The Venture Brothers

Season 1 Episode 9

Are You There God? It's Me, Dean (A.K.A. Pull the Switch!)

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 02, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Literally painful to watch.

    As I watched this episode, I grew increasingly uncomfortable, and nearly wanted to skip it. The reason, I have testicles. The descriptions of Dean's ailment made it impossible to enjoy any of the action or comic scenes of the episode. I would have been a much happier person if I had never heard of Testicular Torsion. Other than the problem with the whole testicle thing, I just felt that the episode was just lacking. Maybe the story was a little too ridicules. But, really, don't want to hear about a horribly painful condition, that would require surgery of the testes, it hurts. I am really surprised that the episode is so popular actually.
  • My Favorite Episode!

    I love this episode! They actually pull out a Guild handbook, so we understand the Guild slightly more. The Monarch takes Hank and Brock with him to his HQ while Dr. Venture tries to treat Dean\'s pain. While at the HQ Brock noticed how dull things are at the Floating Cocoon and starts a fight to livening things up. We also find out that Peter White is a Computer Technician, and Quizboy is a Neural Geneticist. Hehehe we also are given a hint that Brock doesn\'t find Dr. Girlfriend attractive because of her deep voice, possibly meaning that he thinks she is a man with a sex change. Hehehe