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  • Ideologically well-connected

  • Like an Easter Egg hunt...

    find episodes. What's on Cartoon Channel now are old episodes from season 1. It's a little tedious to have to go searching every month through late-night night listings of shows (if you can find the listings) to see if there are any shows from seasons you haven't seen yet. Saw the first two seasons on Netflix, but it looks like I'd have to buy all the others from Amazon on DVD. Really disappointing to find that nothing after season 1 is available on Cartoon Channel till who knows when. Great show, awful marketing.
  • A great show

    This is one of best shows I ever seen it has great humor, it's not a bunches of fart jokes like family guy, it a great show and underrated by most people
  • I dare you to Marathon this show.

    I love this show, You can't help falling in love with these characters and their situations. I've missed it for year only seeing the odd episode once in a while. I then started watching clips on YouTube and found them Hilarious so I decided to watch it from first to last over the weekend and just fell in love with it even more. I marathoned that shit and it was great. Love the first episode of season 5, can't wait for more.
  • Indescribable Awesomeness

    I grew up watching Cartoon Network, since I was about 12 (I'm 28 now) and when I stumbled upon the Venture Brothers I fell in love. I used to watch Johnny Quest (the original) and The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest (the short lived re-vamp) and other Action Toons on Cartoon Network and now that I am an adult, and my old favorites (South Park, Simpsons, Futurama, etc) are getting boring, I struck viewing gold with The Venture Brothers. The ridiculous characters and the even more ridiculous plots fill my heart with Joy, giving me enough to remember the old action cartoons I loved coupled with the smartass, vulgar, (and often times, offensive) humor to please the cynical, failure of an adult that I am. The got renewed for seasons 4 and 5 and I simply cannot wait.
  • Always worth watching.

    Can't even find the words to explain why this show works. When I saw the trailers for it I though Johnny Quest parody, which it is, but oh so much more.

    Funny comedey. Very quoteable.

    Awesome Action. When or if they ever get to it. Not imortant to have action in an action show it seems.

    Interesting Character study on people who for some reason or other suck at life.

    This show is always a must buy on day one of DVD releases.

    Only gave it a 9 because on Cartoon Network, eight episodes a seasons isn't enough. What is this Britain? Oh and they killed Henchman 24.

    Move this to Fox, give it a 24 episode season, replace that horrible Cleveland Show. (A Man can dream right?)
  • A Show that simply knows what's hilarious.

    This is one of those shows that pop up every once in a while that only a few people catch because of the lack of publicity that eventually turns into a cult classic.

    Who ever hasn't seen this Series should take the time to watch it with an open mind and have a willingness to laugh. The idiotic brothers Venture and a failed super scientist father go with body guard Brock Sampson in a total rip-off of the Johnny Quest style "family" adventures. The plot development is there as is charachter development, which includes serious plot twists and dramatic moments that would make even the most seasoned day-time soap envious.
  • If you like pardies about old cartoons, failures at life, idiotic kids, stupid super villains, and a unperdictable story than The Venture Bros is the show for you.

    The Venture Brothers is a show that takes all the elements of other shows and makes fun of them, while being able to create it's own unique style at the same time. Dr. Venture is not your topical super scientist in fact he sucks at it, his twin sons are basicly 10 years olds in teenage bodies, and his body guard Brock while he kicks ass. The enitre show is basic one huge parady of other shows like: Johnny Quest, Fantastic Four, Scooby Doo, and much much more. The humor is witty and well thought out, it is one of the few shows that I feel does not spout out so called "swear word" just to get a laugh. Some episodes make you think and others are just so pure comedy that makes you laugh your ass off. If you want to try something new try watching Venture Bros, you might be pleasently surprised.
  • Funny show! Please give us Season 4 soon!

    This show is down right hysterical. I purchased Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD and found myself laughing so hard, I needed my asthma inhaler to get through the episodes. Every episode is funny and all the crazy charachters have memorable lines like Monarch "Release the butterflies..okay, who's job was it to feed the butterflies?", Dr. Girlfriend "killing your arch-enemy on Christmas your gift to me?!?!", Dr. Venture "Why is that everytime we try to get somewhere we get waylaid by jackassery?", Brock Sampson "of course I'm freaked out, a Sasquatch is something I never seen before!" and my all time favorite..Dr. Orpheus "Bring me my blue windbreaker!!!" The funny thing is, nobody knows I watch this show, so I laugh to myself.
  • A Johnny Quest spoof that took a life of it's own.

    The Venture Bros. is a gem. Funny yet intricately-plotted, the show oozes with creativity. What once started out as a spoof and satire of old adventures shows like Johnny Quest now is a show that shines with originality. The animation is a step up from most other [adult swim] shows and the art style is rather stylish. The characters are all very identifiable. From the cynical Dr.Venture to the vain The Monarch, every character has it's own personality traits. Humorously, the show often forgets about it's titular characters. Unlike most other [as] shows, the Venture Bros. is very story-driven. Season after season brings exciting plot twists and revelations. Let's hope season 4 is just as good as the previous ones.
  • Mixed Reactions...

    I have to say that Season 1 was great, Season 2 was so so, and Season 3 is starting to bore me to death. Venture Brothers is a show that started out in 2004 with a Pilot episode that aired on Adult Swim. When I first watched the Pilot I thought this was an awful cartoon. It wasn't until later when the second episode aired that I begin to enjoy the show somewhat. I can't really say that I relate to any of the characters because to be honest? Venture Brothers have allot of dull characters. The Venture Brothers Hank and Dean Venture are pretty much the stars of the show depending on which episode it is. The show might as well have more than two protagonist. There really isn't ONE basic story for the show, since each episode is different. Some episodes are flash backs of what happened to the characters "years ago". Sadly Season 3 has about 4 flash back episodes and only one episode that was actually any good. If you asked me what are my true thoughts of the show I'd say Season 1 is still the best. Who do I hate the most? The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, Dr. Venture, Triana, and those lame murderous Moppins. Basically I dislike half of the cast members. Dr. Girlfriend is always yelling, Dr. Venture is either complaining about something and I've always hated the "careless types". Triana is a boring wannabe goth girl that is extremely stereotyped on so many levels its almost funny. She talks real slow, and dresses like a cross over of "Emo and Goth" when I first saw the stripy outfit on the chick from Beetle Juice I thought nothing of it. Then again the girl from Beetle Juice isn't boring except for the one in the movie. Sooo Venture Brothers is half good and half bad. Its not really a show it just doesn't really win me over like most people. Maybe if a Season 4 is being worked on for 2011 or so things will get better. Most shows start to fail after the first two seasons.
  • It's been a long time since I laughed at a cartoon like this.

    Patrick Warburton does some of the best voice over work out there. Every character he does is just naturally funny. After having this cartoon explained to me, I just *had* to watch some of it. My first reaction is WOW! Definitely not a cartoon I would want my children to watch, especially when they reach the age they start to understand some of the jokes.

    But, holy cow, I was laughing pretty hard at the innuendo, the bleeping, the bits from other famous shows such as Fantastic Four, Star Wars, and Manchurian Candidate. Never a dull moment, that is for sure.

    A guilty pleasure cartoon for adults!
  • Its AWESOME!...comedy at its best,no other show on tv can match it!

    It was kinda weird to me at first,but later on I met a couple of people who reminded me of some the wild characters in the show and man let me tell you,its the best after midnight show to see on a sunday night!.....................................................
    especially after a long work week and the all the hostility going on in the world,this is a good laugh release from the norm!...its shows like this that kinda bring in some realism
    with odd things that people do and funny things that people do! made me laugh so hard that i had chilli beans coming out of my nostrils!

    Brock Sampson rules!...go team venture!...
  • two adventurous boy-scout brothers, their mad scientist father, their maniac bodyguard, and a butterly-themed villain. what more do you want? this crap WRITES ITSELF!

    it is certainly a very new view on the hero/villain shtick. paperwork, assigned "arches"...the government just gets its sticky fingers into everything, don't it? its actually a very witty parody of the government's over-regulations, and it answers some questions for me like, "how the heck do they keep a lid on all this?" its a very guilty pleasure for me, ever since i started beck when the boys were just dying-- for the billionth time.good times, good times...anyway, the actors are phenomenal in that they flawlessly capture their characters, all except for Mrs. Dr. The Monarch, of course, but they make that transvestite voice work, by God!
    i really hope to see more good work from Rusty and the boys soon!
  • A great show, which is why it needs more time in the limelight.

    A creative and original spoof on old adventure cartoons from the 60's, The Venture Bros. is a cartoon about Dr. Venture, his Body Gaurd Brock Sampson (A spoof on Doc Sampson) and Ventures two sons Hank and Dean. This show has a special kind of feel to it. I think the formula is create a situation and see how everyone (and literally I mean EVERYONE theres like 20 characters in each episode, which, by the way is NOT a bad thing) will react to it. Its a show that manages to pull of 2-5 stories in one episode at the same time and then fuse them all into one at the end. Definantly my favorite show on Adult Swim, Hands down.
  • A comedy show spoofing on the classic cartoon Johnny Quest.

    The story is about two brothers who go on adventures with their super-scientist father, Rusty Venture, and brute yet lovable bodyguard, Brock Sampson. The cartoon is not for kids, the comedic value is much more mature then average Adult Swim shows. Combining complex characters, intense action, and excellent comedy this show could be considered the best comedy on Adult Swim. Though based on Johnny Quest, it also picks on other classic cartoons, such as Scooby Doo. Each episode is unique and the storyline always seems to be fresh and exciting. The characters are easy candidates for fanboyism. If you haven't yet, you should definitely give it a try, one episode is enough to get you hooked.
  • One of the best shows ever produced by Adult Swim. Great characters, great dialogue, and good plot lines.

    This show is hilarious. It makes fun of the old Johnny Quest cartoons, and all the ridiculous villains from old cartoons. Every episode is solid, and there are great characters that are regular players. The Monarch is the best; he is a super villain in a giant butterfly costume with nerdy, incompetent 'minions.' Brock is also a great character. He is a government special ops agent sent to guard the Venture family. He kills usually ill-prepared foes and sleeps with anything that walks. Hank and Dean are naïve and overprotected, and they perfectly mock the Scooby doo era characters that frequented children's cartoons. The Venture Brothers creates great characters and dialogue, and shows the funny side of villainy. This is a very good show that will make you laugh consistently. It is one of the best original shows adult swim has produced, and hopefully it will be around for awhile.
  • A spoof on old action adventure cartoons like jounny quest about a failing super scientist his body guard and his two kids just tring to get by with out being killed by his arch enemies and villians

    Good show alot of comedy and action very entertaining I watched the series over and over again it just doesnt get old the spoof thing on super science and old cartoons really gives the show alot of momentum also characters like brock sampson make this series awsome I was hook when I saw his charger in the first episode many good characters in the sereis like hank and dean but the monarch is one of the greatest he is constantly tring to kill doctor venture but the monarch is kind of clueless when it comes to arching this show should definitly be checked out on adult swim
  • One of the most original and inventive shows on television.

    There are two types of people in the world, those that get The Venture Brothers and those that don't, and I have no interest in dealing with anyone in the latter category. This show has moved far beyond being a mere satirization of adventure cartoons from the 60s. Although it often incorporates the themes and characters derived from the likes of Jonny Quest to great effect, the inventiveness of the plot lines and development of the characters makes it more than a one note spoof. Loaded with references to pop culture and previous episodes, The Venture Brothers rewards loyal viewers with an ear to the ground, and is one of those shows that gets better with multiple viewings. Next to Arrested Development, I can think of nothing funnier on TV.
  • The amazingly sincere spoof.

    I guess this is just a foul-mouthed spoof of Johnny Quest on the surface, but my god what a universe they've crafted. Each episode works very well by itself, but there are so many callbacks to earlier episodes, and you can find tidbits of future stories by going back and watching old episodes. The show generously rewards close attention and multiple watchings.

    The show is also really funny. All the continuity and backstory wouldn't be worth a button if it weren't funny. If it weren't funny, this would just be a soap opera. It's more like The Office, but even funnier and without the excruciating uncomfortableness. Also, all music references on the show are very hip (Bowie, Iggy Pop, Bjork, Foetus, Lydia Lunch, The Damned, Bauhaus), and very few shows have good taste in music.
  • I am in love.

    I have seen The Venture bros. season 1 and 2 so much now that I actually know all the words. It is the story of the two sons of a super scientist and all the crazy things that happen to their family when all the supervillains come calling and their bodyguard killing everyone. This is mixed with very weird characters and cult references makes the funniest thing I have seen in years.
    Don't forget, sexy female villain with the deepest voice ever, a giant boy detective man with a huge head and I man with big eyebrows who dresses as a butterfly. Amazing!
    Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are legends and I praise them for making something so great.
    Go Team Venture!
  • With a scientist whose main concern is money, an assassin who loves women as much as he loves killing, twin brother who one would think would be much cooler than they are, and a crazy arch enemy, how can this show go wrong?

    Dr. Rusty Venture is a scientist who is always being compared to his late great father. He has a body guard, Brock Samson, who is tough as nails, and always gets the ladies, making him look like a bigger loser than he is. His twin sons Hank and Dean are their father in the making. Hank being the oldest, believes that he is also the wises. Dean has a crush on the girl next door, Treana. Dr. Venture, Brock, Hank and Dean always end up in the most horrible situations. Either up against space aliens, zombies, villians, and any other kind of weird no one would ever come across. Rusty's arch enemy, The Monarch, who dresses like a monarch butterfly, and whose hide out is a cocoon, isn't doing much better than Dr. Venture. His girlfriend, whom he calls Dr. Girlfriend leaves him for Phantom Limb... and, well its just a great show.
  • Brock Sampson is my hero

    One of the best relatively new shows, they take the classic Johny Quest show and mixed it with todays mildly violent humour based shows and created an new all time original masterpiece dealing with life, death, cloning, science, mad-science, sorcery, vampires, ghost pirates, zombies and El Chupacabra it has everything to offer. Using classic characters to bring life into the show and adding a sense of familiarity, names such as Hunter S Thompson(played by Johnny Depp in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' and Bill Murray in an earlier 'Where the Buffalo Roam') David Bowie, an immitation Scooby crew and Henry Kissinger(probably misspelt) with his "magic murder bag". This will be one show I wont miss another season of, and neither should you!
  • One of the best things on TV. Highly anticipating the new season.

    If you haven't heard of or watched "The Venture Brothers" then you really haven't lived. It still amazes me how they come up with the jokes they have. There have been things that have made me cringe but that is only a small thing compared to how funny and outrageous this show is. A definite must see!!! Lately we've been seeing a lot of Dr. Girlfriend and The Monarch which is great. They are actually my favorite TV couple. The episodes focusing mostly on Dr. Venture seem to be less now-a-days but I hope that changes too. I'm curious to know what everyone expects for the new season and when it's coming out!
  • Cockpits! Booby taps!

    Venture Brothers is one of the only shows I watch that I have been a fan of since the very first episode. Adult Swim shows tend to be very hit or miss so I was not expecting much. When the first episode premiered, I was surprised by how good the show actually was. The show is very funny without having to rely simply on low brow humor like most of the shows on Adult Swim. The main cast of characters are amazing. There are also many great supporting characters that never fail to make the show extra entertaining. It seems like no matter what the situation is, they find a way to make it hilarious.

    I also love the fact that the show actually has an underlying plot and there is continuity between episodes that is rarely seen in cartoons like this. It makes it that much more exciting to see how the story is going to develop through the season. If you haven't watched it yet, what are you waiting for?

    Go Team Venture!
  • Go Team Venture!!!!... yeah

    now where oh where to start? hmm maybe i'll start with the fact that this show is umm... well very funny, and uh the animation STYLE (not the actual animation, its so-so) is great, good western style that i grown up with and not that ridiculous japanese stuff, great theme especially the ending theme. the show no longer airs in canada which upsets me somewhat cause this is one of the few shows that i'll watch at least once a day for more than 10 minutes... but i'm sure it'll come back unless teletoon decides to keep yakkity yak :(
    GO TEAM VENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ... they always say that...
  • the venture brothers is a fantasticly halarious show that includes "The Bat"

    the venture brothers is a comedy series from adult swim. this show is so funny and revolves around the adventures of death prone hank and dean venture with their farther, doctor venture and bodygaurd. They are under constant attack from their arch rival, the monarch, a butterfly themed super-villan. Not only are they kept on their toes by the monarch but it seems that they cannot go a day without getting in some kind of trouble. The show can't stop me laughing and has great jokes that contracts with the great story lines. it is good how each episode has nothing to do with the episode before it so anyone could watch an episode, understand it and get a great laugh out of it. The incompotense of hank and dean , and the sarcastic personality of doctor venture create great senareos for the episodes. The show should have no broblem doing at least five seasons. everyone should watch this show. It is classic comic genius!!!
  • I love this show!!! This is by far one of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time. Highly recommended!

    I sat down and watched Season one over a weekend. I couldn't wait to watch season two so I did the same the next weekend. I can't wait for season three to begin! The characters are flawless, the humor precise, and the irony delicious! There are so many sutble things going on that I recommend watching each season more than once. I would have to say that this show is funnier than South Park, and any other cartoon on Adult Swim. I wish it weren't on so late at night because I have to get up at 4:30 for work, but sometimes it's worth staying up that late!
    I have to ask the end of Season Two the Monarch and Dr Girlfriend get married. After they consumate their marriage, Dr Girlfriend says she has a confession to make, it cuts to outside of the cocoon and you hear Monarch screaming...and that's it. What was the confession?!!? I think it's either 1) she was married before, or still is, or 2) she use to be a man, or still is. Any other ideas?!
  • this is one of my favourite shows ever. this is awsomness at it's highest level!

    when i first watched this show i instantly knew that this was going to be my favourite show. it's episodes are in a certain way special because they all end so abruptly that we as the audience arnt quite sure whats happening by the end or the next episode. but not only for this reason but also for the simple reason that the venture brothers just brings a whole new kind of humor to tv.i find myself continually rolling on the floor laughing my head off because of this one show. it is easily my favourite adult swim show and one of my top all around shows.

    the best fact is that the show is not centered around hank and dean only but that all the characters have a very humerous history and are all completey random yet still held together with strands of sanity. i hope this show lasts longer than 5 seasons beacause that is what it deserves at the very least. i love you brothers!
  • What happens when Jonny Quest gets blood, more violence, sex and drama? The Venture Brothers!

    A funny show that gets weirder and funnier! Basically, Team Venture goes on adventures and gets pestered by the Monarch. That description scratches the surface. Dr. Venture is a middle aged pill popping father of two. Brock is Dr. Venture's bodyguard, who will have sex with any girl that wants him! Hank and Dean are Dr. Venture's kids. They are both goofballs that are incredibally accident-prone, and thus are cloned.Yes, this show goes into super-science. As an added bonus, there's comedy all about, and the violence is abundant! The sex jokes, violence, sex, and science all mast together to make a great show that can appeal to most people 14 and up!
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