The Venture Brothers

Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Nov 22, 2009 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Dr. Venture is running down the hallways of the Venture compound while the Monarch taunts him from the Flying Cocoon. Dr. Venture runs to the top of the building and falls off, but the Monarch catches him with his Scarionette Cannon and refuses to let him escape via death. As the Monarch makes him dance like a puppet, Dr. Venture's beeper goes off and he informs the Monarch that per Guild policy, he's allowed to take a break for therapy. Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend is forced to admit it's the truth. The Monarch is forced to call off his henchmen, including Henchman 21.

Young Rusty is talking to his father about how he could have a normal childhood, and all that happens is that he gets kidnapped by adults. Jonas sneaks back in to listen and then insists that Rusty keep telling him everything.

Dr. Venture meets with his psychiatrist for group therapy with other former boy adventurers. The others introduce themselves. Wonderboy has turned 18 and was replaced with a younger model, and started overeating. Lance and Dale Hale are there because Dale is having trouble getting over their father's death, but Lance insists no one wants to hear it. Their father's death is still unsolved and they're suffering inadequacy issues. Ro-Boy tries to introduce himself, but Action Johnny interrupts and explains that he was forced to attend by court order. The psychiatrist tells them to turn off all of their communication devices so they can focus.

Sgt. Hatred takes Dean and Hank to the theater, but Henchman 21 and two other henchmen get in the row in front of them, blocking his view.

The boy adventurers talk about their issues: Johnny was hooked on drugs, Dr. Venture explains he wore short pants until he was out of college. Ro-Boy gets mad at giant robots, Lance and Dale Hale accidentally got their fingerprints on their father's murder weapon. Wonderboy can't obtain sexual satisfaction without getting tied up.

As Sgt. Hatred watches the movie, he complains about the youthful characters. When Henchman 21 complains about the noise, he and Hank start fighting. Hatred can't take the youthful images anymore and runs out.

The psychiatrist uses an Indian chief hand puppet to try and get Johnny to confront his problems. He suggests that Johnny start a dialogue so he can understand the natives' point of view. The Hales and Wonderboy notice they didn't deal with angry natives but the psychiatrist suggest they have other inner demons to confront. It's Dr. Venture's turn next but the psychiatrist suddenly starts choking and Dr. Venture eventually figures out that he's been poisoned.

The former boy adventurers leap into action and a viper emerges from the psychiatrist's pants. Much panicking later, Ro-Boy finally incinerates it and Johnny finds the psychiatrist's files. Dale checks them, figuring that the psychiatrist treated plenty of shady other groups. Hank doesn't want to get involved but Dale insists they owed the psychiatrist. He finds a matchbook and figures the killer left it, and they vow to investigate.

Sgt. Hatred runs into the theater restroom and finds himself surrounded by young boys. He tries to inject his nomolestrol but discovers that he's out of dosage.

The boy adventurers go to Nightin Ales, the source of the matchbook, and spot several villainous henchmen in the bar, including one who works for Dr. Z. The patrons start a fight and the boy adventurers ably defend themselves.

Hank and Dale wait for Sgt. Hatred. They finally realize he left a message on their wristphones. Sgt. Hatred explains that he's backsliding and is driving back to the compound. The OSI isn't answering his calls so he locks himself in the panic room and starts drinking. Hank asks Henchman 21 if they can get a ride.

Action Johnny figures Dr. Z is involved and the boy adventurers go to his house. Johnny demands answers but Dr. Z insists that Johnny is nothing but a punk and tells him that if he were arching him, he'd know it. Dr. Z's wife hears the commotion and offers to make dinner.

Hank and Dean get back to the compound and try to get Sgt. Hatred to come out. He tells them to stay away so he can take the X-1 to Thailand for a little while to buy a young boy-girl. Dean tries to convince him to resist, and Sgt. Hatred explains that Princess Littlefeet was the only one who could ever help him get over his urges.

Mrs. Z serves food and Wonderboy gulps it down. Dr. Z tells them to grow up and they have to decide that enough is enough. He's happier now that he's settled down with Mrs. Z then chasing Johnny around with a laser. They can't have children, and Ro-Boy asks if they can adopt him. Dr. Venture thanks them all for making him realize that he doesn't have any issues and he grew up. He has his own business and his own family, and he leaves to get back to them.

Dean knocks on the panic room door and tells him someone is there. Princess Littlefeet appears to be outside, but when Sgt. Hatred comes out, he discovers it's Hank in disguise. Hank traps him in a net and Henchman 21 and his men dart Sgt. Hatred unconscious.

Later, Henchman 21 is explaining the movie to the skull of Henchman 24 when the Monarch comes by. Henchman 21 hastily covers over the skull and says he was blogging to himself, and discusses the movie. As the Monarch goes, he checks to make sure that Henchman 21 placed the viper and killed the psychiatrist, so that Dr. Venture will have no more excuses and he can start arching again.