The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 21

The Sun Also Rises

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 05, 2011 on The CW

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  • The sun rises but failed to be bright.

    For a climactic episode of a supernatural vampire tv show, they failed to manage how to build up the tension on each scenes. What makes this episode fair and not too disappointing is the part that they sacrificed Jenna and the minutes that you're trying to figure out if she is to die or not makes you a bit frustrated and feel real bad for her. But if you've seen enough supernatural TV and movie, you already know what's gonna happen. She will die and there will be no way around it. The Elena revival after she died, that was lame. Well, we sure weren't expecting some floating-glowing sorta moment, but there is just something missing. This lacks some elements and ingredients to make it all tasty. It has potentials, but it has some dragging minutes.
    And what's up with all the useless waiting. Hello, you have an Original as an ally, the strength of a hundred dead witches, two a decade and a half old vampire, a vampire hunter, two rings that would bring back the dead, a bucket load of witches grimoires through out the ages, and what? they're all sitting, chatting and contemplating while Elena, Jenna and that wolf chick Jules are in a magic bounded rings of fires. It's like they're not even worried or something. It's not like if they fail they are to unleash a new type of villain. This is not an episode for a supernatural T.V. show!!! Man, show those fears, this is suppose to be a scary moment. (Although, Klaus didn't come out to be as bad ass as we all expected him to be, unlike The Source(Charmed) or Glory(BtVS) or Lilith(Supernatural) or Sylar(Heroes) or every single superVillain on T.V.))