The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 6

We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on The CW

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  • what ever happened to the good guys???

    I'm a big fan of the show and I was liking this episode until the end when Jeremy killed Chris...This was a guy that tried to help and was even unbound to Klaus. I understand the others didn't realize that but the fact that they just burst in through the door and killed him without remorse just seems morally wrong. He had not himself threatened anyone so far that we the viewers had seen, and Elena's life wasn't even at risk this time...they just straight up killed the guy for the hope that more tattoo would show up on his arm so that maybe they would find a cure that would maybe let Elena become human again....seriously can the "good guys" just kill like that now??? Even Klaus, the evil dude, let him live after he screwed up. I've watched a lot of tv over the years, and that seemed really really wrong to me.