The Vampire Diaries

Season 5 Episode 16

While You Were Sleeping

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2014 on The CW
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When Elena wakes, Stefan tries to fill her in on what has happened. Caroline finds a terrifying secret in Dr. Wesley's files just as Enzo shows up claiming to possess the solution. Caroline calls Stefan and asks him to meet her and Enzo in an mysterious location. When they get there, a group of Travelers lets them know something new about the importance of doppelgangers. Elena runs into Luke on campus who seems to know her. Rather than take him up on his suggestion to go on a drinking binge, she sends him off to find Bonnie and Liv. When Damon finally gets around to filling Elena in on his recent activities, they come to a new agreement about their relationship.


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  • "While You Were Sleeping" I was watching Dr. Wes and the Travelers, the Retroviruses Masters

    This HAS to be the worst episode of the show yet with the worst logic holes and character instability ever portrayed.

    1)Another doppleganger of Stefan which needs to be killed is being spotted, despite from what we know until now, the dopplegangers repeat once every some centuries.

    2) We already know that Wes needed years to create a retrovirus to alter the vampire DNA and make them crave their own blood and all that to exterminate the vampire kind. He would NEVER create a cure and that's why Damon killed him in the previous episode. Now, with this episode, not only he had created a counter retrovirus in 1 day (!!!!!) but the Travelers know genetic virology so well that can create a counter retrovirus for the enhanced retrovirus created with the werewolf toxin without even a sample! And now Damon and Elena are cured. Come on, when a show gets sci-fi elements on fields we already have information, it needs to do its homework. Now, when it is a fantasy show, then it needs to be much more careful. When the sci-fi element stroke TVD I was excited because it's probably the only thing fresh enough to save it. I was expecting a much more realistic approach.

    3) Karoline is super happy to kill someone innocent?! What happened to her?

    4) Bonnie has to be the most stupid character I've ever seen. After her decision to mention to no one that Kathrine never left for the Other Side, now a new witch almost killed by Elena is so cool and happy to continue her witch path and Bonnie is all "well, are you sure? Ah, OK, goodnight, see you tomorrow! <3". The only intriguing part is who is she and her brother.moreless
  • boring, losing interest

    seriously, stop with all the doppelgangers, that is not even remotely interesting anymore, i am losing interest in the entire series, and i used to love it doesn't get any better anymore than i will stop watching cause it is more annoying than anything off Katherine was a huge mistake!
  • No good guys left?

    My one time favourite show is really declining this series. This episode featured silly dream sequences, more doppelgangers (I really hoped they'd put that storyline to bed) and characters acting out of character. Some problems I also have are:

    Elena was hallucinating because of the virus and yet she knew Aaron was dead. How, if it's just a hallucination.

    Elena was distraught when she thought she'd killed her friend, when she found out it was Damon. It's all OK then.

    Elaina and Damon were affected with a different virus, Yet they were both given the same cure that worked.

    I can't see Enzo delivering the cure for Elena, Damon yes, but not for Elena, Enzo's character would not want Elena pooping on his and Damon's cheerios

    Stephan's doppelganger seems a pretty stand up guy. A paramedic saving people on a day to day basis, yet Stephan and Caroline think it's OK to kill him as a favour for the travellers, with Caroline even volunteering to do it? I thought those two were supposed to be the good guys. In the old TVD day they'd be plotting how to kill the travellers, not the innocent guy just because it's easier.

    Oh yeah, and BRING BACK KATHERINE!

  • A Tv series in decline!

    okay! this episode wasnt good at all. I mean just tell me .. we have been through 16 episodes now .. and what exactly is the story of season 5? .. first 6 episodes.. Silas Boredom! and then when we really thought that it will get better .. comes another doppleganger of stephan who needs to be killed! i mean common Writers? arent you going crazy of all this doppleganger thing over and over again? And if you cannot improvise .. atleast take some tips from yourr wayy wayyyyy bettter spin-off THE Originals!

    I say, either end this dopplerganger thing or end the show! *dissappointed*

  • Rip Van Wrinkle, Mystic Falls Style!

    Wow this was a amazing episode

    To watch both Elena and Damon grapple with the Ripper Virus was really hard to watch, especially Elena, that poor Vamp-Girl has been through enough and watching her spin out of control yet again was really heartbreaking.

    Besides that I really adored the Caroline Stefan friendship moments in this, watching their friendship further strengthen was pretty awesome!

    Finding out even more information about the Doppelgangers and their connection to the Traveler's was pretty cool

    I just hope this whole Traveler's Arc proves to be worth cuz so far it's getting kinda annoying.

    However I do like Liv & her surprise connection to Luke, I hope we see more of them and get to see more of their arc!

    The ending of this episode was very hot and I can't wait to see the ramifications of it come next week, I also can't wait to see more of Caroline and Enzo's interactions!

    This was once again another fantastic 5th Season episode next Thursday cannot come fast enough :)moreless
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Caitlin McHugh


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