The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 12

The Ties That Bind

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2012 on The CW

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  • kelly

    I can't even bloody watch it, I'm not happy at all
  • Guess who's back! (Spoilers)

    Well there's a twist that I stopped expecting about 5 episodes into this season! Elijah is back! But before I get into that, let's talk about Stefan..

    Apparently, Stefan is still holding onto some humanity. Tonight Elena decided to flap her gums about Damon which revealed some real concern in Stefan. Ugh. This better not get in the way of everything with - let's face it - the better brother. Elena has to see that!

    Klaus decided to get back on the offensive by compelling Bonnie's mom to find out where the caskets were being held, but not before Damon was able to hide the mysterious fourth one. Oh, and he apparently decided to de-stake Elijah in the process! :O Whoa! Personally, I miss Rebekah the most. I certainly hope Elijah doesn't figure out a way to kill Klaus.. I mean come on now, Klaus is the coolest villain ever!

    I give it a 9 because Elena and Stefan's little "mutual understanding" moment annoyed the crap out of me. That, and the whole unsiring thing with Tyler and Caroline wasn't as cool as I'd hoped.

    Still, a superb episode as always.
  • The Ties That Bind

    This is episode was the worst episode of the season and i think it was the worst because they focused on Bonnie ( i love her but it seems that if there is an episode that focuses on her it is boring and eventually becomes the worst episode of the season) the best thing about this episode was Elijah coming back and that is what is making me so excited for the next episode, and for the rating i know it may be harsh that i put a 6.5 but it deserved this rating and as you can seethe rest of my ratings for this season has all been 10s.
  • The Ties That Bind are..... AMAZING!!

    This episode was awesome! I loved how it took Elena & Bonnie out of Mystic Falls 4 a few hours.

    However I thought Bonnie's characterization was a bit rushed still it was nice 2 have Bonnie be the semi-focus of a episode she always seems 2 b in the background.

    I LOVED Elijah's reappearance so cool!

    Great job Damon 4 SPOILER, releasing him!

    I also loved how when Damon had that dagger in his hand you didn't know if he brought Rebekkah or Elijah, I hoped he had brought Rebekah back.

    However I'm SUPER happy it was Elijah!

    When he first appeared I was SO PSYCHED!

    This show just keeps getting better & better! So excited 4 February 2nd!
  • The Ties That Bind

    The Ties That Bind was a great episode of The Vampire Diaries but by no means the best for the stories engaged. I did enjoy watching this episode because it did have some good character and plot development, I suppose it just felt like a lot of filler and fluffing for future episodes which is still a good thing in this case. It was interesting to meet Bonnie's mother and to see the return of a great character! There were some emotional and touching moments as well as a little action, and some new questions. I look forward to watching the next episode of The Vampire diaries!!!!!!!!!
  • A Wicca Momma Who Won'ta.

    After last week's so-good-it-hurt episode, ''The Ties That Bind'' somewhat unravels some of the awesome that has made season 3 so compelling to watch. It was a dose of vervain I simply didn't need. Mostly centered around Bonnie, it's the kind of episode that you can predict what's just around the corner, and that just aint VD's style.

    Bonnie has a dream that leads her to believe that her mother, who abandoned her as a little child, could help in opening the magically locked casket. Fair enough. It's just with the season making stride after stride with revelations, the hour comes to a considerable halt, and yet still doesn't manage to touch on the kind of character development we got last week (in between all of the hybrid bites, decapitations and heart piata).

    Save for a welcomed return by Elijah, there wasn't anything remotely shocking about the events this week. Dr. Fell gives her dying patients vampire blood and Caroline's father shows up to teach Tyler a few doggie tricks. The entire hour is charged by uninteresting sub-plots, and a very generic main plot with Bonnie. Where are my twists, eh?

    I also found the writing, especially where Stefan and Elena are concerned, to be extremely on the nose. When Stefan looks Elena dead in the eye and remarks about her growth as a character, her newfound strength, it reminded me of the clunky dialogue of seasons past. It also just bugged me on a fundamental level because I genuinely do not want to see these characters rekindle their love for one another. I like Stefan as a badass vampire with the occasional glimmer of a heart. I happen to like this version of Elena who can defend for herself and kick a little ass every now and then. When their mushy worlds collide, as witnessed here, both characters lose some of their appeal for me.

    While Klaus manages to retrieve three of his coffins, and the ending is genuinely exciting, this is about as close to filler as the series can get. Ok, so Bonnie's mother is sticking around, until whatever spell she's needed to cast is done, and she's tragically killed off.

    Predictable and meandering...can you believe I'm talking about season 3?
  • I'll give it a 10 once stelena are back!

    Elena is back to being admirable in my point of view! I liked her decision to be honest with stefan about the kiss, she didn't really had to tell him after what he put her through, but she did! it shows character and the genuine goodness Stefan oh-so loved about her!

    I was surprised to see that Stefan had a "reaction" to her confession, I was expecting something sarcastic, but instead he apologized for trying to jump her off the bridge. I guess he still has some humanity in him after all--I can't WAIT for them to get back together!

    and YAYY!! Elijah is BACK! I was wondering if they were ever gonna bring him back! Good stuff!
  • Klaus is home

    whats to say too much chatter yet a great ending welcome back Klaus
  • When are Stefan and Elena going to get back together??

    Need Stelena!!!!
  • The ending saved this episode.

    It was not an interesting episode, except for the way it ended. Nothing interesting with the witches, at all. Klaus humbly asking Stefan what he should do to get his family back? Umm, no. Stefan telling Elena she's better than both Damon and himself. What for? Stefan punching Damon. I admit it, it was kind of fun. But what right does he have to do so?

    But the last 20 seconds were awesome. Elijah is back!!
  • 2 parental figures in focus, a doctor who uses vampire blood to heal patients, a vampire hunter working out and a vampire playing detective

    Episode 12 was a great way to add some depth to bonnie's backstory, and the addition of jamie to the story suggests interesting possibilities for ms. graham's character. the sub-plot involving tyler and caroline's father, bill forbes, gives definite hopes of a future for forwood, despite the alarming photos for epsode 14. damon was back to his usual snarky, investigative, no-verbal-filter shenanigans!!!! which was brilliant of course. Stefan seems to be recovering from his "bad-assness", which makes one infinitely sad. moments which inspired alot of inner-thought:

    1)bonnie's mom opening the coffin after klaus swoops down on her: mite klaus be capable of what damon did in season one, of entering into dreams?? did he try and gear bonnie towards her mother?

    2) elena and bonnie's talk, where bonnie can tell elena liked it: mite bonnie support this new turn of events?

    3) elena's tougher, stronger: will she settle for being "taken care" of by either of the salvatores, or will she demand being on equal footing with either or both, or will she choose to go her own way completely?

    4) when elena says: "it's not because i feel guilty that it happened", is she contradicting what she said about it being "not right"?