    To wrap up I am super psyched for next week and to see how this whole Hunter mystery pans out!

  • I forgot what I was going to say...

    I forgot what I was going to discuss, mainly because halfway through the episode Elena fantasized about Damon and I was plotting little stories here and there. LOVE this episode.
  • The Rager

    The Rager was a multifaceted explosion of awesomeness! I really enjoyed watching because the story lines were well written, the actors were superb, and there was more mystery added to the ever increasing drama. I liked seeing Rebekah and Klaus. The Hunter makes some moves and there are some revelations and more questions surrounding him. I liked seeing Elena battling with her hunger and it was great to see her rage along with it in certain scenes. A girl from Tyler's past when he was away shows up and Caroline was awesome in her short appearances. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next along with answers to some of the questions raised in this episode!!!!!!!!!
  • These folks need to listen to some Bob Marley...

    The Rager was a hell of an episode, but if you dig deep... It had some flaws. I mean, halfway through the show, when Rebekah shove Elena's ring down the sink, I thought: "didn't she save Elena, like, two episodes earlier? Why in the earth is that woman doing that". And then again, there's the logical reason: she loved her brother more than anything and Klaus treated her like a piece of junk. Fine. But why take it out on Elena all of a sudden? Is Elena that guilty? Didn't she already killed her once? Why trying to ruin the girl's death? Things like this get you wondering.

    But nahhh, we can all move past this and talk a little bit more about The Rager, where, in my opinion, all the characters were useful and capable of caring. Let's start with Elena, last week, she was on fire! And this week, she's even more badass! Yay Elena! I'm a huge fan of this new girl we got, and I'm happy she's making her own choices. So, at the beginning, we get to see she's still drinking from Matt, and this makes her feel a little bit... high (is this even the right word to use?). Everything is "heightened" (I feel like I need to emphasize this word, because it's the show's favorite). She wants more blood, she's craving a lot, and her emotions are all over the place, she's a total mess! And when Rebekah starts playing around with her (for reasons of pure enjoyment, I believe), her first reaction is to wanting to grab the white oak stake and killing the blonde. Isn't it nice? It was really cool to see how Elena was getting over the edge. Really, really, really cool. Also, she got infected with werewolf poison through beer in Rebekah's party (which is cool because I never knew their poison was just there, chillin in their gum, waiting to get pulled out with a syringe). But, anyways, it wasn't a big deal since Klaus saved her right away. He mentioned that she's important to him now (again!!!!!! this show) because of some deal with The Five... Also, she almost killed Matt by the end, but Damon showed up because he totes sense when his girl is feeding or in trouble and saved the guy. Oh yeah, and now he's gonna teach her how to live.

    Ok, The five. We know pretty much nothing about them, only that Connor is one and Klaus knows the history and, for some reason (that, as mentioned it also involves Elena) wants to keep him alive, that's why he saved the hunter from the blast. OH YEAH, THE BLAST! So, best part of the episode: they all made up a pretty nice plan in order to kill the hunter, and it feature Jeremy being a total liar? At the very beginning, that got me pretty much confused, I mean, did Jeremy actually want to be a vampire hunter? Where did that come from? But no, he was just carrying on with the plot. They set up a trap in the hospital (OK, THAT'S RESPONSIBLE!) and Damon, teaming up with no one else but Klaus faced the hunter with this FAQ and stuff, wanting to know secrets and what is the greater evil coming. Connor said nothing, because he's just that smart. So, it appeared that Damon had a plan to make the room where Connor was blow up, or did Connor do that with some trick? Didn't follow it, it happened fast. But the room exploded, Connor was dead.....ish. This show. As mentioned, Klaus saved him, and this was my favorite scene in the episode. The Vampire Diaries is awesome when creating mithology, and I just can't wait to see what the series is up to.

    Ok, Matt, useful, helped with the plan, helped Elena, AND SHOOT OUT A BUNCH OF TRUTH TO REBEKAH'S FACE (oh wait... it was Rebekah's dream)! There you go, Matt! You didn't appear enough, but you were definetely a scene-stealer in The Rager. And oh, speaking of characters that aren't useful at all, hey there Meredith! Damon tried to make her the new Alaric, which is so not cool, btw. She was smart enough to deny that offer, as she mentioned, she is not his new partner in vampire crime. So yeah, I liked her this episode.

    Hmmm, ok, quick reviewing some other stuff because I've already written a lot: WELCOME HOME, PHOEBE! And may I say you've already changed a lot in this show? Looks like unbreakable Forwood faced some ups and downs, since Tyler cheated on Caroline in his time out (which is no surprise, since he's always so horny). That's a twist, and I no longer hope Tyler to be with Caroline, he doesn't deserve someone as awesome as her anymore, sorry, get out. Anyway, Phoebe's character (which name didn't appear or I didn't pay attention) sure has a few secrets that I'm dying to know. Ok, Caroline was awesome as usual, and I loved her bonding with Stefan more than the natural. I don't like Caroline with Klaus and I don't like (anymore) Caroline with Tyler, so, Caroline and Stefan are a great couple, since I'm getting to the fact that Delena will end up happening. It is true, Elena is a lot more like Damon, and I kinda liked Delena this episode, and that had never happened before. That's the beginning, although, I hope that they treat this situation nicely: Stefan and Elena are still in love and dating, so... I trust the writters to built everything (and by that I mean at least 15 episodes) to Delena, not just throw scenes at the screen like last season did. And I also started shipping Rebekah and April? Am I crazy?

    This episode reminded me of Bad Moon Rising, from season 2, one of my favorite episodes of all time. Don't think TVD will ever be what it was in Season 2, but so far, I'm liking season 4 way better than season 3. But TVD is awesome either way. I get in love with this show more and more every week. ALSO, WHERE'S BONNIE???????????? Grading a 9 because of Rebekah's issue, lack of Bonnie an Phoebe's low screen time.

    PS.: I really loved Connor's plan last week, but really, spiting Rebekah's party beer with wolf poison was just... brilliant, brilliant.

    PS2.: ALSO, I HAVEN'T MENTIONED... But next week's episode looks like it's the best :o. Now really, that promo... No, really...
  • Oversight

    Did anyone notice that the feeding marks on Matt's wrist were the wrong way around?
  • The best episode of the season so far.

    Complete with action, drama, twist and intrigue. Keep them coming please.