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The Veg Edge

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The Veg Edge is an informative and entertaining cooking and travel series that takes viewers on a tour of modern vegetarianism, revealing the highly diverse and often surprising niche groups that have adopted this healthy lifestyle choice that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, including original meatless and sometimes dairy-less recipes you can try at home. Over the past decade, a lot of high-profile work has been done in American media that has exposed the flaws of the meat and dairy industries. Not surprisingly, these developments have led to vegetarianism becoming much more accepted in our society. Whatever stereotype comes to mind when you think of vegetarianism, this series is here to introduce you to a wide-variety of vegetarians from around the country who are anything but ordinary. In this series, you'll meet a punk rock vegan from Los Angeles, a kick-boxing chef in New York City who only serves meatless dishes once a week, and a gang of fireman in the heart of Texas who have abandoned animal products.moreless

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