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  • Season 2 Episode 5: 20 Years to Midnight

  • Trivia: Dr. Venture is 44 years old.

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Escape to the House of Mu...

  • Triana couldn't have been scared of that closet of her whole life because she hasn't lived there her whole life. She moved in with her father during "Eeny, Meeny, Miney... Magic."

  • Dr. Venture breaks into Billy's and White's place looking for his father's shrink ray which Rusty sold to them at the Tag-Sale episode in Season 1. However, Rusty never actually sold it to them, due to an argument they had.

  • Triana: I wear the same thing every day because of that closet!
    Triana must have overcome her fear of the closet at least once because she was wearing different clothes in the pool scene of the episode "Assassinanny 911."

  • Trivia: You can see the fluorescent lighting in the Hall of Sorrows.

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Assassinanny 911

  • According to a deleted scene, Brock already thought Colonel Hunters had been dead for some time.

  • Trivia: Brock has one brother and it's implied that Brock never knew his father.

  • Trivia: When Hank takes the machete off the wall, you can see the Aztec calendar hanging above it that Hector used to save Jonas Venture Sr. during the flashback in Powerless in the Face of Death. DVD commentary comfirms this.

  • Trivia: Brock's mission to protect Dr. Venture and his family is code name Operation: Rusty's Blanket.

  • When Brock enters the room with a comatose Col. Gathers and a surgeon walking in, we see Gathers' chest sticking out uncovered, in plain sight. However in the next scene, we see sheets are covering his chest then Brock lifts the sheets and then begins to notice.

  • Hank & Dean's Bedroom
    Hank has three posters of female athletes above his bed in their bedroom. We see him take down two of the three; IRL IndyCar driver Danica Patrick and Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton. Tennis pro Maria Sharapova is the third. Only Mary Lou Retton is mentioned by name by Dean. At the end we see the posters back up on the wall.

  • Though her name is not mentioned, we meet Trianna's techno friend Kim.

  • Season 2 Episode 2: Hate Floats

  • When 24 pulls up to 21's house, he is seen inside his car from the front and side without his wings on. When 21 gets in his car, his wings suddenly appear.

  • At the end of the opening scene, Henchman 21 puts on his costume while in his room, gloves and all, but while heading out to 24's car, he has one in his mouth... and is wearing both gloves.

  • Trivia: When Dean receives his license and comments on the birth date, he is interrupted before he can say what his true age would be if the date where correct. In the DVD commentary for the previous episode, Doc Hammer states that the boys are actually 19 during a discussion about the boys being under age.

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Powerless in the Face of ...

  • Trivia: Since Dr. Venture cloned the boys, it stands to reason that Hank and Dean now each have both their kidneys again, rectifying Dr. Venture's actions in "Dia de los Dangerous." Also, the "enhancements" Billy hooked Dean up with in "Are You There God? It's me, Dean" wouldn't have carried over to the clone, so he's out of luck there.

  • At the church, the man in the blue shirt and black pants called the blonde-haired man Charlie even though his nametag said "Herman."

  • In the church, the henchman who had blonde hair, a brown coat, and a green shirt, his nametag was black for a few scenes then the nametag turned red.

  • In the scene where the Monarch is taken away by the prison guards, King hesitates to save him but does so after a few seconds. What changed his mind was "love", it was the look in Monarch's eyes when he mentioned Dr. Girlfriend while being subdued. But how could King see the Monarch's eyes, or anything else about him, with King's back turned and eyes closed?

  • How the boys died the last 14 times: 1) Sucked into a jet exhaust; 2) crushed by a giant spider; 3) blew up the hangar trying to smoke; 4) shooting apples off of each others' heads; 5) decapitated riding their motorbikes; 6) ripped apart by a were-Thaddius; 7) trying to fly off a roof (Hank only); 8) crushed by a robot; 9) running with scissors (Dean only); 10) satellite falling on them (Hank only); 11) gas leak; 12) falling into a spiked pit; 13) Dr. Venture setting their room on fire.

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