The Veil

(ended 1958)




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The Veil

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Horror legend Boris Karloff hosted and performed in this never-aired anthology series. Each program opened with the camera entering through a huge archway, pulling in on Karloff who's seated and reading by an oversized, blazing fireplace. Karloff stands before the flames and says, "Good evening. Tonight, I'm going to tell you another strange and unusual story of the unexplainable which lies behind The Veil".
The series was created and produced by Frank P. Bibas, who had worked in television and film since 1950. He had an interest in the supernatural and decided that the supposed "true" stories of the paranormal he'd come across would make for a great series.
The show was made for Hal Roach Studios and filmed on their lot in Culver City, CA. Unfortunately for The Veil, the timing couldn't be worse. Roach's studio went into bankruptcy and the series was never even pitched to a network. The eleven completed episodes never aired as they were filmed until being released on VHS/DVD by "Something Weird" video.
Strangely, the segments did turn up in the 1970's when various episodes were stitched together and syndicated to local TV stations as "movies". They were compiled under the titles Destination Nightmare, Jack the Ripper and The Veil.
Karloff performed in all but one episode. That episode, Jack the Ripper, featured Boris in the usual open and close, but was not shot for the series. It's believed Roach Studios picked it up from an obscure British TV show as a cost-saving move.
Information for this summary is based on the liner notes for the DVD release.moreless