The Venture Brothers

Season 1 Episode 13

Return to Spider-Skull Island (A.K.A. My Brother's Creeper)

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 30, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Return to Spider-Skull Island (A.K.A. My Brother's Creeper)
Dr. Venture finally learns the secret of his recurring womb nightmares when a stomach tumor turns out to be something far more sinister. In a fit of jealousy over their mistaken belief that their father is pregnant, the boys run away from home. But their refound freedom is short-lived once they run afoul of the law and land themselves in a "Scared Straight" style outreach program headed by none other than the recently incarcerated Monarch.moreless

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  • Dean and Hank run away from home searching for adventure when they come to the conclusion that their father is pregnant.

    This is my favorite episode of this series. I love it so much so that I have it on my computer and it plays frequently, never failing to make me laugh. Although the decisions and conclusions that the characters come to in the show are unrealistic, they fit perfectly with the kind of humor that the average "Adult Swimmer" has. Every characater is at their best with well written material. Dr. Orpheus has one of his finer roles in looking after the kids and then following them and The Monarch may have found himself in one of the better comedy teams with King Gorilla. Each bizarre twist leads up the the ending that has left every viewer of the program baffled and uneasy, but somehow, it all works. Brilliant work.moreless
  • A vary bizarre ending for a very bizarre show.

    Warning spoiler

    A vary bizarre ending for a very bizarre show. The end touch on a unseen aspect since the show's pilo: the homosexual relation between Rusty and Brock, although this time it seem very one sided with Brock more or less put off. Bringing out Rusty’s brother was defiantly a helpful twist to explain some of his chronic problems: finally explaining those weird dreams as nothing more but common embryophagy. But the end leaves many question open like for one: where did the boys come from, who or what was their mother? Killing the boys off in the end though was a vary nice tribute to “Easy Riders” but as of now seems to have doom any sequel to this incredible series. The unanswered questions would have really cost this episode points, but because it left tears in my eyes (the boy’s charred flaming corpses was a nice touch) I’m giving it 9/10.moreless
Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton

Brock Samson

Christopher McCulloch

Christopher McCulloch

Hank Venture/The Monarch

Michael Sinterniklaas

Michael Sinterniklaas

Dean Venture

Doc Hammer

Doc Hammer

Dr. Girlfriend

James Urbaniak

James Urbaniak

Dr. Thaddius S. "Rusty" Venture

Soul Bot

Soul Bot


Christopher McCulloch

Christopher McCulloch

King Gorilla, Shame Face, Orderly, Diner Hick 1, Monarch Henchman 2

Guest Star

Michael Sinterniklaas

Michael Sinterniklaas

ER Doctor

Guest Star

Doc Hammer

Doc Hammer

Monarch Henchman 1

Guest Star

James Urbaniak

James Urbaniak

Jonas Venture Jr.

Recurring Role

Steven Ratazzi

Steven Ratazzi

Dr. Byron Orpheus

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • in the scene when Hank and Dean are running away, Hank's helmet is black, but when you can clearly see him riding his hover bike with Dean, it's an American flag helmet.

    • Trivia: At the zoom out of the prison the lights spell out the word Monday, a calling card of yet-to-be revealed villain Mr. Monday.

    • When Dr. Orpheus orders, he waves with his left hand but the book-style menu stays partially open and in place.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Dr. Orpheus: There is a television behind the El Greco. Sadly, the remote has vanished from the material sphere…

    • (Hank curses)
      Dean: Hank! Think of all the baby angels you've just killed!

    • Hank: I can't believe we have a new baby uncle. Every Christmas he's probably gonna give us a Jovan Musk gift pack. And we'll have to pretend he's not all creepy looking. Aww, I bet we're gonna have to kiss him!
      Dean: Right? Dude, did you shake his hand? It was like shaking hands with a chicken dinner.

    • The Monarch: What's your name?
      Dean: Dean Ven-
      The Monarch: Your name is bitch!! And I own you. You're property! And when I'm tired of having sex with every hole god drilled in your slender frame...King Gorilla! You got a cigarette? There. I just sold you for a cigarette. And I don't smoke! (double take) Holy s***! You're Dean f***ing Venture! King, I gotta buy my bitch back. H-here's your cigarette.
      King Gorilla: F*** you, gimme a dollar.

    • The Monarch: You're probably wondering why you're here. You're here because you done fucked up too many times! You think you're hot shit in a champagne glass, but you're really cold diarrhea in a Dixie cup. And if you keep up like you've been doing, this is where you're headed.

    • Dr. Venture: You jury-rigged my body, that's why I have all these blackouts. I thought it was the pills.
      Jonas: Your body's a mess! It's become absolutely uninhabitable.
      Dr. Venture: Yeah, well I don't remember asking you to live in me! Wait a minute. You're why I've been having all these fucked up dreams. You're probably why I lost my hair too, aren't you! You stole my hair!!

    • Dr. Orpheus: Consider this your final warning. You do not know the risk you are taking. For a whisper from my lips could open your mind to a world of arcane tortures!!

    • Jonas: Forty-three years ago you tried to kill me.
      Dr. Venture: Forty-three years ago I wasn't even born!
      Jonas: I'll give you a hint. We used to share a cramped little one-bedroom down on Mommy Street.

    • Jonas Venture: Hello, Rusty.
      Fetus Rusty: Daddy? What are you doing in mommy's womb?
      Jonas Venture: I came to tell you son...(spooky voice)...there is another Venture.
      Fetus Rusty: Why're you talking like Yoda?
      Jonas Venture: This is your dream, Rusty - you tell me.

    • Dr. Orpheus: Now we have the Venture twins staying with us, and they're not in the den. I sense something is amiss. Is there, something else you forgot to tell Daddy?
      Triana: They ran away. They said they were going to the city to become famous lion tamers...

    • Dr. Orpheus: Pumpkin, you're up early, and you've changed out of your jam-jams into...the clothes you wore last night. How frugal of you. Did you just get home?
      Triana: Kim was totally plastered, and then we were like...
      Dr. Orpheus: Sweetie, let me love you - don't make this hard for us.

    • Hank: I'm outta here! I'm not gonna play second... banana-fiddle to some stupid old baby.
      Dean: Well not me! I'm staying right here. I'll be sleeping in a room right next to Triana. And then she'll hear like, thunder or something, and, and she'll run into my room all scared and stuff, and I'll be like, 'hush my darling, it's just ionized air molecules expanding'. And she'll be like, 'oh, hold me', and I'll like...
      Hank: Dude! If we stay here that means we'll be Dr. Orpheus' kids. And that means Triana will be your sister. And that means you two will have extra-retard babies.
      Dean: Huh. I never thought of that. (he stands up) Alright, I'm with you!

    • ER Doctor: The tumor was benign. It's just that... well. [clears throat] We cannot find it.
      Dr. Venture: What do you mean you 'can't find it'?
      ER Doctor: Well we took it out and, I don't know. When I finished sewing you up I turned around and it was... just gone.
      Dr. Venture: Gone. Well. I want a second opinion. Oh wait, I'm a doctor! I can give myself one! You suck, and I'm leaving.

    • Hank: Maternity. You weren't kidding, Deano. Pop really is having a baby!
      Dean: I think I need a cigarette.

    • Dean: This is serious.
      Hank: You can say that again. Dad's becoming a real fatty.
      Dean: No, Hank, I think Pop is... pregnant!
      HELPeR: [beeps]

    • Operator: Nine one one.
      Caller: Please, Rocky is killing people! It's Rocky!!
      Operator: Sir, calm down, now where are you.
      Caller: It's a big movie theater on Main. Oh my God - Rocky has a knife!!
      Operator: You're watching Rocky? Rocky what? Rocky 4 with Ivan Drago?
      Caller: Horror!!

    • Monarch: You boys don't want to end up in here. This place is full of animals... no, Hank, I don't mean King Gorilla. In a place like this, you'd be eaten alive... no, I'm not talking about Mecha-Mouth.

    • Dr. Orpheus: What is...?
      Brock: It's Doc's deformed twin brother - he absorbed in the womb but he's come back for revenge, but now they've made up, so...
      Dr. Orpheus: 'kay...

    • Dr. Orpheus: Who wants... pizza rolls!!!

    • Dr. Orpheus: Punkin', get me my cloak!
      Triana: Why don't you wear the...
      Dr. Orpheus: Oh fine. Get me my blue windbreaker!!!

    • Dr. Orpheus: Good night, you princes of Venture. You kings of sleepover.

  • NOTES (8)

    • When Brock carries Dr. Venture into his room, there is a painting of a woman on the wall. That's actually a painting by Doc Hammer.

    • Paul Boocock, who voiced the state trooper in this episode, also voiced Dr. Venture's father (Jonas Venture Sr., as of now) but did not get any credit for that.

    • Interestingly enough, not only does this episode have an extra minute or so of footage thanks to the lack of the opening credits, but it's actually a minute longer than that. To compensate for this (since the max length of an episode is 23:15), the animation was sped up by 4%.

    • Working title: "Vanishing Twin Syndrome"

    • Closing Song: "Look Away", written and performed by Nick DeMayo (one of the series' animation directors).

    • Even though this episode was the 11th episode produced, 2 before "Trial of the Monarch," it was meant to air after "Trial of the Monarch."

    • The two muggers that stole the boys' watches in "The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay" are seen amongst the prisoners. Also in the background are more crew members, including Chris George, Phil Rynda, and Steffen Vala.

    • H.E.L.P.eR. is credited as "One hand hitting another makes a nice sound for..."

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • The Monarch: Rewind and return the director's cut of Working Girl.
      Working Girl is a 1988 movie starring Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver.

    • Dr. Venture: Fine - take the busted-up chiffarobe.
      This is a reference to the book To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee in which a black man is accused of beating and raping a woman after she had asked him to come onto her property to bust up an old chiffarobe.

    • Dr. Venture: You can strap yourself to Dean's back and be Master Blaster.
      Master Blaster is one of the characters from the third Mad Max movie, Thunderdome. Master is a dwarf (similar in shape to Venture's brother) that rides on the back of Blaster's back.

    • Dr. Orpheus:
      The toy Dr. Orpheus buys at the diner is a Homies figurine.

    • Dr. Orpheus: You princes of Venture, you kings of sleep over...
      This line is very similar to a line spoken by Michael Caine in the film "The Cider House Rules".

    • Dr. Venture:
      In the first scene, where everyone is getting off of the plane, Dr. Venture is wearing a plasma pack very similar to those worn by the Ghostbusters in the movie Ghostbusters.

    • Hank Venture: Can't you hear the wind calling, little miss, little miss can't be wrong?
      "Little miss, Little miss can't-be-wrong" is a lyric from a Spin Doctors song called, appropriately, "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong".

    • Various Scenes:
      Some scenes toward the end use various Anime cliches, like slow-motion, white doves flying across the screen for no apparent reason (also a favorite of director John Woo), a rose lying on the ground with water dripping off it into a reflecting puddle, etc.

    • The Brothers on Motorcycles:
      Dean and Hank setting off wearing head gear (Hank as Peter Fonda's character "Captain America" and Dean as Dennis Hopper's character "Billy") is from Easy Rider. And the show's ending mimics the end of that movie.

    • Necromancer: Got this tea from saving the Chinese Emperor from clay soldiers...
      When the necromancer is giving the twins tea, he mentions that he got it from an emperor in China who he saved from thousands of clay soldiers. This is refering to emperor Qin Shi Huang.

      "Qin Shi Huang Di had unified China, built the Great Wall, burned books valued by Confucius, and declared himself China's first sovereign emperor in 221 B.C. From the moment he became the Emperor at age 13, Qin Shi Huang Di ordered building of his tomb. Some 700,000 conscripts worked 36 years on this project, or so history revealed. Why the project took so long to finish was because, before Qin Shi Huang Di, emperors were buried with women, slaves, and soldiers. Since Qin¡¦s time though, this tradition had vanished. To substitute for the actual humans, Qin ordered a massive clay army to be produced for his protection, and place them all around the burial tomb. Qin wanted the afterlife to be the same as his life on Earth, and because he had many enemies who had tried to assassinate him during his lifetime, he wanted to be protected in the afterlife."

    • Team Venture: Getting off the plane
      When Team Venture first arrives, they are dressed as characters from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Dr. Venture is Dr. Frank N Furter, Brock is Rocky, Dean is Riff-Raff, Hank is Columbia (ewww...), and H.E.L.P.eR is Magenta. Later, when Brock carries an unconscious Dr. Venture, it parallels the scene where Rocky carries off Frank N. Furter.