The Vanishing Frog

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The Vanishing Frog

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The Vanishing Frog is a documentary TV series developed by Animal Planet that brings attention to the slow disappearance of frogs and the other amphibians around the world. Well-known Animal Planet host Jeff Corwin travels around the world to find clues to how a fungus has become so deadly that these creatures all over have become mere memories. From the wild coasts of Australia to the hot and wet jungles of South America to the deserts of the American West, nearly one-third to half of the frogs, salamanders, toads, and others that fit into the land and water category have just vanished. With the fungus, the loss of habitat, and the slow climate changes destroy most of the natural homes where these amphibians have lived and evolved since the time of the dinosaurs. The Vanishing Frog is a multimedia project developed in conjunction with Animal Planet and Clorox that hopes to push viewers to understand just how important these creatures are to our natural ecosystems as well as pushing for a worldwide effort to save the frogs.moreless

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AIRED ON 5/27/2009

Season 2009 : Episode 0527

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