The Venture Brothers

Sunday 12:00 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Feb 16, 2003 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Red Means Stop
      Episode 8

      The OSI and the Guild join forces to bring down Blue Morpho, setting a trap for him at the Venture penthouse with the evil Red Death as bait. However, Monarch and Henchman 21 are busy tricking Red Death's wife and daughter into going to his mother-in-law's.

    • 3/14/16

      The Guild prepares to kill Rusty, believing that he's the mysterious Blue Morpho who has been killing villains. Meanwhile, Rusty hosts a lunar eclipse party and invites Christopher Lambert.

    • 3/7/16

      While the Doom Factory arches Rusty, Hank takes Sirena to a ninja-themed brasserie to impress the girl on their first date.

    • 2/29/16

      Dr. Mrs. the Wife pays her respects to Haranguetan's widow, and discovers that she wants to recover her husband's impounded Haranguetan. Hilarity ensues when Blue Morpho and Kano (secretly the Monarch and Henchman 21) show up at the impound lot to recover the impounded Morpho-Mobile. Meanwhile, one of Rusty's new arching super-villains, Think Tank, arrives to plague him.

    • Rapacity in Blue
      Episode 4

      The Monarch dons his father's secret identity as Blue Morpho to strike out at the villains who would dare to get in line in front of him to arch Rusty. However, he's shocked to discover how much fun being a hero is. Meanwhile, Rusty needs a super-science breakthrough to present at a conference, and pushes Billy and Pete to develop their God Gas.

    • Faking Miracles
      Episode 3

      Nanobots get loose in Venture Tower, Hank becomes a pizza boy, and Monarch finds himself involved in a bizarre case of identity theft. All of this, and Wide Wale throws his daughter Sirena her 18th birthday party.

    • Maybe No Go
      Episode 2

      Team Venture has to break Pirate Captain of his tranq habit so he can save the company. Meanwhile, St. Cloud steals the magic red ball from Billy and Peter, and they must sacrifice everything to get it back.

    • Hostile Makeover
      Episode 1

      Jonas Jr. leaves Rusty all of his money, and the Ventures are soon living the high life. Meanwhile, Monarch discovers what his former arch is up to, and Dr. My Wife tries to hold together the Guild.

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