The Venture Brothers

Episode Special

A Very Venture Halloween

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 28, 2012 on Cartoon Network



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    • Alchemist: I am so glad we're having a party!
      Dr. Orpheus: This is not a party, Al. We are charged with hosting the 331st meeting of the Brimstone Assembly!
      Alchemist: Uh-huh. Sure. So where do you want me to assemble the chips and dip?
      Dr. Orpheus: Oh, by my mini-fajitas, I think would be nice. Or with the cheeses, since they are more of an appetizer.

    • Jefferson Twilight: I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't dress sexy on Halloween. Witch? No, sir. Sexy witch. Freddy Krueger? Nope! Sexy Freddy Krueger. Umm. Sexy Freddy Krueger.

    • Hank: Dean, we are men. Old enough to grow hair on our balls! Now it's time we use 'em before something else grows on 'em!

    • Toaster Face: Submit to desire. I offer you ultimate pleasure. Your thirst, your lust is hunger. Submit to my toast, my pleasure toast. You hunger for it.

    • The Master: You've lost the true meaning of Christmas. This is the day that a baby was born to remind us that we shouldn't raise an army of dead guys just because we can!

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  • Allusions

    • Dermott: I'm the Crow!
      Referencing the comic book character created by James O'Barr in 1994. Eric Draven is left for dead by a gang after watching them rape and murder his fiancee. A crow brings him back to life as a white-faced revenant to seek revenge on those that killed him. The comic spawned a movie, three sequels, and a syndicated TV series.

    • Dr. Orpheus: Jefferson, this isn't The Craft.
      Referencing the 1996 supernatural teen horror movie about a new girl in town, Sarah, who joins the high school clique and discovers that they're witches. They begin casting spells for their own benefit but they backfire and Sarah tries to stop her new friends.

    • Red Mantle: We're merely in the guise of the Two-headed Man. I'm Rosey Grier.
      Referencing the 1972 "horror" movie The Thing With Two Heads starring former football player Rosey Grier as a wrongly-convicted prisoner on death row who volunteers for an experimental procedure and ends up having a white racist millionaire's head attached to his body.

    • Jefferson: Freddy Krueger? Nope! Sexy Freddy Krueger.
      Referencing the famous dream killer played by Robert Englund in the Nightmare on Elm Street movie series since 1984. Besides a number of sequels, there was also an anthology TV series.

    • Dermott: Go home, put on the Kidz Bop version of Thriller, then watch the Peanut Special like every year.
      Referencing the 1983 song by Michael Jackson, released on the album of the same name. It was made into a highly popular music video directed by John Landis, featuring Jackson as a zombie and a werewolf, and narrated in parts by Vincent Price. The Peanut Special is the 1966 It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Kidz Bop is a series of musical compilations sung by child session musicians and Thriller was performed on the 2004 Kidz Bop Halloween album.

    • Dermott: I'm sure it is, Richie Rich.
      Referencing the world's richest kid, who first appeared in Little Dot #1 (September 1953). The only child of multimillionaire parents, Richie is nonetheless kind and generous. Along with his girlfriend Gloria Glad and friends Freckles and Pee-Wee Friendly, Richie has many exciting adventures.

    • Alchemist: So where's the twist, Bullwinkle?
      Referencing the line spoken by Bullwinkle in the animated programs Rocky and His Friends (1959-1961) and The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show (1961-1964). Bullwinkle prepares to do a magic trick by pulling a rabbit out of a hat. What he pulls out is never a rabbit, and typically a dangerous animal or object.

    • Toaster Face: Submit to desire. I offer you ultimate pleasure.
      Referencing the Hellraiser franchise created by Clive Barker. In the series, a golden puzzle cube (represented by the Rubik's Cube Outrider is solving) summons demonic twisted creatures, Cenobites, which offer ultimate pleasure and ultimate pain. They often use chains, such as those suspending the Outrider and Tatyana.

    • Hank: He's watching the Twilight Zone marathon with the grownups.
      Referencing the 1959-1964 series The Twilight Zone, created by Rod Serling. The anthology series featured fantastical stories, often with a twist ending, and occasionally featured illusionary dreamscapes where the person trapped didn't know what they were experiencing was an illusion.

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