The Venture Brothers

Season 3 Episode 5

The Buddy System

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jun 29, 2008 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Dr. Venture runs commercials for Rusty's Day Camp for Boy Adventurers, featuring all of his friends and staff. At $200 a head, Dr. Venture looks to make a lot of money. He's puzzled when two rather odd-looking children arrive: actually Kevin and Tim-Tom Moppet in disguise. Billy Quizboy runs a booth on quizboys but has trouble convincing the kids that he's still a boy quizboy. The Pirate Captain is giving lessons about the Rubber Mask set.

The Monitor is watching the Moppets on a hidden camera against Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's wishes and keeping it secret. He's distracted when she comes in with her new Monarch costume. She notices his surveillance efforts and the Monarch confesses that he thinks the Day Camp is some kind of recruitment center.

Hank runs into a boy, Dermott, who was sent there by his mom. While Dean runs in terror, Hank and Dermott bond. Meanwhile, Action Johnny runs a seminar of sorts about the fact he doesn't have a caring father and is reduced to screaming and sobbing hysterically. Hank asks his dad to show his new friend his bedroom. The Order of the Triad gives safety tips about radon and smoke detectors, but the audience leave before they get to the Alchemist's songs.

Brock gives judo instructions using Hank as a practice dummy, but Dermott is unimpressed and insists that his hands are registered as lethal weapons. Brock starts to snap at him in response but Billy Quizboy interrupts with a tour tram. The Monarch tries to get the Moppets on board the tram so they can scout out the compound, but they're busy snagging food.

Dr. Venture gives his tour spiel and teams everyone else up with a buddy. Dermott taunts Dr. Venture and Hank picks up on his bad habits, but Dr. Venture puts a stop to that. Meanwhile, Dr. Orpheus gives Brock tips on how to deal with Dermott, but Brock figures the best way to deal with it is get another kid to beat Dermott up.

Dean goes to Action Johnny to get a signature, and Johnny wants Dean to leave with him. They're interrupted when Brock arrives to recruit Dean to get revenge on Dermott. Meanwhile, Dr. Venture shows off his E-Den dome, closed since Rusty's dad died 40 years ago. They finally manage to get it open to reveal that it's overgrown with plants. They also find a tribal post with a skull and rib-cage tied to it. A giant gorilla attacks and Dr. Venture tries to communicate with it. It doesn't go well despite Billy's best efforts to impersonate a kitten. XXX and Hank arrive and XXX prepares to shoot the gorilla but ends up shooting Billy, drawing the gorilla's attention to the quizboy.

Brock tries to get Dean up to speed on beating up bullies but when that doesn't work out, he calls Dr. Venture who says Hank is still alive. Dr. Venture then finally lets Billy out of the dome and decides that they'll claim the gorilla was a guy in the costume.

As the Monarch watches on his monitor, Brock asks the Moppets to deal with Dermott but when they prove a little too violent, Brock addresses the camera and tells the Monarch to recall them. The Monarch isn't happy, until Brock tells him that Dr. Venture misses him.

The Pirate Captain ropes the Triad into dressing as pirates for the demonstrations and Brock and Action Johnny arrive. Meanwhile, the Moppets are heading home when they see Sgt. Hatred for heading for the Venture compound.

Dean is in the audience for the demo when Triana comes up to him and Dean gripes about Dermot. Dermot and Hank come over to tease them . Dr. Venture arrives for the demo just as Action Johnny's long-lost enemy Dr. Z arrives for a reunion and Johnny snaps. Dr. Z goes into an arch-villain rant for the benefit of the crowd. Dermott makes fun of Brock until Triana tells him to knock it off. When Dermott goes after her, Dean loses it and attacks him. Dr. Venture tries to interrupt but Brock says they need to work out.

Sgt. Hatred arrives to deliver flaming hell and Brock attacks the Malice Troops. Hatred objects, Dr. Venture doesn't want blood on the rental suit, and the day camp boys attack Hatred, making him very nervous about being around sexy children. Dr. Venture calls them off by saying it's all a play. Hatred admits burning bushes is low-rent venturing. They compare schedules and determine that Dr. Venture indicated a.m. instead of p.m. on the attack schedule for Hatred. Hatred orders a retreat and has Venture fill out the Guild paperback. However, when Hatred sees Dr. Z he can't help but admit his admiration. Everyone ends up posing for photos.

That night, Peter White takes Billy Quizboy home while Dr. Venture turns over one of the mutated boys to his parents, now that he's cured of cancer. Dermott is still acting macho but his mom arrives and he leaves after promising to hang. In the car, Dermott's mother asks if Dermott met "him," and Dermott says he did and wonders if that's his real father.

Back at home, the Moppets report that they did exactly what Dr. Mrs. The Monarch asked them to do. She gives them a big long hug… and they like her new costume. A lot.