The Venture Brothers

Season 4 Episode 2

Handsome Ransom

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 25, 2009 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The murder of Wonder Boy, Captain Sunshine's sidekick, by the Monarch's henchmen was first mentioned in the Season 1 episode "Return to Spider-Skull Island."

    • Captain Sunshine's mistaken belief that the Monarch is invulnerable is explained in the Season 3 episode "Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny" where, at a party, the Monarch tells the story of the time Sunshine tried to shoot him with gun he was unaware had the safety on.

  • Quotes

    • The Monarch: Time to pay the piper, Venture! For in minutes my Mecha-Pillars' silky issue will smother the only living proof that you have actually had sex!

    • The Monarch: Honey, how long have we been trying to kill this schmuck? Ten, twenty years?
      Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: I don't know. Since Marky Mark had a funky bunch?
      The Monarch: And it never works! You want to know how to really hurt Venture?
      Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Not really. But as a wife I try to be supportive.
      The Monarch: You strike him in the pocket book! Ha ha!
      Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Yeah, speaking of. How much did those Mecha-Pillars set us back?
      The Monarch: A couple mil.

    • Dr. Venture: Will you accept half for just Dean? You can keep Hank.
      Sgt. Hatred: Your father doesn't mean that.
      Dr. Venture: Oh, don't I? Do you know what Mr. Smart Mouth called me when he stormed out of the house this morning? "Honky."
      The Monarch: Did you really?
      Hank: Yeah. (Monarch snickers)

    • The Monarch: I'm transmitting the instructions for the dropoff now, Venture. I suggest you follow them, or your boys will follow the Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla! (laughs maniacally, cuts off the transmission) That's not as dark as it sounds in my head, is it?

    • Dr. Mrs The Monarch: What did he do to you?
      The Monarch: The usual. He threw me in jail. Literally. Threw me right into the yard at the state prison. Then he shouts up to the warden, "Looks like this one won't be causing any more trouble." Then he flies off with a gay little salute.
      Dr. Mrs The Monarch: Oh, my God.
      The Monarch: Apparently nobody ever told him what due process was.

    • The Monarch: Didn't he look old to you?
      Dr. Mrs. the Monarch: Who?
      The Monarch: Captain Sunshine.
      Dr. Mrs. the Monarch: No, I thought he looked great for his age.
      The Monarch: He looked old to me. I mean, he's still super-fit, but when you get up real close, he's like totally at the age where men start to look like somebody's aunt.

    • Hank: So, how come you have a car when you can just fly everywhere?
      Captain Sunshine: Because it also turns into a submarine.

    • The Monarch: Hot damn we're good at this villain crap. Why do we even waste our time chasing Dr. Venture around?
      Dr. Mrs. the Monarch: I'm not gonna validate that with an answer.

    • Captain Sunshine: No! No! Take that costume off!
      The Monarch: What's the matter, Captain Funtime? Isn't this what you've always wanted?
      Captain Sunshine: What are you talking about?
      The Monarch: Wouldn't it just fix everything twisted up inside of you if you could only *bleep* Wonder Boy and your worst enemy at the same time, huh? Well come and get us!
      Captain Sunshine: You're sick!
      The Monarch: Where do you want it, Captain? Huh?
      Captain Sunshine: You get away!
      The Monarch: Where do you want my *bleep*? Here? Here?
      Captain Sunshine: Get away from me with your dirty talking! Stop it right now or I'll...
      The Monarch: You'll what? I know you're dirty little secret, Sunshine! You can't do a damn thing to me! Because your powers don't work at night! You see, I did my homework, Captain. And for extra credit I made this! Well, my wife... helped.

  • Notes

    • Captain Sunshine, despite being more of a Superman-archetype, shares many traits with Batman, including the faithful butler, the cave under his home, and the use of a sidekick with an implied homosexual context. The giant penny with the Monarch's face is actually a combination of two trophies from the Batcave, a normal-looking giant penny, and a giant playing card with the Joker's face on it.

  • Allusions

    • Monarch: This isn't Antiques Roadshow, dick!
      Referencing the British programme first seen in 1979, where evaluators take to the road and estimate the value of antiques that common people have in their homes. It has spawned different international incarnations over the year.

    • Narrator When Captain Sunshine is exposed to the same solar radiation...
      The use of the Narrator is a reference to the 1970's cartoon Challenge of the SuperFriends, which featured the Justice League battling evil. The Narrator's voice is specifically meant to resemble Ted Knight, who famously narrated the series.

    • Captain Sunshine: You're not fighting a boy now!
      A reference to Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman, who at one point confronts an abusive husband, throwing him against a wall as he shouts "You're not fighting a woman now!"

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