The Venture Brothers - Season 1

Sunday 12:00 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Feb 16, 2003 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Dr. Venture finally learns the secret of his recurring womb nightmares when a stomach tumor turns out to be something far more sinister. In a fit of jealousy over their mistaken belief that their father is pregnant, the boys run away from home. But their refound freedom is short-lived once they run afoul of the law and land themselves in a "Scared Straight" style outreach program headed by none other than the recently incarcerated Monarch.moreless
  • 10/23/04
    The Monarch is on trial for the one crime he may not have committed, under mysterious circumstances stemming from his bitter breakup with Dr. Girlfriend. The boys and Dr. Orpheus are forced to testify, but only Brock is aware that something far more sinister is afoot.
  • Past Tense
    Episode 11
    When Brock and Dr. Venture are kidnapped from the funeral of a college friend, the boys inlist the aid of the original Team Venture: a group of superscience adventurers who worked for the boys' grandfather in the sixties.
  • 10/9/04
    Always short on cash, Dr. Venture decides to unload some of his father's old scientific equipment in a huge yard sale that attracts fellow scientists and super-villains alike.
  • The Monarch finally has the Venture family right where he wants them-- hanging upside down above the Amazon River! But his victory is postponed when Dean suffers a strange but common injury--acute testicular tortion. According to the bi-laws of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, a temporary truce must be called in order to get Dean medical attention, so Brock and Hank are held as collateral. Doc calls on his friends Master Billy Quizboy and Mr. White, to perform orchiopexy on Dean.moreless
  • Midlife Chrysalis
    Episode 8
    The Monarch sends Dr. Girlfriend undercover to seduce Dr. Venture in order to inject him with a body-altering serum. Meanwhile, Brock is deeply depressed to learn his secret agent license to kill has expired, but the boys are hellbent on helping him cram for his government exam.
  • 9/18/04
    Dr. Venture, Pete White and Master Billy Quizboy are invited to take part in a top secret government think tank run by supergenius Professor Impossible. But Doc's life is in jeopardy once he learns the dark secrets of Impossible's sequestered family.
  • 9/11/04
    On a scientific expedition in the Bermuda Triangle, Doc's experimental equipment awakens and possibly enrages the submerged ghost of Major Tom, a test pilot who crashed in an experimental aircraft designed by Doc's father. Meanwhile the family's hydrofoil is taken over by a band of wannabe pirates.
  • 9/4/04
    Dr. Venture's new experiment has the entire family interested--not to mention trapped inside! The Ventures' strange new neighbor, master of mysticism Dr. Orpheus, may be the only one who can help them escape.
  • 8/28/04
    Dr. Venture is offered a job by theme park owner and cartoon magnate Roy Brisby, who won't take no for an answer in his quest for worldwide entertainment dominance. Meanwhile, the boys are given the Patty Hearst treatment by the Orange County Liberation Front, a group of militant suburbanites who want to take down Brisby's empire.moreless
  • Home Insecurity
    Episode 3
    To protect the Venture compound while Brock is on his yearly mountain survival sabbatical, Dr. Venture builds a panic room and a robotic bodygaurd--which are soon put to the test when both the Monarch's and Baron Underbheit's henchmen choose the same night to launch attacks.
  • Careers in Science
    Episode 2
    The Venture family must travel to space to repair an orbiting space station that Dr. Venture's father built in the 1970's, but a mysterious space phantom could be haunting the station!
  • 8/7/04
    When the Venture family visits Tijuana for a lecture Dr. Venture is giving at the (community) university of Mexico, the dastardly Monarch weeves a cocoon of villiany that leaves the Venture Brothers trapped in his clutches, Dr. Venture kidney-less and Brock...dead? If only Dr. Venture would return his calls.
  • Everyone at the Venture compound is off to NYC so that Dr. Venture can introduce his Ooh Ray at the United Nations. Meanwhile, a ninja named Otaku Senzuri has discovered this and wants the invention, and at the same time the Monarch wants to get back at Dr. Venture. Oh, and Hank and Dean meet a prostitute.moreless
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