The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 5

The Reckoning

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2011 on The CW

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    One of the best episodes in the whole series!!! To begin with we have a bunch of teenagers trying to act like normal teenagers and finally remembering they have school, which is ironic since school hasn't officially started yet. And then Klaus discovers Elena is alive, something that we lead to what we all suspected from the beginning and what Stefan also suspected; that Elena's blood was necessary for the creation of hybrids. Which is an interesting turn because now Elena is valuable to Klaus. He has to ensure her protection. And Klaus actually gave Tyler a purpose. It is also very interesting to find out there is a person Klaus is afraid of.

    Damon and Katherine: Love their interactions!!! The car scene was fun (the song was so nice, second time they used TV on the Radio!!). Katherine was teasing Damon about Elena and vice versa. Katherine seems to understand that she has lost her appeal on Damon. Also loved the scene with Jeremy and Damon. It was sweet, as scenes between them always are; kind of brotherly :)

    I liked Bonnie's and Matt's storyline too. It was one of the few times that Bonnie actually played a part and their interaction, one that we do not see very often was certainly interesting.

    Stefan: He was trying so hard to fight Klaus. The moment when he was trying to compell him to turn it off and he was fighting it was one of the strongest moments. Also I thing that this was a turning point in the whole triangle. Stefan did things under the compulsion, because of it, but even after it that affected his relationship with Elena.

    Damon and Elena: This episode was indicative of what they were trying to prove (or at least it seems so) in s03, that is that Elena was safe when Damon was around. This episode drew Stefan and Elena away and brought up a promise from Damon that Elena believed. The most important part though, I think was the fact that even though Damon smelled Elena's blood through the tubes, he did not react to it. Not even his face changed. Which I think shows how much he cares for her.

    Overall a great episode, that set things to motion and put forward things that changed the ballance in the show.
  • Done with this show.


    What was once a show that had great characters and storylines has just turned into a bloody mess. I can't care for a show that does not care about thier characters any more. Turning Tyler into that thing makes me sick. Stefan thinks he is so cool. He has turned into a cartoon. Elena has no back bone. Why doesn't she tell claus to shut the hell up! I am sick of him hurting people. The show has no human emotion anymore. Mostly because all the humans on the show were turned into witchs or Vamps. This episode was the last straw for me. I am offically done with this series.

  • Yet another great twist of the show!


    Proves yet again that story lines of the show were intricately woven together. All comes together here and we see the purpose of each character as well as the story lines that in the beginning seemed to be purposeless and quite off like Jeremy seeing ghosts. AND WHAT A TWIST!

    The scene where Damon carry Elena made me cry, coz I could really feel how much he really loves Elena.

  • WOW!!! What an episode!!


    I was completely blown away by how great and amazing this episode was. It has to be my favorite episode so far for season three. The suspence was literally keeping me on the edge of my seat!

    Well.....For starters, As much as i like klaus as a character, how evil of him to be literally using Stefan as a puppet. But it makes everything so much more interesting and leaving me wanting and not being able to wait for the next episode.In the season 2 finale, i was sooooooooooooo so afraid that we would never see good stefan again ever in the series, but i was definitely wrong. He definitely has a chance because he is just under Klaus' compulsion.

    It literally warmed my heart when we saw that even after all of this, he still protects Elana and still loves her. I dont think that is going away. But then my heart was tv brokenlol when klaus took that away from him.

    Damon and Katherine, well...not much to say about themfor this episode because there wasnot much going on. Love lovelove thoughthat change in Katherine. She totally turned good. I am really interested in the installment of Michael. I aminterested to see what Klaus is so afraid ofsimply becauseklaus is a hybridAND an original.

    All in all. GREAT episode!!! Cant wait for more.

  • The Reckoning


    The Reckoning was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The Vampire Diaries. I enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development, the acting was superb, the story lines were awesome, and there were many scenes of intrigue and drama. It seems debatable about which ghosts to trust and it was interesting to see Stefan fight being forced to obey Klaus. Tyler was used for and survived a deadly experiment. There were many cool twists and turns. I look forward to watching the next episode to learn more about Michael and to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • Bad ass episode,one of the best ever and def the best episode of the season so far!


    Oh yeah!Bad ass episode,one of the best ever and def the best episode of the season so far!Really intense,kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.If it keeps at this rate this season is gonna be oh so epic!Lot of OMG moments in this onelike Klaus turning off Stefans humanity,Tyler turned into a hybrid and it turns out Elenas blood can make hybrids,nice twist this one,causenow Klauswants to protecther instead and Katherine and Jeremy woke a very interesting and dangerousvillain it seems!The only thing i dont get is why Klaus took off suddenly without Elena,was it to make sure if Damon was lying about Mikael?Anw cant wait to see whats gonna happen in the next one!

  • Wow.


    Vampire Diaries continues to shock me every week! Wow oh wow! The most shocking moments are what makes this episode so great:

    (Spoilers below!)

    Elena's blood makes hybrids: Did not see that one coming. But this is great because Klaus needs her alive....which means I can finally stop worrying that Klaus wants to kill her

    Tyler is now a hybrid: Can't wait to see what this entails. What powers will he have now that he is both vamp and werewolf? Klaus has not been a great example....other than his original powers and that weird cat-eye thing, I don't know what else he can do as a hybrid.How this will affectTy's relationship with Caroline, and will he be Klaus' minion now?

    Stefan's humanity being stripped away: I am personally a fan of badass Stefan...he's so much more unpredictable than Damon. Really excited to see how the storyline of Stefan getting rid of the "monster" will pan out.

    Katherine and Jeremy ressurecting the vampire hunter: Ican't wait toknow more about this dude who Klaus is afraid of. More of this guy please!