The Venture Brothers

Season 4 Episode 10

Pomp and Circuitry

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Sep 19, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Dean and Hank graduate from their learning beds, but Hank doesn't want to go to college. Meanwhile, the Phantom Limb continues his campaign against the Guild.

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    Christopher McCulloch

    Christopher McCulloch

    Sgt. Hatred/Hunter Gathers/Dragoon/Watch/Roy Brisby

    Guest Star

    Doc Hammer

    Doc Hammer

    Billy Quizboy/Shoreleave/Ward/Rod Mantle

    Guest Star

    Bill Hader

    Bill Hader

    Professor Impossible/Phage

    Guest Star

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      • Dean: What's a guidance counselor?
        Billy Quizboy: Usually it's a guy you barely know who gives you career advice, even though his career is a guidance counselor, and sometimes he helps get you into college.

      • Billy Quizboy: So, uh, what did you put down?
        Hank: Ahem! Number one--"drifter."
        Billy Quizboy: All right, okay, that's not really a career, Hank. It's like the opposite of a career.
        Hank: Ah, but you don't need to go to college to be one, right? Plus, you get paid to just walk around all day reading sexy letters, like the guy in Red Shoe Diaries.
        Billy Quizboy: He wasn't a drifter. The guy's getting all his mail. That implies a fixed address.
        Hank: Okay, fine. Then, like, David "The Hulk" Banner.
        Billy Quizboy: Well, David Banner's real name is actually Dr. David Bruce Banner. So he's a scientist.
        Hank: Oh, then I don't want to be that.

      • Hank: I want to join up with you guys.
        Hunter Gathers: Well, my boot wants to join up with your ass, and I'm about to throw 'em a shotgun wedding!

      • Dean Harris: So, uh, where'd you go to high school, young Dean?
        Dean: Oh, I was...
        Dr. Venture: The boy was homeschooled.
        Dean: I have an electronic grandpa bed that talks to me while I sleep.

      • Hank: Yeah. I feel like that Jewish guy who lost all his powers when they cut his hair off.
        Brock: Uh, Samson?
        Hank: Lenny Kravitz. It's not all about you, you know?
        Brock: Yeah.

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    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Hank: Plus, you get paid to just walk around all day reading sexy letters, like the guy in Red Shoe Diaries.
        Referencing the syndicated Showtime series featuring David Duchovny as Jake Winters, who advertises for women to send him their sexual experiences and uses the alias of "Red Shoes" in his newspaper personal ads.

      • Hunter Gathers: This ain't the Honeycomb Hideout, and we're not hiring Junior G-Men.
        Referencing Honeycomb cereal, and its 1970s and 80s commercials featuring the Honeycomb Hideout, a wooden playhouse. Visitors would show up asking for a big taste, and the kids would measure the size of the Honeycomb bits and sing about the cereal's big bite.

      • Hunter Gathers: Get Chachi here suited up.
        Referencing the short-lived 1982-83 TV series Joanie Loves Chachi. Scott Baio plays Chachi Arcola, the Fonz's cousin, who moves with his girlfriend Joanie Cunningham to Chicago and starts a band.