The Vampire Diaries

Season 5 Episode 9

The Cell


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Stefan helps Katherine in order to deal with his pain until Caroline finds another way. Elena tries to fix things with Caroline and gets very concerned about Damon that she asks Aaron for help. Damon reveals aspects of his dark life to Elena and she tells him what she has just learnt about her family. Aaron takes a desperate path after a conversation with Dr. Wes.

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I agree that they are making stuff up. And I don't like how misteriously and coincidentially, out of the blue another villian appears just at the exact same time the previous one is finished. Don't get me wrong, I really love this series, but that is something they should improve, I mean, they have such a good material to wotk with! .. Now speaking of this episode, I found it kind of disturbing and painful to watch, I think they crossed some line, I mean, ripping people's eyes out and all this torture!
Okay. I have love TVD from the start but they are beginning to seem like they are just making things up. Honestly, since the originals left, klaus most especially, the show has seemed a shadow of its former self. The whole silas-ketsya storyline just came and went in a flash, now they just popped up a story out of the blue about the augustines and damon's involvement. It would have actually been better if they had mentioned something about it (the augustines) in a former episode or season but it just came up all of a sudden and suddenly they have the storyline all cooked up (with no prior back story in previous seasons or episodes like the whole silas storyline or klaus's) all of a sudden which makes me think they are just making things up as they go along.

I think enzo will be an amazing character if he survives long enough

Am giving this episode a 5.0. It was just filled with story telling and nothing intriguing.
Enzo is a great character, glad he is alive but has the poor guy been imprisoned and tortured for over 50 years?? How could he possibly be sane...

I don't get why Damon did not immediately free Enzo once he broke his chains.. I mean I know it's for the story but that made no sense, Damon went around biting everyone and just left Enzo, who'd been starving for a year, in that cage? I'd think the first thing he'd do is let Enzo out so he could feed! It's totally understandable Damon would bite everyone but he should've let Enzo out first.

Elena really gets more unlikeable every episode. And I used to like her. Her sobbing in the cell because of her father or whatever, geez, that's what you're worried about now?

Stefan and Katherine together is great! And Katherine truly did help him. And seems to still love him. I think she is just what he needs. Hope sooooo much she stays alive!!
can some one tell me which country time is that it airs
cant wait , looking forward to Damons Story.
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