The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 5

The Reckoning

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2011 on The CW



  • Quotes

    • Stefan: I listen to the words that come out of your mouth, and all I hear is the sound of your heart pumping blood through your body. And when that clock ticks down...I'm going to have to feed on you. And you want to know what's worse? I'm not going to be able to stop.
      Elena: I don't believe that. You can fight it. You just have to want it bad enough.
      Stefan: Why, because I love you?
      Elena: Yeah. That's right, Stefan. Because you love me. You'll fight because after everything that we've been through, you owe me that!
      Stefan: You know what? You're right, you're right. I owe you everything. Because through all of this, you are the one thing that has kept me from giving up, from turning it all off. But I can't help what I am, Elena. The more blood that I get, the more I want, and if I get so much as near are dead.

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