The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 21

The Sun Also Rises

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 05, 2011 on The CW

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  • Incredible

    Incredible episode. I sobbed for 5 mins at the funeral part. I don't really know why though. It just got me for some reason. Jenna was just tragic. I wanted her to live so bad. Didn't care of the rest died. Its not cos I love Jenna. Its just that she was so innocent. The last to know about the supernatural world and killed for some supernatural crap while trying desperately to save Elena. Elena is the reason all 5 of her parental figures are dead. Just sad.

  • kellyrenae summed it all up perfectly with her introduction.

    One person said it was convoluted, and they were right. But I think that all roads naturally lead them all to this sequence of events. While I was shocked every 5 minutes with one crazy turn after another, none of it seemed miscalculated or badly planned. I know one thing, I can't think of the last time I was baffled this much by a single episode! At least not in the 2010-2011 season (including all shows I watch). I can't believe Elijah betrayed everyone and rescued Klaus!! And I too, for the first time, felt pity for John. His letter at the end even got me choked up..that was some intense emotion and it wasn't even the finale yet!

    It's hard for me to say this, but Vampire Diaries Season Two seriously trumped all other shows this year! Every episode leaves you jaw-dropped thirsting for more - no pun intended. Not a single boring moment.

    I can't wait for what's in store for next week and the finale! In fact, I'm freaking out about it. haha
  • Missing the Vampire Diaries of the first season

    I really couldnt see the purpose of that episode except that the producers could kill off a few unneccessary characters.
    Elena - the only part I liked her was with the little black dress at the end.
    Damon - the only character left with any attitude, a backboner and a great sense of humour he's been bitten by a rapid Tyler.
    Elijah / Klaus - they run off together, Klaus is a cross breed vampire / werewolf now - guessing thats where the producers are going to take the series now a bit like Underworld.
    Elena's parents - all are now dead.
    Matt / Caroline - Have split up who cares they should have been killed off.
  • The sun rises but failed to be bright.

    For a climactic episode of a supernatural vampire tv show, they failed to manage how to build up the tension on each scenes. What makes this episode fair and not too disappointing is the part that they sacrificed Jenna and the minutes that you're trying to figure out if she is to die or not makes you a bit frustrated and feel real bad for her. But if you've seen enough supernatural TV and movie, you already know what's gonna happen. She will die and there will be no way around it. The Elena revival after she died, that was lame. Well, we sure weren't expecting some floating-glowing sorta moment, but there is just something missing. This lacks some elements and ingredients to make it all tasty. It has potentials, but it has some dragging minutes.
    And what's up with all the useless waiting. Hello, you have an Original as an ally, the strength of a hundred dead witches, two a decade and a half old vampire, a vampire hunter, two rings that would bring back the dead, a bucket load of witches grimoires through out the ages, and what? they're all sitting, chatting and contemplating while Elena, Jenna and that wolf chick Jules are in a magic bounded rings of fires. It's like they're not even worried or something. It's not like if they fail they are to unleash a new type of villain. This is not an episode for a supernatural T.V. show!!! Man, show those fears, this is suppose to be a scary moment. (Although, Klaus didn't come out to be as bad ass as we all expected him to be, unlike The Source(Charmed) or Glory(BtVS) or Lilith(Supernatural) or Sylar(Heroes) or every single superVillain on T.V.))
  • where is the vampire diaries I wanted to watch every single episode again and again?!

    too much drama!
    everyone was trying to do impossibles, sure they got failure.
    Jennah, aah! I liked to see her as a vampire, but I didn't enjoy that because I knew it means she has no chance to survive and at last she died, that was terrible,I didn't like it.
    Jules died too, who cares?!!!
    Katherin is still alive, Damon was right she is always a winner. you know what realy bothers me? Katherin and Elina have 2 completely diffrent personalities. Katherin cares just about herself, no matter what happens to others. as she said about herself she has done terrible things. Elina is the one doesn't want anybody to get heart and as Damon said about her she's a good doer! a bad person and a good person and between the 2 of them the bad one is the winner! like they telling us if you wanna be safe, you should be alone, selfish and cruel. I don't like it.
    John death was alot like "Merlin" point of view. "a life instead of another to keep the balance of life and death". pitty!
    Stephen, ah. I perefer not to talk about him! he realy thought Klase would do that?! I didn't like it.
    Elijah betrayal, that was quite obviouse since he was talking to Stephen about what happend to his family. his family was always his weakness, and I expected that Klaus uses that as his survival. I didn't like that.
    Damon is dying. if they find a way to save him too, it will make the show more ridicolouse! "every thing is magicly possible!" they can save basic characters, but there is no way to keep less importants alive!! if Damon realy get killed by that bite, the show will lose lots of fans because he is the most exciting and unexpectable character. there is possibility that they planned to leave us in "he realy died or not" until next season. not good. I don't like it.
    Elina was crying all along, impressive acting but bad story. I didn't like it.
    I realy hate the story line in last couple episodes. very good acting but realy bad story and a very low rate I gave shows that I'm not a fan of this show anymore.
    I didn't like it!
  • What's with all the low ratings people?

    What's with all the low ratings people? Rating an episode with a 1/10 is not really rating the episode. It's just you outing your frustration, because even if you did hate the episode, NEVER could you give it a 1/10 that's just hating on the episode. Please go cry yourselves a river. Look I understand that the vampire diaries has changed since season 1. It got more dramatic and you really don't know who'll survive (except the main cast ofcourse) But my question to you is: why is that such a bad thing? It's not fun watching a thrilling series like this when in the back of your mind you know everything is gonna turn out fine. If you don't like it don't watch it and go watch twilight for god's sake! There you just know nobody's gonna die. Jenna's death was needed to keep the viewer reminded that this IS afterall the vampire diaries, and a lot of characters do die! Remember Lexie, Pearl and Anna? (three of my fave characters in this series) Even John's death did something to me, it was a good way to make his character useful and make him redeem himself. This new kind of VD is what we want! Can't wait for next week!
  • The Sun Also Rises

    The Sun Also Riseswas a pretty good episode of The Vampire Diaries and I did enjoy watching the episode as Klaus moved to finish his plan and complete the ritual, Stefan makes a major decision, and Damon continues to suffer. It was also cool to see Caroline and Matt interacting as well as Tyler. Bonnie was awesome in this episode and it was cool to see Elijah go through the thoughts of brotherly love while holding Klaus close to death. I thought there could have been more to this episode, yet it was over all an entertaining episode to watch. I look forward to watching the next episode of The Vampire Diaries!!!!
  • Somehow, I was expecting more. *spoilers for sure*

    The whole season comes up to this moment, will Klaus break the moonstone curse? I was half expecting the moonstone to really be a piece of soap and ruin everything. Too bad Jenna had to die, but I never connected to her so I really didn't care. It would have been cool if she lived as a vampire though. But really, if Damon dies or is not on the show anymore, I will stop watching. He is really the only person I love on the show. Sorry, can't really stand Elena or Stephan, they kind of get on my nerves. They are too..something..brooding, serious. Okay, vampires is serious business, but still. I love Damon's eye acting. it's the best and I need to see it every week!
  • The episode was one shocker after another. I had tears in my eyes by the end. I actually felt pity for Elena's father, which was a first. Jenna's scene was heartbreaking. Wonderful job by all the actors and the production team.

    The episode was one shocker after another. I had tears in my eyes by the end. I actually felt pity for Elena's father, which was a first. Jenna's scene was heartbreaking. Wonderful job by all the actors and the production team. I did have a hard time following the spell that Bonnie cast, but by the end I was able to understand what was going on. Elijah really disappointed me this episode and I was just getting to like him, although I can understand why he did what he did. Still after Klaus's betrayal I'm surprised anyone could offer him amnesty. Still the episode was one of the best of the season. Now I just want to see Caroline and Tyler hook-up. What a hot couple!!
  • Watch this episode with a handful of tissues on hand..

    This episode was probably by far the most emotionally intense episode of The Vampire Diaries. I'm not a cryer, but the last 5 minutes of the episode made me tear up. As for how the "reveals" of the storyline were made. Such as John Gilbert's last ditch effort to save Elena and the whole Elijah/Klaus scene near the end. Some of them felt sloppy, like the writers just had to tie up loose ends and hurry the storyline along. *SPOILER ALERT* Jenna was such a lovable character and honestly, John Gilbert grew on me. It's hard to watch them go. Now there's the question of how Damon will survive Tyler's werewolf bite and where Elijah and Klaus are. Guess we'll just have to stay tuned.
  • "It's alright, Elena. I know what I have to do." -- Jenna.

    Poor Elena, eh? Her face was in a constant state of shock and awe. When she wasn't picking her jaw up off of the floor, she was in floods of tears, sometimes both. Is it wrong that I just want her to be the only Gilbert left standing? Kill Jeremy and that's 50% of the shows suckiness gone with him.

    As for the episode as a whole? It was bit like the TV equivalent of a roller-coaster: fun, hairy and vomit inducing. We only catch a glimpse of how awesome Jenna was as a vampire before her shocking demise. I thought it was a fake-out, ala Bonnie. There just didn't seem to be that emotional oomph, it was all rather matter of fact. It turns out the show only dishes out the sparks, fireworks, wind propeller and slow-mo when it tries to trick us into believing they've killed a main character.

    There's quite the body count here: Jules, Jenna and John. This show clearly has a vendetta against people whose names begin with the letter J. I did find it funny how the Klaus dealt with each death, in terms of how pivotal the character was to the show: Jules, a recurring character (pfft) gets her heart ripped out of her in bloody, bloody fashion. Jenna, bless her heart, is poked with a stake, but it's a very quick and to the point execution. Elena, however, is given a fine, almost classy, close-up, the embers roaring just off-screen. Getting bit by Klaus looked like a walk in the park, frankly. Or maybe it was because Elena was willing to die?

    What is with these characters and their willingness to permanently take one for the team?

    Bonnie: I'll do the spell, even if it kills me. I won't let Jenna die.
    Stefan: No! Don't be so stupid, Bonnie! You're not dying. I am. John: There's a spell to save Elena. I guess I'll die too if everyone is doing it.

    There are other ways to muster up drama without resorting to shock-tactics, writers. Geesh.

    The **** really hits the fan here. Even after Bonnie's MTV music video entrance to stop Klaus, Elijah puts Klaus' heart back in place, then takes a knife and firmly stabs us in the back. That traitorous bastard! I totally didn't see it coming, especially not after the way Stefan stressed how much he has wanted to kill his brother in the past but never could. No way, I really didn't see Elijah's betrayal coming at all.

    But to hell with all with what didn't work. It's probably the strongest episode we've had for a while, and although all too convenient spells were pulled from thin air to save Elena, I really am a little gutted that Jenna is gone. The glimmer of awesomeness we saw from her as she tried to kill Greta made her death that much worse. And that funeral scene was admittedly very touching. Props, once again, to Nina Dobrev for a cracking performance.

    I'm not really sure where we're going heading into the finale. There's quite the mess to clean up. I didn't enjoy this episode in parts, especially any part involving Matt, and an unusually off performance from Candice Accola, which could very well be hogwash and simply residual Matt-hate rubbing off on her. But everything kept moving at a brisk pace and there were ample shocks of the permanent kind throughout. Cool rings of fire, too.
  • What an emotionally great and just a great episode of VD. Spoilers!

    A great episodes with a few small bad spots.

    Okay, Klaus is still alive...So is she trapped in that Apartment like she was in the tomb?

    As much as I love Katherine, She is starting to get stale.

    2)Tyler, Matt & Caroline

    Caroline and Matt talk about the betrayl of him and her mother and the poor thing still wanted to fix things with him but in the end...He told her that yeah, my life is crappy but that is normal for me and I can not handle the Vampire thing and they broke up....

    I thought it was so cute how Tyler managed to get to Caroline's house and transformed back to human right on her porch. They are soo cute together...and Tyler is a hottie ;) So is Matt but for some reason Tyler and Carolina look great.

    This is my first issue...You bring Jonas and Luca in....You indirectly introduce Greta and make her out to be so important...By the time we meet her she is evil. Okay, cool. Why was there no mention to her about her father or brother's deaths? Why could we not see a Greta Vs Bonnie showdown.

    4)Jules, Jenna, Elena, and Stefan
    It's funny....Stefan really did nothing this whole episode. Nothing at all except try and sacrifice himself.....Actually Damon really didn't do much except Snap Greta's neck, take Elena out of the situation and whine about the plan to Save her and his werewolf bite.

    It was kind of sad to see Jules die but at the same time...Why was she running TOWARDS Klaus. Common sense would have had her try to run away.

    Jenna's death was emotionally good. She is a great actress and it was great seeing her chemistry with Elena. For the past few episodes, Jenna has finally had a purpose and she went out on a good note.

    Elena's emotional scenes for the past few episodes have been GREAT!!!! Terrific actress and the funeral scenes were Amazing.

    I would've liked to see more emotion from Alaric.

    5)Jon's sacrifice
    Ehh.....I knew before they explained it that he would die but at least he died with good reason and I feel like he redeemed himself...Though this seemed like a plot device.

    6)Klaus & Elijah

    you just knew that Elijah was going to turn his back on the gang for Klaus based on the conversation he and stefan had earlier. So Klaus is still alive and is also the big bad of Season 3 i am assuming.

    Great episode but Greta's part in this series has always aggravated me. The John/Elena resurrection, while sweet, seemed to be just something to do.
  • Convoluted to the core.

    I'm not talking about Jenna's death - after she was turned only yesterday and being told the day before that - nor John's "convenient" last minute solution to save Elena's life, that led to his, you may as well guess, death as well. I'm not even talking about Elijah a.k.a. the big bad Original who only wants his family back or Klaus and his, frankly, stupid plan to get more werepires, I'm not even going to touch the curse, but the complete lack of game plan for the end of the season.

    Don't get me wrong: shocking deaths and last minute reveals abound on this episode. However, that seems mostly because they needed a last minute explanation for each and every development, developments that should've been mapped out long before this episode and developments that, if it weren't for the acting skills of both Sara Canning and David Anders, would've never moved the audience the way they did simply because there's no background behind them.

    Although Bonnie has a massive encounter with the Originals, Caroline & Tyler somehow re-discover one another and Damon does come clean to his brother in the funeral scene the episode felt sloppy and artificial as if, in trying to shock the audience, they were just making things up as they went along.
  • The dangerous events quickly escalate out of control, despite an unexpected act of courage. Damon reveals the truth to Stefan about a terrible new development they now face.

    This was a good episode of TVD's I am very upset that they killed Jenna off that was not expected. However the possibilities are endless to see how this is going to turn out a lot of things was left unclear like what happen to Katherine. Where are Jemery and Elena going to live now.What going to happen to Damon since he got bitten to by Tyler. I am glad John died I never really like him that much but, what he did for his daughter was touching and sad trading is life to save Elena from becoming a Vampire was very sweet of him.
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