The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 16

There Goes the Neighborhood

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2010 on The CW

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  • Stefan and Damon starts to bond with more folks in Mystic falls, while Pearl and her vampire friends are planning something big. Jeremy encounters Anna again.

    This episode focuses more on how the vampires are mingling around in Mystic falls. It seems that Matt will always have something special for Elena and can't seem to let go. I think this is the third time, Caroline is doing another jealousy pout - I'm getting tired of watching the re-runs of it. She should have broken up with Matt because his heart still belongs to his ex. I feel like Matt and Elena never got a chance to talk about what really happened and move through their break up. Matt is a guy who's going to question about alot of things in his life and still haven't got the answers yet.

    A few interesting things are revealed again in this episode. Firstly, how Pearl has revealed her self to be 400 years (or older?) than Damon and she is seemingly more physically powerful as she moves with faster speed and stamina. This got me wondering if Katherine is around that number or even much older than Pearl? Sara, Elena's Aunty really threw me off as a fun, carefree and easy going blonde who's just going about her life looking after her relatives and hoping to meet someone to be in her life again but i guess it's just an act, perhaps every body puts on in Mystic falls? As she didn't get compelled by one of the vampires from the tomb. I guess she knew about vampires too? and takes vervain to protect herself. It didn't shocked me that Jeremy wanted to be a vampire. His character is portrayed as reckless, emotionally weak and can't stand on his two feet properly. He is too predictable!

    Finally, let's see which vampire will get nasty first in the next episode... or perhaps we will get to see where Isabel really is and what Alaric is getting up to?