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Episode ideas

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    Create your own The Venture Brothers episode.

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    Title: The Venture Legacy

    Plot: Dean enrolls in community college in hopes of escaping the Venture Legacy, but proves unsuccessful when the Monarch enrolls a new henchwoman to seduce and capture Dean. Brock and Sgt. Hatred notice Dean's growing cynicism and bitterness and worry he is becoming more like Doc. Hank and Doctry to bond over a camping trip only for it go horribly wrong.

    Title: The Good Son

    Plot: JJ invites Doc to Spider Skull island when he finds an old journal of their father's thatsuggests he might not be dead after all.Tempers flare when JJ accuses Rusty of not caring about their father. Henchwoman1 infiltratethe Venture Compound when Dean invites her over for a date. 21 takes Hank on a Sphinx mission, forcing Sgt. Hatred to enlist Brock to help find them.

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