The Venture Brothers

Season 2 Episode 3

Assassinanny 911

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 09, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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When Brock is reactivated by the Office of Secret Intelligence to track down a rogue agent, he subcontracts his malevolent ex-girlfriend, the mercenary Molotov Cocktease, to protect the Venture compound from enemies within and without. Love is in the air! Or is it...murder?

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  • I'd say this show is one of the best I've seen.

    Sure the first season wasn't as good, but the second season is the best! My favorite part was when Hank thought he killed Dean. I thought it was soo cut, because his voice made it sound like he was about to cry, even though his expression remained shocked. I also liked the part when cocktease gave him CPR after Hank almost drowned, and he was trying to French kiss her.
  • Another great episode of a great series.

    With this episode Brock must track down a rogue agent, and we get some flashbacks to his Secret Intelligence training and apparently first encounter with Molotov Cocktease. While Brock is on his mission (which includes his standard hook-up with the first available random hot chick), Molotov vows to make real men out of Doctor Venture, Hank and Dean. There's the usual right combination of comedy and adventure. Dr Venture, Hank and Dr. Orpheus fall over each other trying to win over Cocktease, while she runs the inept boys through rigorous secret agent training. Young Brock faces a crazy training regimen and perhaps even crazier secret agent rules, and the current day Brock uses this training to track down a crazy rogue agent with a mysterious secret.moreless
  • Oh yeah. The Venture Brothers are back. Spoilers.

    This was a great episode. Even though The Monarch didn't appear, this was still great cause Molotov Cocktease was in it! Brock is assign by Office of Secret Intelligence to kill his mentor while Molotov Cocktease watch over Dr. Venture and the boys. Hank falls in love with her but he mistakes Molotov and his father of having relations, he tries to kill his father! I like the Flashback they had when Brock was in training. And I guess this episode explains how Molotov lost her eye. I guess Brock took it out.moreless
  • By far the best VB episode yet. The second season had a strong start and has only gotten etter. The episode stars the sexy Mia Barron as 'Molotov Cocktease' who is temporarily filling in for Brock.moreless

    I wasn't blown away by the first season, although it had it's high points and all of the episodes were at least average, but so far the second season is off to a running start and we haven't even gotten mid-way. So, buckle your seat belts for more zany venture brothers double entendres.

    I thought it was amazing that they pay attention to little details. For example when Molotov is training the boys in the pool, she gives Dean a book that says "GRU Spetsnaz". In russian "spetsnaz" means "special forces", and the GRU is the russian equivalent of something as powerful as but more secretive and malicious than the pentagon. So basically, if there were to be a russian chick superspy, that's who she'd be. Those writers are goooood.

  • A great episode that had drama, suspense, romance, comedy, and just another great VB episode. **Spoilers**

    Note: I viewed this on the Friday Night Fix on

    Adult Swim's Venture Brother has been riding the train of Kick Ass entertainment and that train doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This installment focused more of the background of fan favorite tough guy Brock Sampson. This covers his training and his eccentric trainer who was like his second closest thing to a father. Although Brock is assigned the tough task of over coming his master who has gone insane telling all the CIA secrets.

    Brock must have Russian love interest Molotov Cocktease take over his current mission, watching over the Venture family. Hilarity ensues with Mol. in charge she cracks her whip in turning the boys into real men.

    The episode is just so great with many memorable lines and scenes. The episode also shows off VB's great ability of balancing action and comedy in such a well done manner. So overall this is by the best episode of the season and possible the series.


Christopher McCulloch

Christopher McCulloch

Hunter Gathers/OSI Agent/Additional voices

Recurring Role

Steven Ratazzi

Steven Ratazzi

Dr. Byron Orpheus

Recurring Role

Brendon Small

Brendon Small

Plastic Surgeon

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • According to a deleted scene, Brock already thought Colonel Hunters had been dead for some time.

    • Trivia: Brock has one brother and it's implied that Brock never knew his father.

    • Trivia: When Hank takes the machete off the wall, you can see the Aztec calendar hanging above it that Hector used to save Jonas Venture Sr. during the flashback in Powerless in the Face of Death. DVD commentary comfirms this.

    • Trivia: Brock's mission to protect Dr. Venture and his family is code name Operation: Rusty's Blanket.

    • When Brock enters the room with a comatose Col. Gathers and a surgeon walking in, we see Gathers' chest sticking out uncovered, in plain sight. However in the next scene, we see sheets are covering his chest then Brock lifts the sheets and then begins to notice.

    • Hank & Dean's Bedroom
      Hank has three posters of female athletes above his bed in their bedroom. We see him take down two of the three; IRL IndyCar driver Danica Patrick and Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton. Tennis pro Maria Sharapova is the third. Only Mary Lou Retton is mentioned by name by Dean. At the end we see the posters back up on the wall.

    • Though her name is not mentioned, we meet Trianna's techno friend Kim.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Brock: Where's Hank?
      Dr. Venture: Up in his room. Our little man is grounded.
      Brock: What'd he do?
      Dr. Venture: Get this, I'm working in the lab, right? And Hank sleepwalks in, hauls off and smacks me in the head with a papier-mache sword, pees his pants and passes out.

    • Hank: Dean, Dean, I sometimes forget you're younger than me.
      Dean: By a lousy four minutes!
      Hank: Well then, maybe in four minutes, you'll understand.

    • Molotov: Dragon, Eagle, Mantis, Monkey, Tiger, Snake, Leopard. These are called "The Maimers." Strike your enemy with one of these and he will be your enemy no more.

    • Brock: So no women and no children...
      Hunter: No women, no children! There are rules...separates us from the baddies.
      Brock: What if she's a double agent?
      Hunter: Nope.
      Brock: An assassin?
      Hunter: Nope.
      Brock: A double agent-assassin who just killed the President?
      Hunter: Nonlethal take-down only! The President isn't the President anyway. You know that.
      Brock: Oh yeah. Hey what about a...ya know? A lady Dracula?
      Hunter: You mean...Le Vampier? Nosferatu?
      Brock: Uhh yeah I guess.
      Hunter: Undead! Not typically a woman anymore got no beef there. Also fictitious...

    • Dr. Venture: After that rigmarole I could use a night cap. Care to join me? I've been squirreling away a bottle of cooking sherry for a special occasion. But this is cause enough for celebration. (Molotov stalks off) Some other time, then?
      Dr. Orpheus: No, no, that sounds delightful! I'll get the glasses.

    • Hank: And you, my friend, are looking at a man!
      Dean: You finally got'em?
      Hank: A gentleman never asks and a lady never tells.

    • (Hank in a Chippendale outfit)
      Dean: Why is my brother dressed like that?
      Molotov: I didn't ask. I thought you two liked to dress like idiots.

    • Dr. Venture: So tell me, friend, you might know this. The whole Russian mail order bride deal on the Internet, is that on the up-and-up?
      Molotov: I wouldn't know.
      Dr. Venture: Because those Chinese ones are a real racket. The damn thing was already dead when the crate finally showed up.

    • Dean: Hank, we've got big problems. The Apaches are back!
      Hank: What?
      Dean: Look! Teepee in your trunks!
      Hank: My pants are haunted! My pants are haunted!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Plastic Surgeon: Your father! Your mother! Your father! Your mother! (He's your mother and your father...
      Brock's "interrogation" of the plastic surgeon is a parody of a scene in Chinatown, where private detective J.J. Gittes (Jack Nicholson) tries to get suspect Evelyn Mulwray (Faye Dunaway) to reveal her relationship with another woman, slapping her over and over while she keeps repeating, "She's my sister... She's my daughter..."

    • Hank's Assassination speech
      When Hank is hallucinating that he must kill Dr. Venture, he quotes The Doors' song The End.

    • Ending Sequence
      A lot of the stuff in the ending sequence (Brock going to kill Gathers and Hank going to kill Thaddius) is a reference to the Francis Ford Coppola film Apocalypse Now, including the music, which is similar to the song "The End" by the Doors, which is used in the opening sequence of the film. The dialogue between Hank and his father ("Father?" "Yes son" "I want to kill you") is a lyric from said song.

    • Brock's island contact
      The scenes leading up to Brock's island contact with the bikini-clad woman refer to scenes from the James Bond movie Thunderball. These scenes include the conversation in the submarine where Brock is in the tuxedo and drinking wine, the use of a torpedo to travel to the island, and the line about passing the time.

    • Trianna's friend refers to Hank as "that Scooby Doo kid". This refers to Hank's physical resemblance to the Scooby Doo character, Freddy Jones.

    • Hank's outfit
      Hank is opting for the black trouser, no shirt, cuffs, and bowtie look of the typical Chippendale Dancer. The Chippendales were established in 1979 and consist of attractive men going through simulated sexual routines for the entertainment of the ladies.

    • Brock's former superior
      Col. "Hunter" Gathers is based on Hunter S Thompson, both in mannerisms and appearence, particularly Thompson's trademark cigarette holder.

    • Title
      Referencing the Fox series Nanny 911.