The Venture Brothers

Season 1 Episode 11

Past Tense

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 16, 2004 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The Venture team arrives at a funeral via a narrowly-averted crash-landing. The funeral is for Michael Sorayama, a friend of Dr. Venture in college. Dr. Venture flashes back to college (complete with laugh track), where he had Brock as a roommate and knew Sorayama and Mr. White (who had his own roommate, Baron Verner Underbheit). Back in the present day, Underbheit comes to the funeral where they're to act as pallbearers, but the coffin is a trap, knocking out and capturing Brock, White, Underbheit, and Venture before rocketing away.

Dean and Hank are left on their own and after clearing the Monarch of the crime (with a quick phone call), assemble the old Venture team – Col. Gentleman, The Action Man, Otto Acquairus, and Kano. The captives are gassed awake by . . . Michael Sorayama, who faked his death to get revenge – he uses female robots shaped like Leslie Cohen, a girl he was obsessed with in college. We find out the guys gave Sorayama oregano and claimed it was marijuana, but he had an allergic reaction and had to cancel his study date with Leslie – he never forgave them for that and other practical jokes they played on him. Worse of all, a drunk Brock, kicked off the football team for killing the quarterback, arrived in his room when the others were there, went berserk, and made a mortal enemy of Sorayama.

The old Venture team meets with Hank and Dean and prepare to track Dr. Venture via a implant device in his tooth. After a brief and pointless meeting with Dr. Orpheus they go to the college room where they find the molar . . . it's been there for decades. But they figure out Sorayama is a professor at the college and he's not dead, and break into his fortress and defeat the Lesliebots. Brock breaks free using Underbheit's metal mandible and mistakenly attacks the old Venture team (badly disguised as Lesliebots). It turns out the Sorayama they've been dealing with is a robot he left preprogrammed to take his revenge after his death. The Team departs . . . forgetting White and Underbheit.