The Venture Brothers

Season 3 Episode 13

The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (2)

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Aug 24, 2008 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Mr. Doe and Mr. Cardholder arrive to meet with General Treister, who is exercising to test his pacemaker. They report that agent 9262, Brock Samson, has disposed of their top three assassins. Treister is upset that the assassinations attempts have become public and decides to handle it in-house, taking command of the hit squad personally.

The LAPD detectives are interrogating Brock and Dr. Venture at the police station, trying to get Brock to confess to Le Tueur's murder. Brock refuses to even give up his name. Meanwhile, a police psychiatrist meets with Hank and Dean, and questions them as to whether Brock is even real.

The Monarch and his henchmen interrogate a captive H.E.L.P.eR. and demand to know where Dr. Venture's location is. Unfortunately, the fact that H.E.L.P.eR. doesn't speak English (or anything else) prevents them from even understanding him. Henchman 24 administers some physical abuse… and knocks off H.E.L.P.eR.'s head. They reattach it and try again.

The LAPD continue to interrogate Brock, who refuses to confess to Le Tueur's death. Meanwhile, Hank lays it all out for the police psychiatrist, who thinks the boys are paranoid. The authorities finally let them go: the body has disappeared. Suddenly a bald man in white comes in and kills all of the cops with acid spray bottles. He uses the same acid to free Brock and Dr. Venture, and Brock realizes they're dealing with the Cleaner.

The Monarch has hooked up jumper cables to H.E.L.P.eR. and tells him to talk. When the robot refuses, they prepare to turn on the juice but Dr. Mrs. the Monarch barges in and says torture of robots is against Guild rules, and asks H.E.L.P.eR. to help them return him back to his family. He prints out latitude and longitude and she immediately releases him and brushes off the grease and dirt, and the Monarch congratulates her on her good cop routine.

The Cleaner gets the Ventures and Brock to a getaway car in the L.A. canals. Brock realizes something is up because Hank never made the call and draws a knife. However, Molotov Cocktail shows herself and reveals that she called in the Cleaner. They're interrupted when the Cocoon flies in. Molotov and the Cleaner make a quick escape while the Monarch calls them the Ventures out. He contacts Dr. Venture on his wrist phone and threatens to kill H.E.L.P.eR. if they don't surrender. Dr. Venture is unimpressed. General Treister interrupts to call on Brock's wrist phone and wants Brock to come in to talk. When he refuses, Treister warns that the Ventures could end up harmed if Brock doesn't surrender. Brock tells the Monarch they'll surrender on his terms, at the Venture compound at dawn.

At dawn, the Monarch flies the Cocoon to the Venture compound, unaware that Brock and the Ventures have stowed away. They slip into the Venture building and Brock goes to the security center while the Ventures go to the panic room. When one of the henchmen notices them leaving, the Monarch shoots him down before he can interrupt his boss' speech. Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend figure it's a trap, but the Monarch explains that

he has set a trap of his own and planted explosives in H.E.L.P.eR. Meanwhile, H.E.L.P.eR. manages to free himself, unaware of the explosives on his back.

The OSI jet arrives with Treister, Doe, and Cardholder, while Brock monitors the entire thing. Brock puts Treister on hold and tells the Monarch to come around back where the OSI jet is. The Monarch, thinking the jet is something Dr. Venture created, overconfidently flies to confront it and sends his henchmen out. Their dart guns prove useless against the OSI soldiers' armor. Brock calls Treister and says he's even the playing field, and Treister figures Brock has joined the Guild. He wants Brock alive to find out what secrets he's told the Guild. Both sides send more of their forces out while the Monarch has the Moppet prepare his Death's-head Panoply. Meanwhile, the damaged H.E.L.P.eR. crawls out of the Cocoon, evading the henchmen.

The Ventures are in the panic room wondering what's going on and Dean thinks he's having a heart attack. Sgt. Hatred pounds on the door and Hank lets him in. Hatred demands that Dr. Venture kill him: he keeps screwing up when he tries to commit suicide. Sgt. Hatred is heart-broken that his wife has left him despite all the vices he's given up.

Outside, the henchmen and the OSI soldiers square off while Henchman 21 and 24 hide in the Monarch Mobile and figure out how to look injured. H.E.L.P.eR. gets in and Henchman 21 leaps out. Henchman 24 is stuck, unable to free his seatbelt. Henchman 21 wonders why 24 fastened his seatbelt in the first place.

Dr. Venture tries to strangle Sgt. Hatred, but his weak wrists thwart him. He wonders why Sgt. Hatred is bothering, while Hank prepares to enter the fray. Sgt. Hatred is impressed and wonders where he got it from, and Dr. Venture notes his father made him kill a man. Hank interrupts them to demand that they help Brock. Dean has stomach pains. Sgt. Hatred realizes they're all discovering their inner selves, and even Dr. Venture was once Rusty Venture – Boy Adventurer. When Dr. Venture points out they're lacking an army, Hank comes up with a solution: they'll unleash the clone army. Sgt. Hatred takes command of the almost-naked teen boy army. Brock realizes what happens and goes running after them.

The opposing forces stare in astonishment as the clones march onto the battlefield. H.E.L.P.eR. drives in with the Monarch Mobile and manages to stop just before running over the clones. Brock surrenders himself to Treister. The Monarch's henchmen bring out their leader in a suit of battle armor. A very heavy suit of battle armor that he can't move in. As he boasts of his prowess, Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend is watching from the Cocoon and realizes he's never tested it. She goes to help, leaving the remote detonator behind.

The Monarch has a henchman activate his battlewings and he soars into the air, raining down death and destruction and killing the clones. Hank insists they should go out to fight but Dr. Venture tries to calm him down. The Monarch's Panoply goes out of control and he crashes to the ground, vomiting.

Treister wonders why Brock turned the Monarch loose on him and Brock demands to know why Treister send the assassins after him. Treister says they came to help Brock after they heard he was in trouble, and Brock realizes someone else is behind it all. Treister thinks Brock is losing it and Brock decides to quit. Everything. He walks away from the OSI and the Ventures.

Sgt. Hatred suggests he might join the OSI. Henchman 21 staggers out of the Monarch Mobile. Henchman 24 gets out of the Monarch Mobile as Brock prepares to take it to leave… and the car blows up, killing Henchman 24.

In a secret office, Molotov Cocktease burns the three assassins' files and says that the Blackhearts Elimination Agency is now open for business since their competition has been eliminated. Colonel Hunter Gathers, wearing a Blackhearts uniform, joins in the toast.