The Venture Brothers

Season 4 Episode 11

Every Which Way But Zeus

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Sep 26, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Billy Quizboy is at home when a voice from the sky says that he has to come with him. It's a manifestation of Zeus, and Pete White comes out and bows before him. Billy insists that he's in charge and Zeus says they must come with him.

In a laboratory, Greek soldiers abduct two scientists.

At SPHINX Headquarters, the team is leaving for the night to go to a strip club. Shoreleave doesn't see the point and stays behind. Zeus appears before him and says he must come with him. Shoreleave responds by opening fire.

The newspapers are filled with stories of heroes and villains disappearing. The Ventures gather for breakfast and Sgt. Hatred is concerned that Dr. Venture is at risk. After making sure that Hank can't hear them, Dr. Venture insists that the mysterious abductors will have to have him and he refuses to hide. Sgt. Hatred warns that Hank has been wetting the bed.

As Brock and Sgt. Hatred return from the strip club, Guild Wasps fly past them. Hunter Gathers tells Brock that it's a Code White and they're all on the same side for their mission.

At a battle arena, Henchman 21 fights against Ghost Robot for the pleasure of Zeus. Ghost Robot suggests that they team up, but Henchman 21 finishes it off.

Hunter Gathers takes Brock to a golf course guarded by OSI agents. The green rises up to reveal a secret passage.

Dr. Venture camps out on the yard with a sign asking to be kidnapped. Sgt. Hatred and the brothers watch and worry, and Hunk suggests they have an idea.

Henchman 21 is brought back to the cells, while Shoreleave, Billy Quizboy, and Pete White watch and worry that they'll soon die. They worry that they'll have to fight Henchman 21, and the argument boils down to whether Pete White is gay or not. Billy Quizboy says that Zeus is trying to make them kill each other and they can't cooperate. The soldiers come in and take Billy and Pete away.

Hunter Gathers and Brock are stripped and searched by OSI agents.

Meanwhile, Phantom Limb, Professor Impossible, and other villains undergo their own examination by the Guild in preparation for the summit, and are informed they'll receive an experimental power inhibitor.

Sgt. Hatred and Hank don masks and voice scramblers, and "abduct" their father to convince them he's still wanted. Dean has Ted the Speaking Teddy Bear speak for him. Dr. Venture quickly gives in to their demands.

The remaining free heroes and villains meet for the summit, stripped naked for security reasons. A fight breaks out between Brock and a villain, Tiger Shark, but General Timothy Treister arrives to break them up. He explains that an unidentified Greek god is devastating their organizations, and they've assembled the summit to stop him.

Shoreleave tends to another elderly prisoner, Desmond, who mutters that Zero has gone berserk. Henchman 21 says that he has a solution and Shoreleave agrees to work with him, and Henchman introduces himself as Henchman 1.

The blindfolded Dr. Venture talks with the talking teddy bear that Dean has left for him, and assumes it's another prisoner. Hank and Sgt. Hatred return and complain that Dean left the teddy bear, and Dr. Venture figures that they have Dean. When Hank tells him that they have Hank as well, Dr. Venture isn't nearly as concerned.

In the arena, Pete is declared a villain and Billy a hero, and Zeus' lieutenant sets them to fight each other. They spend their time arguing about which one is in charge.

Treister goes over what's happened, and they toss out theories about how Zeus could fly. They split up into groups to blue sky ideas.

Sgt. Hatred goes to see Dean in his room, and tells him that it's time to grow up. Dean would rather read than torture his father.

Billy and Pete are back in their cell, and comparing notes with Henchman 21 and Shoreleave. Desmond tells them to follow Henchman 1. The soldiers order all four of them back to the arena.

The summit concludes that Zeus is Captain Sunshine, but Treister notes that they've interrogated him and he's not Zeus. They realize that the current Captain Sunshine is actually the sidekick of the original Captain Sunshine, Desmond, who is now his butler.

Hank prepares to torture his father and asks why he loves Dean more than Hank. Dr. Venture says that Dean believes in the life of a super-scientist, but Hank is the one who fights against it... just like he did as a child. He figures that Hank will never win and eventually give in.

Henchman 21 and Shoreleave fight Billy and Pete, and Billy and Pete run away. Henchman 21 and Shoreleave attack the soldiers and then throw a spear at "Zeus": a cardboard cutout. His lieutenant says that he'll kill them himself.

Pete and Billy free the other prisoners.

The lieutenant enters the field and says that he's decided to get revenge on all the failed henchmen and underlings. The elderly prisoner, Desmond, flies out but is quickly defeated. Henchman 21 realizes that the lieutenant is Zero, the former Henchman 1, who he killed. Zero plans to exact his revenge, but Henchman 21 unleashes the horde of captive prisoners upon him and Zero runs in terror.

The summit is running low on ideas. They get word that the problem has solved itself. All of the freed prisoners are singing together, and are reunited with their bosses. Treister is touched... and shoots some nearby golfers.

Later, Dr. Venture talks about his romantic relationships with Ted the Teddy Bear. Sgt. Hatred wonders if they should release him, but Hank says they should wait until the ransom check clears.