The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 16

There Goes the Neighborhood

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2010 on The CW

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  • What an amazing episode...

    As I said in the summary, what an amazing episode!
    The first thing I'd like to say is... well, ask, rather... is has anyone else noticed that The Vampire Diaries has changed a lot in the last two episodes? To my mind, it kinda sort of seems like in the earlier episodes it was more teen-drama-y, which is all right, but as the show has progressed, it has become more thriller/horror/action, and I'm loving every single second of it.

    IMO, this episode and the previous episode have been the best of the series. I loved the episode You're Undead to Me and the one before it (was it called Family Ties? I forget.. .. .. ..). But yes. I love this show.

    Things I loved about this episode:

    1. Everything. Hah.
    2. The ending! When Jeremy told Anna that he wanted her to turn him, I got chills. I did not see that coming. Why does he want to become a vampire? I mean, Vicki's gone. So what else is there? I guess we'll find out. Maybe so he can eternally be with Anna? Although he doesn't really know her that well. Ahh... yes... I'm rambling. Love it.
    3. Jeremy finding out that Anna was a vampire. Sweetto.
    4. Seeing Elena and Stefan being happy together. It's nice to have a couple have no drama and just be happy on a television show.
    5. The development of Matt and Caroline's characters and their relationship. Even though it's [the relationship] rocky, I like them together. Caroline can be a little stupid, I won't deny it, and Matt can say some stupid things (like the he and Elena making out in the sports car comment... c'mon), but their stupidity makes them one good couple.
    6. The double date. The tension was amusing.
    7. The scene was Jenna was with the vampire. I was pretty sure she wasn't going to die, but I couldn't quite be sure, and it was amazing for my eyes. lol. My heart was pounding.
    8. Pearl. I like her character. Mean!! In an awsomeeeee way.
    9. Jeremy and Anna. I like the idea of them being together. Kind of hope he gets turned. But I also kind of don't. Conflicted.

    Things I didn't like
    1. That two of the new vampires died. I mean, as a hardcore TVD fan, I should know that if a new vampire comes on the show and they don't seem to be very important to the storyline, they'll stick around for one episode... two tops. I understand the chick vampire dying, but I liked the guy. Wait, did he die? Never mind. Because he was in the next episode's preview... But Pearl staked him... Never mind... Oops.
    2. Where's Bonnie? I miss that witch!
    3. Where's Alaric? I miss that un-killable dude! After last week where Damon un-killed him, you can't just NOT have him in this week's episode. Well, I mean, you can, because they didn't, but they shouldn't have. Ahh, well.
    4. When it ended. :PP made me want so much more!!!

    TTY Next Week
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