The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 8

We'll Always Have Bourbon Street

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2012 on The CW

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  • Die Tyler DIE

    The whole hybrids trying to get unsired plotline is deadly DULL.

    Who cares if they get unsired or not? Tyler is theee most boring, pathetic character on the show. Even more so than April.
  • Hey I love the show

    I love to watch the vampire diaries big fan me and me cousin

    I loved this episode! Although I have to say I found the song "Eyes on Fire" being played during the first part of the episode kind of weirded me out. It made me immediately thing of Twilight.
  • The Best Episode Ever!

    The Episode was amazing as well as episode 7!!

    I love the idea of Damon and Elena....

    I really hope he doesn't tell Elena to leave him!!!
  • We'll Always Have Bourbon Street

    This episode was simply the best episode of TVD in a long time. It had action, comedy, fun, and most importantly showed Damon in a new way although i dont think he is bad as he proved he cares about all of them more than once over the past few seasons. I loved the brotherly bond in this episode, and every character was interesting again and most importantly Elena was so interesting to me in this episode and i dont think i have felt that in any other episode. I wish the writers and producers can maintain the level of this episode for the rest of the season and im excited to watch the next episode for the first time this season.
  • sire bond explained

    i really enjoyed this episode and was glad to see the reason for the sire bond is because Elena was already in love with Damon before she became a vampire and now she is one her feelings have doubled.

    great episode nice job writers
  • awesome and shocking

    it was so awesome i couldn't stop smiling
  • We'll Always Have Bourbon Street

    We'll Always Have Bourbon Street was superb episode of The Vampire Diaries and I really enjoyed watching. There was a lot of character and plot development as it's discovered Elena is Sired to Damon. It was intriguing to learn how far every one would go for Elena. Hayley has her own agenda putting the others at risk. I liked how she prodded Tyler to establish his dominance which was an awesome scene when it happened! It was fun seeing Bonnie, Caroline and Elena partying in the Salvatore mansion. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was interesting. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • The Question is:

    What if Elena would be turned by Stefans blood?

    She had feelings for both even more for Stefan.

    And the feelings for the turner got multiplied.

    I like damon but i dont like guys who are flirting/turning others girlfriend.

    Good Episode - they found the witch very fast :p
  • Episode Replay

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  • Tyler's Moment And The Sire Bond Explained

    Wow I didn't think I would love this episode but I So did!!

    I loved how the Sire Bond was explained to Elena and Damon it made me feel a bit better and I can't wait to see how their relationship goes forward.

    I adored seeing Tyler get his wolfy moment in the sun it was SO cool and gave me mad respect for him!

    I still am majorly distrustful of Professor Shane he just seems so crazy

    The flashbacks in this episode were as usual amazing I loved how they tied into the present day. Charlotte was a really creepy character I was glad to see her storyline go I mean she was so bizarrely weird, However on the plus side I guess her character did give us a physcial and literal example of how deadly and strong a Sire Bond can be.

    I loved seeing the continuation of Stefan and Caroline's friendship I love how they give each other support.

    Seeing Elena, Bonnie and Caroline let loose and have fun during there Girl's Night was really great to watch it was nice seeing the three of them actually happy for once!

    All in all this episode was definite improvement from last weeks and I'm super excited for the Mid-Season Finale!

  • "Literally every single brick!!!" ha ha ha

    An episode that concentrated on the relationship of the brothers & friendships - simply wonderful and a refreshing change from all the love triangle drama (though the basis of this one was the love triangle). Loved seeing the Damon-Stefan interaction, present day as well as 1942. The scene with Damon, Stefan & Charlotte was hilarious! "Literally every single brick!!!" I was laughing! Poor Damon. Must've felt so guilty! Though it's nice to see another instance where we find out that Damon isn't what he lets everybody believe he is. You could see the hurt when Stefan tells him that it's impossible how Elena can't see how wrong Damon is for her. Plus therez something heartwarming about seeing a dark character like Damon do a selfless act - tells you how much he is misunderstood and also how much he has changed. It's also nice to see Stefan realise that he doesn't know a lot about his brother and how wrong he is about him. He also realises that Damon truly loves Elena - just like him!

    The sire bond is finally explained and so is the Hayley-Shane mystery. Loved the morning after scenes of Damon-Elena. What chemistry! Can't but feel sorry for them in the last scene - especially for Damon - poor guy just can't win, even when he gets his chance at love, it's wrapped up in a sire bond! Caroline needs toning down - asap - this sudden anti-Damon campaign is giving us a headache and the screeching ain't helping either - hopefully they don't destroy the fav female vampire on the show!

    Hopefully the brother dynamics and Damon-Elena relationship will take the centre stage while Stefan takes time off to figure himself out. Looking forward to the next episode - hopefully Damon lets Elena go (it's the best way to go for their love story too) and we get to see some genuine romantic moments between Caroline & Klaus. Can't wait for the next one!