The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2010 on The CW

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  • "Enjoy your sock hop." - Damon Salvatore. This was an awesome episode.

    This was an awesome episode! But, after all, it is The Vampire Diaries, so every episode is awesome..

    But yeah, anyway... I really, really loved this episode. And I loved the '50's dance' theme. That was really cool (especially when Stefan showed Elena his 50's dance moves on the dancefloor. Haha yeah that was pretty cool.)

    Secrets Revealed in This Episode
    1. That Elena's mother was a runaway named Isabel who met with Elena's "father," Dr. Gilbert, just before she gave birth. 2. Alaric's murdered-by-Damon wife was named Isabel, and didn't live too far away from Mystic Falls. Coincidence? He-he, I think not.

    3. The man-vampire (manpire?) that Elena hit with her car in 'The Turning Point' was a vampire by the name of Noah, who is also trying to get into the tomb.

    4. Anna, Jeremy's new love interest, is a vampire, and was working with Noah to try and get into the tomb. She knows that the way to get into the tomb is in Jonathan Gilbert's diary, which Alaric has. Could he also be trying to get into the tomb?

    5. The town's new barkeep at Mystic Grille--I forget his name, but I'm pretty sure it starts with 'B'---is ALSO a vampire, and Anna's boyfriend. He is, obviously, also trying to get into the tomb.

    6. Noah, Anna, and whatever his face is also knew Katherine. Hmm... I wonder how...

    So, yeah. That was a lot to handle in one episode, but I loved absolutely every single minute of it. I cannot wait for next week, for a couple of reasons:

    1. We get to flashback to Stefan and Damon's past again, and meet up with the diabolically lovely Miss Katherine. Could we possibly get to learn how she knows the three new vamps in Mystic Falls?

    2. It looks as if we get to meet Father Salvatore--Stefan and Damon's daddy. That has to be interesting. We haven't heard much about him, but if they stay with the storyline from the novels, Father Salvy and Damon do not get along. So that'll bring out some drama.

    3. Oh, one more thing. From one season in the teaser, it looks as if Katherine and Damon get married? That's a major 'WTF moment.' LOL gotsto love those. Okay. I'll TTY next week land.
  • Season 1, Episode 12

    What the heck am I supposed to say about this awesome episode?!?! how is this episode rated so low? It was fantastic!!

    This was a major episode with a lot of things happening!

    Jeremy's new friend Anna is a vampire who is working with another vampire, Noah, who was the one hit by Elena's car the other night. Anna and Noah are trying to get Jonathan Gilbert's journal because they think it holds the key of how to get into the tomb. Alcaris has the journal as of now and I think he also wants to get into the tomb. It only makes sense.

    Elena, Stefan, and Damon attend a 1950s themed school dance together where Elena is confronted by Noah and is scared out of her mind, while he is trying to kill her, until Stefan and Damon save her. Elena asks Jenna about her being adopted and Jenna says that her mother was named Isabelle and that she was a runaway who ran into her father when she was 16 and gave birth, her father helped her, then she ran away, and so her parents claimed her as their own.

    and THEN!!! Alsaric tells Jenna that his wifes name was Isabelle and that she sed to live not to far from Virginia!

    Insanely Awesome Episode!!
  • Dangerous..

    It seems like looking like Cathrine is quite a dangerous thing.. and life is never easy for Elena but there were quite interesting developments. Firstly the whole thing with that Amy and journal. It was quite clear from the start that Amy is there for a reason and now it all makes sense. Specially as the teacher does not seem to be who we think too as he probably knows more and has some tricks on his sleeves.

    The dance was great. Great costumes, some funny jokes, some great moves and great storylines. Overall.. exciting, thrilling and promising one. Eager to see next one.
  • While some things become clearer certain other new situations arise. There's a 50's dance at the school and Damon and Stefan take Elena to protect her and bring out her stalker. Jeremy's family's diary seems to becoming a really popular item to read.

    The best way to describe this episode is to call it a setup or filler episode for more that is happening later on.

    We learn some major things about all sorts of characters. Damon and Stefan have declared an uneasy truce and are working together it seems to solve a number of dilemmas. Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline still seem to be pawns in a number of peoples games. Alaric's, the history professor, reason for being in Mystic Falls seems more clear. He is finally dating Jenna, but more because I think he actually likes her than any other motive. We do learn his wife's name was Isabella who coincidentally was Elena's mothers real name and she was from around the area near Mystic Falls. By the way, she could have been the right age to have Elena maybe as well. Anna, Jeremy's new friend, who seems awfully clingy is not who she seems to be. Not that any of the characters that pop up can ever really be. There's a new love interest for Bonnie named Ben, the bar tender, who is a little mysterious himself.

    Now that we know Elena is a Gilbert and that is why she has the striking resemblance to Katherine things between her and Stefan seem back to normal. ***** Possible Spoiler *****
    One thing I have to say about tonight's episode that might be a spoiler. Why was Noah so stupid? Anyone who was around to know Katherine had to be at least 150+ years old. You'd think you gain some semblance of even the slightest intelligence by then.

    The information above is just the tip of the iceberg and in no way will ruin the episode for you. You can imagine how busy this episode must be. It really drops a lot of information on you pretty quickly. One really needs to see this episode to put together the moving pieces of the story otherwise I think you might be saying "What?" sometime when something happens in the future. Definitely jam packed with plot lines, this episode sort of goes all over the place. No worries, I'm sure we'll see so much of this pieced together over the next six to eight episodes. Thanks for reading...
  • Damon can get into trouble very easily

    This episode was not so bad, I mean there was another more bad episodes than this one.

    I'm really sorry for Jeremy. He thinks that "there is no such thing, as vampire" but he has many relationships with them.

    what about Damon, he knows how to get in trouble, many vampires are trying to kill him. As we saw he killed Elena's mother and now his lover, history teacher is trying to kill him. I think maybe he is Elena's father and his ancestor is Kethrine.

    this episode was full with new vampires. We saw three of them and they all want to release Kethrine. Why? I cannot understand this yet.

    and now I think that next episode will be very cool, let's wait... :)
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