The Venture Brothers

Season 1 Episode 5

Eeny, Meeny, Miney... Magic

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Sep 04, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Eeny, Meeny, Miney... Magic
Dr. Venture's new experiment has the entire family interested--not to mention trapped inside! The Ventures' strange new neighbor, master of mysticism Dr. Orpheus, may be the only one who can help them escape.

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    Rachel Simon

    Rachel Simon

    Fantasy Mom

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    Tom Vollette

    Tom Vollette


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    James Urbaniak

    James Urbaniak

    Dr. Thaddius S. "Rusty" Venture

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    Doc Hammer

    Doc Hammer


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    Mia Barron

    Mia Barron

    Molotov Cocktease

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • When Dr. Orpheus leans forward to do the, "Marco," his beard turns orange for a split second.

      • In the scene when Dr. Orpheus talks to Dr. Venture about the Joy Can, as he says, "Okay, I get it," the light/dark grey colors on his rightmost hair part swaps twice: when he leans forward and when he leans back.

      • For some reason, Chris McCulloch is credited as "Hank VentureCol." in the end credits.

      • Dean mentions to Triana that they faced off against ghost pirates before, but they don't face the ghost pirates until the next episode. The creator of the series, however, has explained this away by saying that perhaps the Venture family encounters ghost pirates more often than the average family.

      • When Dean falls off the bed, the crown disappears the second he hits the ground.

    • QUOTES (24)

      • Dr. Orpheus: Evil has struck the House of Venture! The air reeks of an ill wind! Yay, though I have smelt it, that have dealt it!

      • Triana: Doesn't your dad have a nickname for you?
        Dean: Well, I've heard him call me 'Dave' or 'Don' a few times, but I don't think they're nicknames.

      • Hank: Scuba. Scooba. Scooba scooba scooba scooba scooba. Say "Scuba."
        Brock: Scuba.
        Hank: Scuba. It sounds funny. Scuba.
        Brock: Scuba. Yeah, it does.

      • Dr. Orpheus: I am known to men as Dr. Orpheus. And mine is to conceive and control the delicate arrangement of the cosmos!
        Dr. Venture: They give out PhD.s for that?
        Dr. Orpheus: Junior college upstate, communications major and minor in women's studies.

      • Dr. Venture: Eh-–you sure did a job on this place. I think my dad used to make giant horseshoe crabs here or something-–I hardly recognize it.

      • Dean: (using a Ouija board) Will I find true love?
        Hank: You are such a massive wuss!

      • Hank: Smooth move. She was all over you!
        Dean: Ya think?
        Hank: No.

      • Brock: Nice rescue, boys. You saved me from the only woman I've ever loved with a hat that smells like a men's room and we're still here.
        Dean: We totally blew it.
        Brock: No, that's not what I mean. I'm impressed with your spirit, I just wish you'd thought it out a little better.
        Hank: Okay, Brock, I admit there may be some small holes in our plan.

      • Dr. Orpheus: (leaving a message) Greetings, Pumpkin, I am at Mr. Venture's lab to right that which is wrong and to repair the torn curtain of time itself!! There are four puddings in the fridge. You may enjoy the contents of one of them. Dinner at six.

      • Triana: Who's that big guy who's always washing his car in front of your place?
        Dean: Oh, that's Brock. He's my dad's bodyguard. One time, I saw him kill a guy with a sock full of party snaps!
        Triana: Did the guy's head get blown off?
        Dean: Yes it did.

      • Brock: Look, Hank – I have memories attached to that record. Could we drop this please?
        Hank: Is it because you killed a whole bunch of ninjas when it was playing, so now it reminds you of ninja?
        Brock: No.
        Hank: Frogmen? Does it remind you of frogmen?
        Brock: No!
        Hank: A team of mutated half-dog/half-man…
        Brock: It's a woman!! The only woman I ever loved. Ya happy now?
        Hank: No. Because you snapped at me.

      • Dr. Venture: My son has it in his head that you were in our house last night and you...killed our robot. Heh heh.
        Dr. Orpheus: The seed of your loins is quite astute. I saved your mechanical man from certain damnation. For his frail, electronic eyes had gazed upon the impenetrable! He was an unwilling beholder to the impossible!
        Dr. Venture: (eventually) See, I told you there was a rational explanation.

      • Dr. Venture: Dean, I'm going to turn around now and you better be on fire. You're standing there in flames, and the only person who can put you out is me. Because that is the only conceivable reason that you would wake me up like this!!

      • Dr. Venture: (cat rubs his leg) Oh, she's an affectionate little one.
        Dr. Orpheus: Oh my apologies, she's in heat.
        Dr. Venture: I heard if you take a q-tip and moisten it with warm water...
        Dr. Orpheus: Ohhhh! I tried that once, it was horrible. I couldn't look at her for a week. She was just a walking reminder of our common shame.
        Dr. Venture: Oh dear God, that's not your wife in some like, magical animal form.

      • Dr. Orpheus: And now the Marco, with arms outstretched, and his eyes blinded to all his Polos, begins to cry his own name...
        Dr. Venture: Oh my god, fine, just try it, for crying out loud.
        Dr. Orpheus: Very well. (pause) Marco!! Marco!!!

      • Dr. Venture: Hmm, how you fit a stairway behind this bookcase, I'll never figure out. Heeey, if I pull this candle down, will it...?
        Dr. Orpheus: ...get wax on my carpet? Yes.

      • Molotov Cocktail: Promise me one thing.
        Brock: What's that?
        Molotov Cocktail: Don't be gentle.

      • Dr. Orpheus: What the hell is this thing made of?
        Dr. Venture: Nothing.
        Dr. Orpheus: Come on...
        Dr. Venture: All right, fine, I might have used a few unorthodox parts.
        Dr. Orpheus: Just tell me one...
        Dr. Venture: An...orphan.
        Dr. Orpheus: A what?
        Dr. Venture: An orphan?
        Dr. Orpheus: Did you say, "an orphan"?!?
        Dr. Venture: Yeah, a little...orphan boy.
        Dr. Orpheus: It's powered by a forsaken child?!?
        Dr. Venture: Might be, kind of. I didn't use the whole thing!

      • Dean: I dare you to make less sense!

      • Hank and Dean: Go Team Venture!
        Dr. Orpheus: Yes! Go Team Venture!
        Dr. Venture: Oh for gods sake, don't encourage them!

      • Dr. Venture: Dean what the hell are you doing in there? I need to take a shower!
        Dean: I'm practicing being a boyfriend, Pop!
        Dr. Venture: Never mind, Dean!

      • Dean: Here! (takes off shirt, drops it on floor) We have to get this soaking wet!
        Hank: How are we gonna do that?
        Dean: Don't make me spell it out for you!

      • Trianna: So how come I don't see you at school?
        Dean: I'm kinda home-tutored in a box my pop made. It sometimes gets very hot in the pop made.
        Trianna: Wow, that's, um...that's screwy. (pause) Crap, did I upset you?
        Dean: Penguins have an organ above their eyes that converts seawater into freshwater.

      • Hank: Do not eat it! It is a poisonous magic pie!

    • NOTES (4)

      • Tom Volette (the signer during Tommy's brain damaged forgiveness speech) is the first and throughout season 1 only "live" actor to appear in the series.

      • Scamp, the Ventures' dog, makes his only appearance seperate from the pilot and has died following the events of "The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay."

      • Monarch and Doctor Girlfriend do not appear in this episode.

      • The show's creator has stated that the voice Hank hears in the Joy Can is not really his mother's voice. It's not clear whether the boys have even met her.

    • ALLUSIONS (7)

      • Dr. Venture: No more Night Stalker reruns for you, mister.
        Referencing the 1974-75 TV series Kolchak: The Night Stalker, starring Darren McGavin as a monster-hunting reporter. Must be nice to live somewhere where they show Night Stalker - SciFi Channel has the rights, and they save it for their afternoon weekday marathons.

      • Hank: Hank wants to play "In Through The Out Door."
        This is a reference to Led Zeppelin " In Through The Out Door". It was Zeppelin's last album together.

      • Triana: Oh this? No, I was goin' for an Adam and the Ants kinda retro thing.
        Adam and the Ants is a band led by Adam Ant that was popular in the 80's.

      • Triana: Around the compound? What are you, David Koresh?
        David Koresh who was the leader of a crazy cult of people (Branch Davidians) who all got killed at Waco back in '93. The place they all hung out at was a compound at Mt. Carmel.

      • Dr. Strange: His appearence and powers
        Doctor Orpheus is also a parody of Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme from Marvel Comics. His appearance, mystical powers and overly dramatic actions are direct references to Strange's character - except that Strange was never a single parent.

      • Dr. Orpheus: Be cross with them!
        In the movie Poltergeist, the psychic Tangina has Steve "be cross with" his daughter, Carol Anne, to call her back from the grip of the poltergeist.

      • Dean: It sometimes gets very hot in the pop made.
        B.F. Skinner,a behavioral psychologist, was dubiously credited with crafting a cramped little box to raise his kid in.