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The Venture Brothers

Season 4 Episode 15

The Silent Partners

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 24, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Pete White goes to SPHINX for help when vampires kidnap Billy Quizboy.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

    Christopher McCulloch

    Christopher McCulloch

    Monstroso/Hunter Gathers/Pirate Captain/Sgt. Hatred/Pete White/King Gorilla/Sky Pilot/Dr. Odinson

    Guest Star

    Doc Hammer

    Doc Hammer

    Billy Quizboy/Shoreleave

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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      • Hunter: It works like this. If someone points a gun at you, ya call the police. If a bunch of guys are pointing guns at you, you call SWAT. If they're in spandex and pointing a superlaser at you, you call the OSI. If they're dressed regular and they're pointing a superlaser at your daughter, that's when you call SPHINX.

      • Hunter: This is SPHINX! We have no secrets here. When men live and work together, it's imperative that we have no secrets. I miss my breasts! Inside of me there's a woman screaming to be heard.
        Sky Pilot: I hit a dog with my car last week, but told the owner I found him like that.
        Brock: I once jerked off twelve times in one day just to see if I could
        SPHINX Pilot: I had an erotic dream about Henry Rollins last night, and I'm straight as an arrow.
        Shoreleave: Remember that smell I told you was the garbage? That was my ass. I had Chicken Tandoori for lunch.

      • Pirate Captain: Sorry, Grandpa. Smoking cigarettes is illegal on Spider Skull Island.
        Hunter: What, are you kidding me?
        Pirate Captain: No, the wee chairman outlawed them. This here island is a sovereign nation. We got our own laws! Cigarettes and liquor be banned. But on the upside, we grow our own pot, and we legalized the gay marriage.
        Shoreleave: I am going to retire here!

      • Billy: It's just--I mean, there are still so many things that I wanted to do before I become, you know, immortal.
        Monstroso: Well, after our game, we still have bumper pool and laser tag and--ooh, you'll love this--giant Legos.
        Billy: I was talking about something a little more... adult.
        Monstroso: Giant... checkers?

      • Hunter: All right. It's a dual mission. One, rescue the little guy. Two, terminate Monstroso, the Investors, and everything that gets in your way.
        Brock: You just reminded me why I joined SPHINX.

      • Shoreleave: Hi. If you even think about it, I pull the trigger.
        Guard: Okay, just take that gun out of my back.
        Shoreleave: No, no. That's not my gun. That's an indicator of how excited I am to do this to you. That is my gun.

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    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • Pete: Our robotic butler/manservant, in the imposing, yet familiar guise of Bo Duke.
        Referencing Bo Duke (John Schneider), the blonde-haired cousin on The Dukes of Hazzard. Bo was the hot-headed one, who often got the Dukes into trouble.

      • Pete: I have that Malfoy/Spike thing going on.
        Referencing two famous blonde-haired (but not albino) fictional characters. Draco Malfoy is one of the antagonists in the Harry Potter books, a boy of Harry's age and his archrival. Spike is the vampire from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel TV series, played by James Marsters.

      • Billy's Seduction:
        The female vampires "growing" from beneath the bedcovers references the 1992 movie Dracula, which features a similar scene when Dracula's "brides" seduce Jonathan Harker.

      • Monstroso: They would have said they were Charlie's Angels if you wanted them to.
        Referencing the crime fighting trio of women (although the exact women varied throughout) who had a TV show in the 70s and two movies.

      • Robo-Bo:
        The robot in Billy Quizboy's trailer is based on the real-life humanoid robot ASIMO (Advanced Step and Innovative Mobility) built by Honda.