The Venture Brothers

Season 2 Episode 13

Showdown at Cremation Creek (2)

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 15, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Showdown at Cremation Creek (2)
The Phantom Limb attacks! The Monarch and the Ventures must team up to defeat him and recover Dr. Girlfriend. While Brock rallies the Monarch's minions, Dean wanders the power engine hallucinating that the is a noble warrior, David Bowie is turned into a pack of cigarettes, Hank tries to prove his manhood in battle, Dr. Venture wonders why the Monarch's base is a giant cocoon, and the Phantom Limb assumes control of the Guild as its new Sovereign.moreless

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  • flippin' cliffhangers.

    this episode is one of the best episodes in the series. the bad thing is that they leave us with a huge cliff hanger.thats kind of annoying.its also cool that David Bowie is the soveign. I also liked how Dean was so screwed up that he thought the the whole world was like The Never Ending Story. I really can't wait for what season three has. i hope it has more David Bowie, cuz he's awesome. Well, i have nothing to say except i hope to buy the season two DVD soon, and anybody who likes this show would probably liek Metalocalypse.moreless
  • Season 2 ends with a bang, literally and in every other sense of the word. Plus Doc and Jackson give us another season-ending cliffhanger.

    Part 2 of Showdown at Cremation Creek (a title which I can\'t say enough about), finishes off the hour-long season finale of the Venture Brothers. In the previous episode, The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend (nee Dr. Fiancee) decide to get married, with special apperances by David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Klaus Nomi (in name only, the voices were impersonated).

    All in all, the entirety of Cremation Creek is a fine example of the series as a whole, with beautiful failure being the constant focal point for most of our main characters. It is a fun ride through the Ventureverse, with a fairly entertaining Dean b-story, giving us an all-too-personal look at the pretty messed up subconsious of the red-headed Venture boy. The overlords of the Astrobase end on what has (as of this episode) become tradition: a cliffhanger. What is Dr. Girlfriend\'s secret? We\'ll know soon enough.

    I wouldn\'t use this episode (or Part I) to introduce someone to the series, but as a season finale, it doesn\'t get much better.moreless
  • Good stuff.

    I want a Brock Samson for my family.

    How hilarious was he through the whole episode? When he put on half the henchmen's uniform and when he tossed the dying henchman into the engine it was fantastic.

    Dean must have inhaled some crazy fumes in the engine room because he was hallucinating almost every pop culture reference you could make for a situation like that.

    Phantom Limb got away, but he won't be safe because no one can hide from David Bowie too long.

    Probably the best episode of the season and a wonderful way to leave fans clamoring for more. I can't wait for the next season.moreless
  • The conclusion to the monarch's wedding. We find out who the guildsman is who's face and voice are always distorted. Curious? Well it gets better when Brock f***ing sampson steps in and leads the Monarchs troops into battle.moreless

    I can't believe how good the venture brothers has gotten, this episode is the best so far, and i think i've said that about every episode that airs. It just keeps getting better and better! Thank You Venture Brothers, you have been so great about pushing the bar of comedy, you guys are my favorite show on television.
Christopher McCulloch

Christopher McCulloch

Henchman 24/Klaus/Iggy/The White Oracle/Additional Voices

Guest Star

James Urbaniak

James Urbaniak

The Phantom Limb/David Bowie/The Lab Rat

Guest Star

Lisa Hammer

Lisa Hammer

Princess Tinglepants

Guest Star

Doc Hammer

Doc Hammer

Henchman 21/Great Boy Detective

Recurring Role

Steven Ratazzi

Steven Ratazzi

Dr. Byron Orpheus

Recurring Role

Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder

The Alchemist

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Hank: Let me at them. I probably know Judo. How many of those guys can make the same boast?

    • Phantom Limb: Let the rats desert the ship. It's the big fish rats we're after.

    • Brock: This thing flies, right?
      The Monarch: It's the pride of the poisoned sky.
      Brock: Then fire up and show me what this… (depressed) ...cocoon can do.

    • Brock: Magenta? That's your battle mode color?
      The Monarch: Eat a *bleep*!

    • Dr. Venture: So… it's a cocoon… that flies.
      The Monarch: Obviously!
      Dr. Venture: I just realized, that makes no sense.
      The Monarch: Uhhh, Monarch, butterfly, butterfly cocoon. It's a theme thing.
      Dr. Venture: Yeah, I get it. But why didn't you just make it shaped like a butterfly?
      The Monarch: Because that's gay.

    • Brock: Welcome to Big Boy Town. As of this moment you are no longer Butterflies. Today you are Murderflies!

    • Brock: No!
      Hank: Why must you be the screen door on my submarine, Brock?

    • Great White Oracle: What? I'm not being judgmental, I'm making a judgment. There's a huge difference.

    • Brock: Doc, you okay?
      Dr. Venture: I swallowed a gold filling during the crash so we have to hook up a metal detector to the toilet again. What did we miss?
      Hank: The guy from Labyrinth turned into a bird!

  • NOTES (2)

    • The standard opening sequence is not used. Instead, since this episode is part two of the previous episode, they start by saying "Previously, on The Venture Brothers..." Next, instead of showing a few important scenes from the previous episode, they play the entire episode in super fast motion, giving you no real useful information until the very end, where The Phantom Limb states, "or I will destroy your ridiculous cocoon, and all inside." The end credits card refers to "Showdown at Cremation Creek Parts I & II" and therefore, includes crew listings for both parts 1 and 2. However, only the cast for Part 2 is listed.

    • The credits include a special thanks to Ken Plume.


    • Iggy:I'm a street-walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm.
      While the Iggy character spouts quite a few lines from songs by Iggy Pop or the Stooges... these are the most prominent in the episode... They are from the song by the Stooges "Search and Destroy" off their 1973 album Raw Power.

    • Henchmen:
      The two henchmen who accompany David Bowie to the wedding reference Iggy Pop and Klaus Nomi. Both were also well known 70s rock icons who's careers have been linked to Bowie. Klaus was Bowie's back-up signer on his 1979 SNL performance. Iggy Pop accompanied Bowie on his 1976 Station to Station tour.

    • Dean: Yo Joe!
      Dean's battle cry as he invades the Insect King's fortress is the same one used by the G.I. Joe team in the 1980s cartoon.

    • Hank: The guy from 'Labyrinth' turned into a bird!
      Hank is referring to the 1986 Jim Henson film Labyrinth where Bowie plays the main antagonist, Jared the Goblin King.

    • Dean's Fantasy World
      The fantasy world that Dean escapes to while he is in the engine room is from the 1984 film The Neverending Story by Wolfgang Petersen. The Venture characters represent those of Fantasia, the realm where the story takes place. Dean represents Bastian, Triana as the young princess and the albino as the oracle. The experimental jet is Falcor, or the "flying dog creature."

    • Insect King
      The Insect King is an armored version of the alien insectoid Zorak from the original Space Ghost, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and The Brak Show.

    • Escaping Vehicle
      The purple upside-down U shaped vehicle that escapes at the end is a virtual-reality tank from the movie Tron(1982).