The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 6

We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Elena getting up in her bed at night feeling scared. She goes to the kitchen to warm something to drink when she hears Connor. She turns around but there is no one there. She again hears him and turns around to find him standing behind her. She is scared & tells him that he is not there - he must be a dream. Connor continues to talk to her and Elena gets scared and yells out to Jeremy. She tells Connors that she killed him and he is a ghost whose haunting her. He asks her if she is sure because ghosts can't do this- he grabs her around the neck strangling her. She gets out of his hold, picks a kitchen knife and stabs him in the neck only to realize that she has stabbed Jeremy instead of Connor. Jeremy falls to the ground but he has his ring on so he'll be fine. Elena is shown pacing the room talking to Damon while Jeremy lies dead on the sofa. Damon insists she should have called Stefan but Elena says she doesn't trust Stefan, he has been lying to her. Stefan enters the house & Damon says he called Stefan. When Stefan tries to talk to Elena she excuses herself saying she needs to wash the blood off her hands.

Stefan goes to her room & tries to talk to her but she refuses to listen saying he has been lying to her and working with Klaus. At the Lockwood house, Hayley and the hybrids have been drinking all night. When Tyler asks her she says they're drinking for Dean, the hybrid who died trying to rescue the hostages in the Mystic Grill from Connor. She makes him drink a shot & then wipes his lips just as Klaus comes up from behind them. Tyler asks what he is doing there & Klaus tells him what happened to the hunter, Connor. There is a knock on the door & it's Caroline. She returns all of Tyler's things and breaks off with him. Klaus witnesses all this and asks the rest to leave them alone for a while. Just as Klaus leaves, Tyler, Hayley & Caroline smile - it was a fake breakup for Klaus's sake. Tyler & Caroline kiss and Hayley is seen giving them a look.

Elena is showering when she sees blood in the bath tub only to realize that she is hallucinating. Meanwhile Damon & Stefan are talking in the kitchen and Stefan gets a call from Klaus. Klaus taunts him about ruining his plans for a hybrid filled future and asks him how Elena was doing - had her hallucinations have started yet. Stefan asks him how he knows that. Klaus says he killed the original five hunters so he knows and asks Stefan where he is. Stefan says he is at Elena's place. Klaus is also there. Stefan comes out to talk to him and Klaus suggests he hand over Elena to him else she'll kill herself before the end of the day - the witches had created the hunters to kill vampires and if a hunter dies he will still kill the vampire that killed him. Elena is hallucinating again and runs from her room to the kitchen where she sees Damon but he turns in to Connor. She runs out of the house and Klaus takes this opportunity to carry her away. Damon & Stefan are left standing on the porch.

At school Jeremy asks Matt if he sees anything on his hand. Matt says no. Jeremy then tells him that he now has the same hunter's mark as Connor on his hand - it appeared after Connor died. Matt & Jeremy wonder what if it means that Jeremy is the next chosen one. Prof. Shane & April interrupt them and have a small conversation. Prof. Shane then invites them all to his exhibit at school and leaves. April is wondering why Prof. Shane looks familiar. She asks Matt & Jeremy if they've seen Rebekah as she has disappeared and she had promised April that she'll look in to her father's death.

At Elena's house Bonnie, Damon & Stefan are trying to figure out her whereabouts. Stefan is worried about the hunter's curse and asks Bonnie about it as it is a witch's curse. Damon asks her to stop the curse but Bonnie says she cannot do that kind of magic as the spirits won't let her do it. She, however, says that they could ask Prof. Shane as he knows everything about everything! She & Damon head towards the school while Stefan goes to look for Elena. Klaus puts Elena in a windowless room. He says it is for her protection else she'll take off her daylight ring & burn herself to death. Elena says she would notdo that however Klaus tells her she'll want to kill herself as he had once. The only problem was he was immortal hence had to bear the torture for nearly 52years. She asks him how he stopped it and he responds that he didn't. He tells her that one day it stopped on it's own and then leaves her alone in the room.

Stefan calls Caroline for help. He asks her to get Tyler to move the hybrids away so he can get to Elena. Tyler tells Stefan that Chris, the hybrid guarding Elena, is not sired to Klaus anymore and they'll try to get him to help. Meanwhile Elena is hallucinating again. She has a disturbing conversation with Connor - he accuses her of his death and her parents. He tells her that he'll not stop till she dies. He tries ot get her to kill herself but when Elena refuses to listen to him, he disappears and Katherine appears. At the school exhibit April tell Matt that she knows Prof. Shane through her dad which makes Matt suspicious. Prof. Shane is talking about a powerful witch called Silas who created a spell which granted Silas immortality. He mentions that Silas was buried alive by a scorned lady witch who was in love with him. At this point Bonnie & Damon arrive. Damon asks Bonnie to get Prof. Shane to him and about to leave when he hears Prof. Shane mention that Silas wants to be revived and wreck havoc on the world. He then wraps up the presentation & goes with Bonnie.

Katherine is trying to mess with Elena's head and is successful in disturbing her by saying that it is possible that Bonnie & Stefan now hate her. She is losing her mind. Damon is shown sitting in Alarick's class drinking from his bottle of bourbon when Bonnie arrives with Prof. Shane. Damon introduces himself as a specialist on the monster stuff. He shows Prof. Shane the drawing of the hunter's mark and Prof. Shane is keen to know where he got it. Damon evades him. He then asks Prof. Shane about the hunter's curse and Prof. Shane wants to know if they have a dead hunter on their hands. Damon is evasive again. Prof. Shane says that the curse falls upon the person who kills the hunter and will not stop till a new hunter awakens. He volunteers to get them some of his research. Once he leaves Bonnie wonders where they'll get another hunter and Damon calls Jeremy.

Meanwhile Stefan & Tyler talk to Chris to help them and he reluctantly agrees on the condition that he leaves the place once the job is done. Caroline goes to Mystic Grill to distract Klaus so Stefan can get Elena out. As Stefan opens the door to the room, Elena who is already hallucinating, attacks him and runs away. He then calls Damon to tell him that he has lost Elena again and that Damon should go find her & talk to her as she listens to him. Stefan texts Caroline to tell her that he has lost Elena but the hunter's curse can be broken if Jeremy kills a vampire. She in turns confesses to Klaus that she was distracting him so Stefan could get Elena out but now they've lost Elena. She also tells him that they figured out a way to end the curse.

Elena is seen at the Whikery bridge. She starts hallucinating and this time sees her mother. Her mother tells her that she should have died in the accident and remained dead. Elena has a conversation with her mother & finally agrees that she should kill herself. At this point Damon arrives and tries to talk her out of doing something stupid but she has already thrown her daylight ring in to the river. He notices that she doesn't have her ring on. Meanwhile, at the Lockwood mansion as Chris is leaving, Klaus arrives. He lets Jeremy kill Chris and the hunter's curse is broken. At the bridge Elena can feel that Connor is gone but it is too late as it is sunrise now and she starts to burn. Damon quickly jumps with her in the river to save her.

Elena is shown lying in her bed with her ring on. When she wakes up, Damon tells her he fished it out of the water for her and they have a light moment. She then thanks him for saving her life and they share an eye lock. Damon then takes the high road & tells her why Stefan has been lying to her and that there might be a cure for her.

Caroline tells Tyler that she agreed to go on a date with Klaus in return for one of his hybrid to be sacrificed. Tyler is very angry. Matt tells Damon at the mystic grill that he finds Prof. Shane fishy. He dug up Pastor Young's phone records and apparently there wre a lot of calls to Prof. Shane's office on the day the pastor blew up the council.

The episode ends on Elena's porch where she & Stefan have a conversation about her growing feelings for Damon. She finally admits that things have changed between her & Damon and that her feelings for Damon have magnified. Stefan states that she listens to Damon more than him and she trusts him too. He says he cannot continue with the relationship like this and they mutually agree to break off.