The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 8

We'll Always Have Bourbon Street

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2012 on The CW

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  • "Literally every single brick!!!" ha ha ha

    An episode that concentrated on the relationship of the brothers & friendships - simply wonderful and a refreshing change from all the love triangle drama (though the basis of this one was the love triangle). Loved seeing the Damon-Stefan interaction, present day as well as 1942. The scene with Damon, Stefan & Charlotte was hilarious! "Literally every single brick!!!" I was laughing! Poor Damon. Must've felt so guilty! Though it's nice to see another instance where we find out that Damon isn't what he lets everybody believe he is. You could see the hurt when Stefan tells him that it's impossible how Elena can't see how wrong Damon is for her. Plus therez something heartwarming about seeing a dark character like Damon do a selfless act - tells you how much he is misunderstood and also how much he has changed. It's also nice to see Stefan realise that he doesn't know a lot about his brother and how wrong he is about him. He also realises that Damon truly loves Elena - just like him!

    The sire bond is finally explained and so is the Hayley-Shane mystery. Loved the morning after scenes of Damon-Elena. What chemistry! Can't but feel sorry for them in the last scene - especially for Damon - poor guy just can't win, even when he gets his chance at love, it's wrapped up in a sire bond! Caroline needs toning down - asap - this sudden anti-Damon campaign is giving us a headache and the screeching ain't helping either - hopefully they don't destroy the fav female vampire on the show!

    Hopefully the brother dynamics and Damon-Elena relationship will take the centre stage while Stefan takes time off to figure himself out. Looking forward to the next episode - hopefully Damon lets Elena go (it's the best way to go for their love story too) and we get to see some genuine romantic moments between Caroline & Klaus. Can't wait for the next one!